Revised 25/01/2018


Lawrence SHEPHERD                      Jane BLENKINSOP
Born 1835                              Born 1831
  at Kirkby Lonasdale (WES), Barbon      at Kirkby Lonsdale, Keastwick

Bapt 3 May 1835                        Baptised 31 Jul 1831
  at Middleton (WES), Holy Ghost         at Kirkby Lonsdale, St Mary

Parents James/Agnes                    Parents Joseph/Mary

Married 22 Dec 1855 at Kirkby Lonsdale, St Mary
Husbandman; bride Domestic Servant; both of Keastwick

Witnesses John SHEPHERD           Lawrence's brother
          Jane TURNER             -
Died 1907 (age 71)                     Died 1916 (age 85)
  at Settle Reg. Dist.                   at Settle Reg. Dist.

Addresses :
1857    Casterton (gardener)
1859    Kirkby Lonsdale, Underley (gardener)
1861                     (domestic gardener)
1862                     (gardener)
1866-70                  Hawes (gardener)
1871                     (gardener)
1881    Clapham cum Newby (Lawrence, gardener & forester)
1881    Kirkby Lonsdale, Hawes Cottage (Jane)

Children :
Joseph James     c 1/3/57 Casterton; m. ---
Mary Agnes       b Underley; c 15/4/59 Kirkby Lonsdale
John Isaac       b 10/6/62 Underley; c 11/7/62 Kirkby Lonsdale
Frederic Charles b 11/10/66 Hawes (in Kirkby Lonsdale); c 9/12/66 Kirkby Lonsdale
Hannah Jane      b 17/7/70 Hawes (in Kirkby Lonsdale); c 29/5/70 Kirkby Lonsdale
1841 Census  116/19-5   Kirkby Lonsdale, Underley
Joseph      Blanksop        50 farm steward  N
Mary        Blanksop        45               Y
Isaac       Blanksop        12               Y
Jane        BLANKSOP         9               Y
Mary        Blanksop         7               Y
1851 Census  2441-486  Kirkby Lonsdale (WES), Keastwick
Joseph      Blenkinsop H  M 60 labourer            CUL
Mary        Blenkinsop W  M 55                     Kirkby Lonsdale
Mary        Blenkinsop D  - 17                     Kirkby Lonsdale
Joseph      Blenkinsop S  U 28 labourer            Kirkby Lonsdale
1851 Census  2441-489  Kirkby Lonsdale, High Biggins
Anthony     Butterley  H  M 54 landed proprietor   Biggins
            and family plus :
Jane        BLENKINSOP Sv U 20 house servant       Keastwick
1861 Census  3968-40  Kirkby Lonsdale, Underley
Lawrence    Shepherd   H  M 26 gardener  dom       Kirkby Lonsdale
Jane        SHEPHERD   W  M 29                     Kirkby Lonsdale
Joseph      Shepherd   S  -  4 scholar             Kirkby Lonsdale
Mary A      Shepherd   D  -  2 scholar             Kirkby Lonsdale
1871 Census  5284-42  Kirkby Lonsdale, Hawes
Lawrence    SHEPHERD   H  M 36 gardener            Barbon
Jane        SHEPHERD   W  M 39                     Keastwick
Mary A      Shepherd   D  - 12 scholar             Hawes
John I      Shepherd   S  -  9 scholar             Hawes
Frederick C Shepherd   S  -  4 scholar             Hawes
Hanna J     Shepherd   D  - 11m                    Hawes
1881 Census  4297-113  Clapham cum Newby (YKS)
Lawrence    SHEPHERD   H  M 44 gardener & forester Barbon WES
Mary        Shepherd   D  U 21                     K Lonsdale WES
Frederick   Shepherd   S  - 14 scholar             K Lonsdale
Hannah      Shepherd   D  - 10                     K Lonsdale
1881 Census  5211-19  Kirkby Lonsdale, Hawes Cottage
Joseph      Blenkinsop H  U 57 gardener (dom)      Kirkby Lonsdale
Hannah      Blenkinsop Sr U 59 housekeeper         Kirkby Lonsdale
Isaac       Blenkinsop B  U 51 gardener (dom)      Kirkby Lonsdale
Jane        SHEPHERD   Sr M 49                     Kirkby Lonsdale
Henry       Newsholme  Lr U 29 game keeper         Clapham YKS
1891 Census  3492-106  Clapham (YKS)
Lawrence    SHEPHERD   H  M 55 gardener            Barbon WES
Jane        SHEPHERD   W  M 57                     Kirby Lonsdale WES
Fred C      Shepherd   S  S 24 gardener            Kirby Lonsdale
Hannah      Shepherd   D  S 20                     Kirby Lonsdale
Eliza       Shepherd   Nc - 18                     Kirby Lonsdale
1901 Census  4020-114  Clapham
Lawrence    SHEPHERD   H  M 66 gardener - domestic Kirkby Lonsdale WES
Jane        SHEPHERD   W  M 68                     Kirkby Lonsdale
Hannah J    Shepherd   D  S 35                     Kirkby Lonsdale
1911 Census            Clapham
Jane        SHEPHERD   H  W 78 private means       Keastwick nr Kirkby Lonsdale WES
Hannah Jane Shepherd   D  S 40                     Kirkby Lonsdale