in Leeds

For earlier history of this family see KEMPLAY in Wakefield area

[KEMP661] Joseph Kemplay (born 1796) lost both his 1st wife Ann and their daughter Elizabeth at Wakefield (born 1818), and it is possible that for the time being he lodged with his father and stepmother. His father died in 1821, and it is possible Joseph (who was a shoemaker) and his step-mother (Ann) then moved to Leeds. Unfortunately, Joseph does not figure in Baines Directory of Trades, etc, for 1822. Joseph had several relatives already living in Leeds, including Benjamin Woodson (1773-1855) a carpenter and boat builder in Water Lane, George Thompson Woodson (1798-1866) a woollen cloth merchant in Lady Lane, and William Woodson (1756-) a book keeper in Vicar Lane.

 It seems likely that Joseph Kemplay married 2. (at Leeds about 1822), or simply lived with, Ann Pawson.

Ann Pawson (born 14th August 1790, birth registered 25th August 1790, Bramley, Lane Particular Baptist) was the only child of Henry Pawson (of Guiseley) who married Isabella Farrer (of Burley Leeds) in February/March 1787. Isabella (referred to as Ebby by her husband Henry) died shortly after Ann's birth, and was buried at Bramley, St. Peter (21st March 1791). Ann would have been fostered most likely with James & Hannah Greenwood at Wakefield. James Greenwood had married (at Wakefield, All Saints, 31st December 1787) Hannah Pawson, so it appears likely that the late Ann Pawson and Hannah Pawson were related.

Joseph Kemplay and Ann had two children:

[KEMP671] George (born in Top Close, Leeds, 16th April 1824, baptised at St. Peter, 25th December 1824), see later;

Sarah (born at Leeds, c.1827-28), married (at Leeds Register Office, 22nd January 1880) George Hanson.

Ann Kemplay (age 38) was buried in the Old Wesleyan Chapel (St. Peter's) Leeds (16th April 1829, Row 7, Grave 5). It is likely that the two children were fostered out. Sarah for example could have been fostered with the afore-mentioned James & Hannah Greenwood at Wakefield, or perhaps with their son Joseph Greenwood who had married (at Mansfield, 28th August 1821) Elizabeth Frost.

Afterwards Joseph Kemplay, a shoemaker, married 3. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 14th October 1832) Elizabeth Robinson (born at Hunslet, 23rd September 1805). Elizabeth was ten years younger than Joseph, and already had one illegitimate child:

 William Robinson (born at Hunslet, 6th September 1825), never married, died in Leeds (21st February 1860), see later.

Joseph Kemplay was next noted in 1839, when he was living at Mulberry Place, Hunslet. At the 1841 Census, Joseph and Elizabeth were still in Mulberry Place, together with Joseph's son George Kemplay (apprentice mechanic), and Elizabeth's son William Robinson (also apprentice mechanic, though his surname was shown as Kemplay in the Census), together with Elizabeth's father John Robinson (journeyman mechanic). Sarah Kemplay was living in Kirkstall with Joseph & Elizabeth Greenwood who had in the meantime returned from Mansfield to Leeds. Further details of Sarah Kemplay and the Greenwood family are dealt with under Sarah KEMPLAY.

Joseph and Elizabeth Kemplay were at 31 Mulberry Street at the 1851 Census, together with their 3-year old grandson William Kemplay, son of Joseph's deceased son George.

Joseph Kemplay remained in Mulberry Street until 1853. In 1854-55 he was in Low Road, Hunslet. In 1856 he was a beer retailer in Meadow Lane, Holbeck. In 1856-57 he was a beer retailer in Sweet Street, Little Holbeck. Joseph and Elizabeth then moved to Upper Burmantofts Street, whilst Elizabeth’s son William moved to Nile Street. These two addresses were a walking distance apart, and also reasonably close to Haymount Place where Joseph’s first-cousin George Woodson lived.

William Robinson died (age 34, of phthisis) in Back Nile Street (21st February 1860). Later that same day Joseph died (age 64, of chronic bronchitis) at home. (Perhaps Joseph had caught a chill visiting his sick step-son William.) William Robinson and Joseph Kemplay were buried together five days later at Beckett Street Cemetery.

Interestingly, Joseph's cousin George Woodson (not the same George mentioned earlier, whose wife was Ann) was present when Joseph died. This George had been a soldier in the 3rd Foot Guards, 1818-44. (This regiment became the Scots Fusilier Guards 1831, and finally the Scots Guards 1877.) George possibly married (at London, St. Martin in the Fields, 24th June 1837) Elizabeth Doolan. George and Joseph were presumably close friends.

Elizabeth has not been found in the 1861 Census, perhaps because her name is misspelled. She died (age 60, of cancer) in Noble Street (12th December 1865), and she too was buried at Beckett Street Cemetery, though in a different grave.

[KEMP671] George Kemplay (born 1824), a mechanic of Hunslet, married 1. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 10th October 1847) Caroline Barker (born 1826, son of John, miner), of Hunslet Lane, witnessed by Thomas Leach and Elizabeth Hutchinson. They had one child:

Joseph William (born in Kent Street, Leeds, 26th March 1848), died (age 7) at Hunslet (buried at Hunslet Cemetery, 3rd February 1856).

Caroline died (age 23, of phthisis) in Mulberry Place, Hunslet, (8th August 1849, buried at Hunslet Cemetery, 12th August 1849). Afterwards, George, a mechanic of Hunslet, widower, married 2. (at Leeds, St. Peter, 12th October 1850) [MIDG672] Ann Midgley (born 1827, see MIDGLEY), of Holbeck. witnessed by Thomas Smith (Ann's brother-in-law) and Sarah Holgate. George and Ann had one child:

[KEMP682] Ann (born in Dufton Street, Leeds, 25th April 1851, baptised at Halliwell, St. Paul, 30th October 1852), married (at Little Holbeck, 12th February 1871) [LYNE681] Francis Lynes (born 1846, see LYNES).

George died (age 28, of phthisis) in Queen Street, Hunslet, (5th October 1852, buried at Hunslet Cemetery, 10th October 1852), leaving his widow Ann to bring up their infant daughter. Later that month the infant Ann was noted at Halliwell, near Bolton (Lancs), staying with her uncle and aunt, William Midgley and his wife Hannah (formerly Appleyard). It is not clear whether both Ann and her widowed mother had gone to Halliwell to stay for a while, or Ann had been simply fostered out leaving her widowed mother behind to live with her mother Anna Midgley (widow) at Mann's Field, Holbeck, which incidentally was close to where Thomas Appleyard (Hannah's brother) lived. Both explanations seem feasible. How long these arrangements lasted is just a guess: days, weeks or months. But it does suggest that Thomas Appleyard, the Midgley's at Halliwell, and Ann Kemplay (widow) were well acquainted.

On 30th October 1852 the infant Ann was baptised at Halliwell, St. Paul's Church, noted as being the "daughter of George Kemplay of Leeds, deceased, late mechanic".

Less than three years later, Thomas Appleyard's wife Mary died (age 38) at Little Holbeck (July 1855), and three months later Ann Kemplay married 2. (at Little Holbeck 29th October 1855) Thomas Appleyard (a machine overlooker at a flax mill). One of the witnesses at the marriage was Ann's sister-in law, Sarah KEMPLAY, from Kirkstall, illustrating another example of families keeping in touch in those days. Thomas had six (surviving) children by his first wife, and Ann had just the one, so that between them they now had seven children. (It is believed that Ann's step-son, Joseph William Kemplay (born 1848), was being cared for by his grandfather Joseph Kemplay.)

Thomas Appleyard and Ann then had a further six children born and baptised at Little Holbeck as follows:

a twin, Joseph (born 22nd November 1856, baptised there 14th September 1862), died (age 17) at Little Holbeck (buried at Holbeck Cemetery, 21st August 1874);

a twin, William Midgley (born 22nd November 1856, baptised there 14th September 1862), married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 12th February 1887) Kate Ingram;

James Midgley (born 25th January 1859, baptised there 14th September 1862), married (at Little Holbeck, 21st June 1879) Ada Ann Basnett;

Caroline (born 12th December 1860, baptised there 14th September 1862). She never married, and was living at home with her widowed mother at the 1901 Census. She is probably the Caroline Appleyard, age 60, who died at Holbeck towards the end of 1921;

Joshua (born 3rd June 1864, baptised there 21st August 1864), died (age 3 months) at Little Holbeck (buried at Holbeck Cemetery, 27th August 1864);

George Henry (born 1865, baptised there 25th December 1872).

There is evidence that the Midgley's at Halliwell kept in touch with their relatives in Leeds, for as late as 20th November 1876, Hannah, daughter of William Midgley, married her first-cousin, George Arthur Cliff of Leeds, whose mother Elizabeth was Thomas Appleyard's sister.

Thomas Appleyard (latterly a greengrocer) died (age 62, of heart disease and dropsy) at 24 Back Derwent Street, Little Holbeck, (22nd June 1878, buried at Holbeck Cemetery, 24th June 1878). Twenty-seven years later, Ann died (age 78, of heart disease) at 24 Back Derwent Street (6th December 1905, buried at Holbeck Cemetery, 9th December 1905).

One of their children, James Midgley Appleyard, had a daughter Beatrice. At the 1891 Census Beatrice, then age 11, was described as having lost one leg and having weak eyes. Beatrice became a nurse, and when she learned in 1931 that her cousin Grace Beatrice Boddy (nee Lynes) was expecting a baby at the age of 41, she told her there was only one way she would have it and that was to go straight to bed and remain there, which is just what Grace Beatrice did, until some time after Maurice George was born. While this procedure probably saved the boy (who weighed exactly 11 lb. at birth), it no doubt contributed to the ill health suffered thereafter by Grace Beatrice.


Joseph Kemplay = Elizabeth Robinson
1841 Census  1345/?-21  Hunslet, Mulberry Place
Joseph    KEMPLAY         40 foreman cordwainer
Elizabeth KEMPLAY         30
William   Kemplay         12 apprentice mechanic
George    Kemplay         10 apprentice mechanic
John      Robinson        60 journeyman mechanic
1851 Census  2318-395  Hunslet, 31 Mulberry Street
Joseph    KEMPLAY   H   M 54 cordwainer               Wakefield
Elizabeth KEMPLAY   W   M 45                          Hunslet
Joseph    Kemplay   G/S -  3                          Leeds
George Kemplay = Ann Midgley
1851 Census  2319-540  Leeds, Dufton Street
George    KEMPLAY   H   M 27 mechanic                 Leeds
Ann       KEMPLAY   W   M 24                          Leeds
Thomas Appleyard = Ann Kemplay nee Midgley
1861 Census  3361-137  Little Holbeck, 47 Brunswick Street
Thomas    APPLEYARD H   M 44 flax spinning overlooker Wortley
Ann       APPLEYARD W   M 33                          Leeds
John R    Appleyard S   U 23 mechanic smith           Wortley
Geo A     Appleyard S   U 21 coal leader              Holbeck
Thomas    Appleyard S   - 11 scholar                  Holbeck
Wm M      Appleyard S   -  4 scholar                  Holbeck
James     Appleyard S   -  2                          Holbeck
Eliz.     Appleyard D   - 13 flax spinner             Holbeck
Ann       Kemplay   D/L - 10 flax duffer              Holbeck
Emma      Brumma    Bd  U 20 flax spinner             Holbeck
Joseph    Appleyard S   -  4 scholar                  Holbeck
1871 Census  4520-53  Little Holbeck, 24 Back Derwent Street
Thomas    APPLEYARD H   M 53 overlooker  flax mill    Leeds
Ann       APPLEYARD W   M 43                          Leeds
William   Appleyard S   - 14 flax mill worker         Leeds
Joseph    Appleyard S   - 14 flax mill worker         Leeds
James M   Appleyard S   - 12 flax mill worker         Leeds
George H  Appleyard S   -  5 scholar                  Leeds
Caroline  Appleyard D   -  9                          Leeds
1881 Census  4496-16  Little Holbeck  24 Back Derwent Street
Ann       APPLEYARD H   W 53 -                        Leeds
William   Appleyard S   U 24 factory engine driver    Holbeck
James M   Appleyard S   M 22 engine smith             Holbeck
Ada A     Appleyard D/L M 22                          Holbeck
Caroline  Appleyard D   U 19 general servant unempl.  Holbeck
George H  Appleyard S   - 15 wood cutter in flax mill Holbeck
Beatrice  Appleyard G/D -  1                          Holbeck
1891 Census  3669-129  Little Holbeck, 24 Back Derwent Street
Ann       APPLEYARD H   W 64 lodging house keeper     Leeds
Wm        Appleyard S   M 34 fettler in woollen mill  Leeds
Kate      Appleyard D/L M 27                          Leeds
Thomas    Appleyard G/S - 23m                         Leeds
Ernest    Appleyard G/S -  1m                         Leeds
Isaac     Moon      Lr  S 34 corn miller              Hinderwell
1901 Census  4204-25  Little Holbeck, 24 Back Derwent Street
Ann       APPLEYARD H   W 74                          Leeds
Caroline  Appleyard D   S 39 charwoman                Leeds
Patrick   Byrne     Bd  S 10 confectioner             Dublin IRL
Benjamin  Smith     Bd  S 19 joiner                   Harrogate