Revised 25/01/2018


Joseph KAYE                            Ann Ellen SHEPHERD
Born 1870                              Born 1874
  at Armley                              at Stanningley
                                       Baptised 23 Dec 1877
                                         at Pudsey, St Paul
Parents John/Ann                       Parents Richard/Jane
Married 26 Oct 1901 at Calverley, St Wilfrid
Boot Maker (widower, age 32); bride (age 26) both of Stanningley
(Joseph's father : deceased; bride's father : overlooker)
Witnesses Thomas HARDING          -
          Mary Jane SHEPHERD      Ann Ellen's sister
                                       Died 1891-1901
Previously, Joseph Kaye (of 12 Far Fold, Armley) married 1. (26 Sep 1891, Upper Armley, Christ Church) 
Lily Robinson (of Bramley, daughter of Thomas), witnessed by Arthur Bussey and Martha Ann Dean.
Lilly Kaye (age 29) died early 1901 (N. Bierley Reg. Dist.)
1871 Census  4538-25  Armley, Far Fold
John      Kaye H M 29 coke burner                   Wortley
Ann       Kaye W M 29                               Wortley
John Wm   Kaye S -  7 scholar                       Wortley
Jane      Kaye D -  6 scholar                       Masbro
Samuel    Kaye S -  3 scholar                       Wortley
Joseph    KAYE S -  1                               Armley
Joseph H  Kaye B U 39 lab for home mason            Wortley
1881 Census  4509-16  Armley, 10 Far Fold (pa. Christ Church)
John      Kaye H M 39 fire clay miner               Wortley
Ann       Kaye W M 39                               Armley
John W    Kaye S - 17 boot & shoe maker             Wortley
Jane      Kaye D - 16 filler in wln mill            Barnsley
Samuel    Kaye S - 13 fire clay miner               Armley
Joseph    KAYE S - 11 scholar                       Armley
Charlie   Kaye S -  9 scholar                       Armley
Arthur    Kaye S -  7 scholar                       Armley
Harry     Kaye S -  5 scholar                       Armley
Sarah A   Kaye D -  2                               Armley
James     Kaye D -  8m                              Armley
1891 Census  3682-21  Armley, 12 Far Fold
John      Kaye H M 49 laborer & pick sharpener      Farnley
Ann       Kaye W M 49                               Armley
Samuel    Kaye S S 23 butcher                       Upper Armley   
Joseph    KAYE S S 21 rough cutter leather          Upper Armley
Charlie   Kaye S S 19 mile piecener woollen         Armley 
Arthur    Kaye S S 17 rough cutter leather          Armley
Harry     Kaye S S 15 mechanic turner               Armley
Sarah A   Kaye D - 12 scholar                       Armley
James     Kaye S - 10 scholar                       Armley
Walter    Kaye S -  8 scholar                       Upper Armley
1901 Census  4188-138  Pudsey, 14 Chicken Row
Joseph    KAYE H W 31 teamer for coal merchant      Armley
1911 Census       Bramley, 7 South End Terrace
Joseph    KAYE H M 41 car washer, Leeds City Corpn. Armley
Ann Ellen KAYE W M 36                               Stanningley