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[JUDX361] Assmonaeus of Mode'in (born c.310BCE).

[JUDX371] Simeon of Mode'in (born c.290BCE).

[JUDX381] John of Mode'in (born c.260BCE).

[JUDX391] Mattathias the Hasmonaean (born c.230BCE), Priest in Mode'in, led the Jewish revolt against the Seleucid ruler King Antiochus IV epiphanes (166BCE) (see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[JUDX401] Simon (born c.198BCE), King Simon of Judea (143-135BCE), and High Priest. This brought about dissent because traditionally the Jewish Kings were from the House of David. He died February 135BCE.

[JUDX411] John Hyrcanus I (born c.160BCE), King John of Judea (135-104BCE), and High Priest. He died 104BCE.

[JUDZ421] Absalmon of Judea (born c.120BCE, son of John).

[JUDZ432] Salome of Judea (born c.100BCE, daughter of Absalmon), married [JUDX431] King Judas of Judea (see below).

[JUDX421] Alexander Jannaeus (born 125BCE, son of John), King Jonathan of Judea (103-76BCE), and High Priest, married Alexandra Salome (born 140BCE), Queen of Judea). Alexandra Salome was the widow of Alexander's brother, King Aristobulus I of Judea). Alexander died 76, and Queen Salome then ruled (76-67BCE). She died 67.

[HYRK431] Hyrcanus II (born c.100BCE, son of Alexander), High Priest (76BCE, only), King John of Judea (67BCE only, deposed), High Priest (63BCE only), King (again 63-40BCE, deposed again after having had his ears cut off). He died 30BCE.

[HYRK442] Alexandra (born c.70BCE, daughter of Hyrcanus II), married [JUDX441] Alexander of Judea (see below).

[JUDX431] Judas Aristobulos II of Judea (born c.103BCE, son of Alexander), King Judas of Judea (67-63BCE, deposed) and High Priest, married [JUDZ432] Salome of Judea (born c.100BCE, daughter of Absalmon, see above). He died in Rome (49BCE).

[JUDX442] Antigonus (born c.73BCE, son of Judas Aristobulos), King Mattathias of Judea (40-37BCE), and High Priest. He was the last King of Judea, which then came under Roman rule. He died 37BCE.

[JUDX441] Alexander of Judea (born c.75BCE, son of Judas Aristobulos), married [HYRK442] Alexandra of Judea (born c.70BCE, daughter of Hyrkanos II, see above).

[JUDX452] Mariamne I of Judea (born c.53BCE, daughter of Alexander), married [JUDE451] King Herod I the great of Judea (see ROMAN PROVINCE OF JUDEA IN SYRIA).