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[LAXT331] Richard de Lisours (son of [LISO371] Fulk de Lisours, see LISOURS), ingaine [chief engineer] to King William I the conqueror.

[LAXT341] Vitalis/Viel Engayne of Laxton & Pytchley.

[LAXT351] Richard Engayne of Laxton & Pytchley, married [FURS352] Margery FitzUrse (daughter of Richard, see FITZURSE). He died 1177, and Margery afterwards married 2. Geoffrey le Breton. Margery died c. May 1196.

[LAXT361] Richard Engayne of Laxton & Pytchley, married [CAEN463] Sara de Chesney, Lady of Colne, (see CAEN). He died 23rd April 1209, and Sara died before April 1222.

[LAXT371] Vitalis/Viel Engayne of Laxton, Pytchley & Colne (born c.1200), married [CUBL372] Rohese de Montgomery (born c.1205, daughter of Walter de Montgomery, see CUBLEY). He died 22nd October 1248.

[LAXT385] Sir William Engayne (born c.1243, son of Vitalis), of Southwick (Northants).

[LAXT395] Joanna (born c.1269, daughter of William), of Southwick, married [KNYV401] Sir John Knyvett (see KNYVETT).

 [LAXT381] Sir John Engayne (born c.1229, son of Vitalis), of Colne Engaine & Laxton (Northants), married [GREI402] Joane de Greinville (daughter & heiress of Sir Gilbert de Greinville of Hallaton, see GREINVILLE-1). In 1274 John & Joane jointly acquired Theydon Garnon (Essex). In 1287 John & Joane granted for life Gaynes Park (within Theydon) to Robert FitzWalter (whose son Walter married John Engayne's daughter Joan). John died 5th January 1296-97.

 LAXT392] Joyce Engayne (apparently daughter of John), married (c.1277) [HUNT391] Sir Roger de Huntingfield (see HUNTINGFIELD).