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[ANGL191] King Uffa of East Angles m. ?
. [ANGL201] King Tytilawas of East Angles m. ?
. . [ANGL211] Eni m. ?
. . . [ANGL221] King Anna of East Angles m. ?
. . . . [ANGL232] Princess Seaxburh of East Angles m. [KENT231] King Eorconbert of Kent

[ANGL191] Uffa was King of East Angles (c.571-c.78).

[ANGL201] Tytilawas  King of East Angles (c.578-c.99).

[ANGL211] Eni.

[ANGL221] Anna was King of East Angles (c.641-c.53).

[ANGL232] Princess Seaxburh (daughter of Anna) married [KENT231] King Eorconbert of Kent (see KENT below.



[KENT181] King Oisic of Kent m. ?
. [KENT191] King Octha of Kent m. ?
. . [KENT201] EORMENRIC m. ?
. . . [KENT211] King Aethelbert I of Kent m1. [MERX212] Princess Berthe of Paris
. . . . [KENT221] Eadbald m2. [MERO222] Princess Emma d'Austrasia
. . . . . [KENT231] King Eorconbert of Kent m. [ANGL232] Princess Seaxburh of East Angles
. . . . . . [KENT241] King Egbert I of Kent I m. ?
. . . . . . . [KENT251] King Wihtred of Kent m2. Athelburh
. . . . . . . . [KENT261] King Aethelbert II of Kent m. ?
. . . . . . . . . [KENT272] Princess --- of Kent m. [WESK271] Ealdorman Ealhmund of Kent

[KENT181] Oisic (or Oeric or Aesc), King of Kent, died at Badon c.516.

[KENT191] Octha, King of Kent (c.516-c.40) died c.540.

[KENT201] Eormenric (variously described as son or grandson of Oisc), King of Kent, died 580.

[KENT211] Aethelbert I (born c.552), King of Kent, married 1. [MERX212] Princess Berthe (daughter of King Charibert I of Paris, see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE); then 2. ---. Aethelbert died February 616, and was buried at Canterbury. His widow (unnamed) afterwards married her step-son Eadbald, see below). Aethelbert later became Saint Aethelbert.

[KENT221] Eadbald (born c.582, son of Aethelbert & Bertha), King of Kent, married 1. --- (widow of Eadbald's father Aethelbert); then 2. (c.620) [MERO222] Emma (daughter of King Theudebert II of Austrasia, see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE). He died 640, and Emma died 642.

[KENT231] Eorconbert (born c.624, younger son of Eadbald & Emma), King of Kent (640-64), married [ANGL232] Princess Seaxburh (daughter of Anna, King of East Angles, see EAST ANGLES above). He died July 664, and was buried at Canterbury.

[KENT241] Egbert I (born c.641), King of Kent (664-73), died 673.

[KENT251] Wihtred (born c.670), King of Kent (691-725) married 1. Cynegth; then 2. (c.696) Athelburh. He died April 725.

[KENT261] Aethelbert II (son of Wihtred & Athelburh), joint-King of Kent with his brother Eadbert I and half-brother Ealric (725-48 retired, then again c.751-62).

[KENT272] --- (daughter of Aethelbert II) married [WESK271] sub-King Ealhmund of Kent, (see ANGLO-SAXON KINGS).