Revised 25/01/2018


Josiah LYON [aka Joseph LYON]
Born 2 Aug 1829
  at Croydon (CAM)

Bapt 5 Aug 1832
  at Croydon, All Saints

Parents James/Sarah

Died 10 Jan 1886 (age 56)
  at Caxton (CAM), Union House

Buried 14 Jan 1886
  at Croydon, All Saints


1841 Census  63/8-9  Croydon (CAM)
Sarah   Lyon         60          N (!)        [mother of Josiah]
James   Lyon         25 ag lab   Y            [eldest brother of Josiah]
Mary    Lyon         25          N            [wife of James]
Mary    Lyon         15          Y            [sister of Josiah]
Robert  Lyon         60 ag lab   Y            [grandfather of Josiah]
William Lyon         13 ag lab   N (!)        [brother of Josiah]
Josiah  LYON         10 ag lab   Y
Levi    Lyon          3          Y            [son of James & Mary]
1851 Census  1758-310  Croydon
Sarah   Lyon   H   W 63 pauper receiving relief Boxen
Joseph  LYON   S   U 20 ag lab                  Croydon
1861 Census  3354-9  Leeds (YKS), Burley, 13 Stansfield Row
William Lyons  H   M 32 mason's lab             Croydon CAM
Jane    Lyons  W   M 27                         Croydon
        and their family  plus :
Josiah  LYONS  Lr  U 29 lab                     Croydon
William Mole   Lr  U 22 lab                     Croydon
1871 Census  1575-116  Croydon
Daniel  Whitby H   M 48 coprolite digger        Orwell
Mary    Whitby W   M 48                         Croydon
        and their family  plus :
Joseph  LYON   B/L U 40 ag lab                  Croydon
1881 Census  1654-71  Croydon
William Lyon   H   M 56 ag lab                  Croydon
Mary    Lyon   W   M 58 [deaf]                  Wimpole
        and their family  plus :
Joseph  LYON   Bd  U 48 ag lab                  Croydon
(Joseph sleeping in the barn)
[Joseph [Josiah] is actually William's second cousin]