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[KNYV311] Otomar Knyvett (born at Launceston, Cornwall, c.1040, possibly with Danish ancestry), married [MONN352] Emma Dammartin (born c.1044, daughter of Nicholas Dammartin, see MONTDIDIER COUNTY). He was hereditary Constable of Launceston Castle, and resisted William the Conqueror, thereby losing the castle which was then given to Count Robert of Mortain (see CONTEVILLE).

[KNYV321] Alfred Knyvett (born c.1065), married Gundreda of Ogre (born c.1069, daughter of Earl Ralph of Ogre).

[KNYV331] Edmund Knyvett (born c.1090), married Amabel Furnivall (daughter of Osbert Furnivall).

[KNYV341] Drugo Knyvett (born c.1115), of Southwick, near Oundle (Northants), married Florence le Stonner (daughter of Hugh le Stonner).

[KNYV351] Manfred Knyvett (born c.1140), of Southwick, married Isabella Stanhope (daughter of Lord Osbert of Stanhope).

[KNYV361] Manser Knyvett (born c.1164), of Southwick, married (c.1188) Margaret de Ellesworth (daughter of John de Ellesworth).

[KNYV371] John Knyvett (born c.1189), of Southwick, married Jennetta. Southwick Church was built by the Knyvett family (c.1230).

[KNYV381] Thomas Knyvett (born c.1214), of Southwick, married Millicent Benford [or Manley].

[KNYV391] Sir John Knyvett, Lord of Southwick, married [HORT392] Mabel Horton (daughter of [HORT381] Sir William Horton, son of [HORT371] Roger de Horton, son of [HORT361] Alan de Horton).

[KNYV401] Sir John Knyvett, married Johanna Engayne (daughter of [LAXT395] Sir William Engayne of Southwick, see LAXTON). John thereby became Lord of Southwick.

[KNYV411] Richard Knyvett (born c.1300), of Southwick, Northants, married (c.1319) [WOUR412] Johanna de Wourth (born c.1306, daughter of [WOUR401] Sir Richard de Wourth, see WORTH). He was a prominent wool merchant, keeper of the forest of Cliffe (1324). He died c.1355.

[KNYV421] Sir John Knyvett (born 1323), of Winwick Manor, Hunts, (11 miles south-east of Southwick), was Chief Justice of the King's Bench, Lord Chancellor of England (c.1372-77), and married (c.1345) [BASW422] Eleanor Basset (daughter of Lord Ralph, see WELDON). He died February 1381.

[KNYV431] Sir John Knyvett (born c.1358) married (c.1408) [BOTE432] Joan Boyetourt (daughter of Sir John Botetourt of Mendlesham, Suffolk, see BOTETOURT).

[KNYV442] Margaret (daughter of John) married 1. (c.1410) Sir Robert de Tye (died 8th October 1415); then 2. Sir Thomas Marny (died 1420-21); then 3. (1421-24) [ECHI541] Sir Thomas Echingham (see ECHINGHAM BARONY).