Revised 25/01/2018


Joseph LEE                             Milly FIRTH
Born 1851 at Eccleshill                Born 1852 at Eccleshill

Parents William/Martha                 Parents Joshua/Hannah

Married 29 Aug 1875 at Bradford, St Peter
Mechanic (Fitter) of 1 Town Street, Eccleshill;  father : cloth fuller;
bride Woollen Warper of Fagley Lane, Eccleshill;  father : plasterer

Witnesses George WALKER
          Priscilla RAWNSLEY
1861 Census  3344  Eccleshill, Stony Lane
Joshua    Firth H M 45 clothier              Eccleshill
Hannah    Firth W M 45                       Pudsey
Edward    Firth S U 18 woollen cloth weaver  Eccleshill
Mary      Firth D U 16 woollen cloth spinner Eccleshill
Margaret  Firth D - 14 factory worker        Eccleshill
Maria     Firth D - 13 factory worker        Eccleshill
Joshua    Firth S - 12 scholar               Eccleshill
Milly     FIRTH D -  9 scholar               Eccleshill
Zachariah Firth S -  4 scholar               Eccleshill
1871 Census  4504-12  Eccleshill, 5 Stoney Lane
Joshua    Firth H M 56 cloth weaver          Bradford
Hannah    Firth W M 56                       Pudsey
Joshua    Firth S U 22                       Eccleshill imbecile from birth
Milly     FIRTH D U 19 woollen warper        Eccleshill
Zaccariah Firth S - 14                       Eccleshill
Later censuses no trace