Revised 01/12/2019


in Mayenne

[LAVA341] Geoffroi de Laval.

[LAVA351] Guy I (born c.1010), Sire de Laval, married 1. possibly [TONY402] Berthe de Toeni (born c.1010, daughter of Raoul II de Tosni, see TONY); then 2. Rotrude de Chateau-du-Loire (widow, daughter of Seigneur Haimon d'Argentre, see MAINE SEIGNEURS). He died c.1065.

[LAVA361] Hamon (born c.1040, son of Guy & Berthe), Seigneur de Laval, married Hersende [possibly de Bretagne].

[LAVA371] Guy II the bald (son of Hamon), Sire de Laval, [probably] married 1. ---; then 2. (1085) Denise de Mortaigne (born c.1065-70, daughter of Count Robert of Mortaigne, by Mabel de Montgomerie), died 1090; then 3. Cecile. He died c.1116.

[LAVA382] Adenor/Eleanor (born c.1070, daughter of Guy II, of either 1st or 2nd wife) married (1095) [BEAU381] Vicomte Raoul IV (see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE).

[LAVA381] Guy III de Laval (son of Guy II and Denise).

[LAVA391] Guy IV de Laval, married Agnes de Laval.

[LAVA401] Guy V de Laval, Seigneur de Laval (Mayenne), married [CRAO383] Avoise de Craon (daughter of Maurice II, see CRAON). Guy died 1210 and Avoise died 1230.

[LAVA411] Guy VI de Laval married Havoise de Crao. He died 8 September 1311.

[LAVA 421] Guy VII de Laval, married [VITR402] Philippa de Vitre (daughter of Andre III de Vitre, see VITRE).

[LAVA431] Guy VIII de Laval, married Isabelle de Beaumont-Gatinais (daughter of Guillaume de Beaumont-Gatinais, see GATINAIS).

[LAVA441] Guy IX de Montmorency-Laval married Beatrix de Gavere, Comtesse de Falkemberg.

[LAVA451] Guy X de Laval married (2 March 1315) [DREU452] Beatrix de Bretagne (daughter of Arthur II de Bretagne & Yolande de Dreux, see DREUX COUNTY).

[LAVA462] Catherine de Laval (daughter of Guy X), married [CLIS521] Olivier V de Clisson "the butcher" (see CLISSON)