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of Chipping Warden, Northants

[LEDT351] Wischard Ledet (born c.1170), held Chipping Warden, married (c.1193) [FOLX352] Margaret Foliot (daughter of Richard Foliot, see FOLIOT OF CHIPPING WARDEN). Margaret died c. 1228, and Wischard c.1221.

[EDT362] Christiana Ledet (born c.1194, daughter & heir of Wischard) married 1. (c.1209) [BRAY361] Henry Braybroke (born c.1189, see below); then 2. (1235) Sir Gerard de Furnival; then 3. (1243) Sir Thomas I de Grelle.


[BRAY341] Ingelbald FitzIvo married [NEWF462] Albreda de Neufmarche (daughter of Ivo, see NOVA MERCATO).

[BRAY351] Robert de Braybroke, High Sheriff of Bucks, Beds, Northants and Rutland, also Master of the Great Wardrobe. He accumulated large amounts of land in Northants, Leics, Beds, Bucks and Essex, mainly by buying the mortgages of people who could not pay them back. One such debt he paid off was that of Wischard Ledet, who owned Chipping Warden, and as a result Ledet's daughter and heir married his son Henry. He died 1211.

[BRAY361] Henry de Braybroke, High Sheriff of Northants, Beds and Rutland (1214-15), married (c.1209) [LEDT362] Christiana Ledet (born c.1194, see above). He died June 1234. At his Inquisition Post Mortem it was declared that the two daughters of Walter Ledet, age 12 and 11 were his heirs. [This suggests the IPM was held c. 1263, perhaps when Christiana's third husband had just died]. Afterwards Christiana married 2. (1235) Sir Gerard Furnival (born 1203), died 1242; then 3. (1243) Sir Thomas I de Grelle (born 1199). Thomas died 1262, and Christiana 1271.

[BRAY371] Wischard (Guiscard) Ledet (born c.1209, son of Henry & Christiana, but took his mother's surname, perhaps born before their marriage), married (c.1229) Mary de Braybrook. He died September 1241.

[BRAY381] Walter Ledet (born c.1230), Baron Braybroke, married (c.1250) [INSU382] Ermentrude Lisle (daughter of [INSU371] Robert L'Isle, see INSULA). Walter died c.1256.

[BRAY392] Alice Ledet (born c.1251, elder daughter of Walter) married (c.1268) [LATM391] Lord William Latimer (see LATIMER BARONY).