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[PLAN392] King Henry III of England m. [PROV402] Eleanor de Provence
. [LANC491] Earl Edmund of Lancaster m2. [CAPE422] Blanche of Artois
. . [LANC501] Earl Henry of Lancaster m1. [CHAW502] Maud de Chawices of Kidwelly
. . . [LANC512] Eleanor of Lancaster m2. [ARU2511] Earl Richard of Arundel

[LANC491] Edmund crouch-back (born at London, January 1245, 4th son of [PLAN392] King Henry III, see PLANTAGENET KINGS) married 1. (April 1270) Eveline de Fortibus; then 2. (1276) [CAPE422] Blanche of Artois (see CAPETIAN HOUSE, who had previously married 1. King Henry I of Navarre). Edmund became 7th Earl of Leicester (1265), then created 1st Earl of Lancaster (1267), and at the same time granted the Monmouthshire castles at Grosmont, Llantilio Crossenny ("The White Castle"), Monmouth (see MONMOUTH for illustration) and Skenfrith. He died at Bayonne (June 1296), whilst besieging Bordeaux, and was buried at Westminster Abbey. Blanche died July 1274.

[LANC501] Henry (born c.1281, son of Edmund & Blanche) married 1. (granted by King Edward I in 1291, and effected c. March 1297-98) [CHAW502] Maud (see CHAORCES); then 2. Alix de Joinville. Henry became Marcher Lord of Monmouth (1296, see MARCHES), then 3rd Earl of Lancaster (1326) after the execution of his elder brother Thomas, the 2nd Earl. In 1333 Henry bestowed his Welsh estates, including Kidwelly Castle, upon his eldest son. Henry died (of the plague) September 1345, and was buried at the Newarke Collegiate Church of the Annunciation of St. Mary, Leicester.

[LANC512] Eleanor (daughter of Henry & Maud) married 1. John de Beaumont, 2nd Lord Beaumont; then 2. [ARU2511] Earl Richard (see ARUNDEL (FITZALAN) EARLDOM).