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[BERD341] Roger de Beaumont married (c.1045) Adeline de Meulan (daughter of Count Waleran). Adeline died 8th April 1081 and Roger died 28th November 1094. See HARCOURT-1 for further details.

[BEAM351] Robert de Beaumont (born c.1049, son & heir of [BERD341] Seigneur Roger de Beaumont  & Adeline), when very young accompanied DUKE WILLIAM to England, and distinguished himself at the Battle of Hastings. He became Count of Meulan after the death of his mother (1081). Having obtained the whole town of Leicester, he is said to have become the 1st Earl of Leicester (1107) but, being Count of Meulan, he was never styled as such. At the Domesday Survey he was tenant-in-chief in Leics, Northants and Warks. Robert married 1. Godehilde de Tosny (repudiated) then 2. (1096) [CREP359] Isabel de Vermandois (daughter of Count Hugh, see CREPI), divorced 1115. After Robert's death (5th June 1118), his vast estates were divided between his twin sons. Robert received the Leicester Earldom, and Waleran the Meulan Countship. In addition, the twins were brought up at Court, out of King Henry I's gratitude to their father. Their mother Isabel shortly afterwards married b. (1118) [SURR421] Earl William (see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM).

[BEAM364] Adeline (daughter of Robert) married (1120) Hugh de Gant (see GANT).

[WORC361] Waleran (born 1104, eldest twin son of Robert & Isabel) became Count of Meulan and later Earl of Worcester (see WORCESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM for further details).

[BEAM363] Isabel (daughter of Robert & Isabel) married 1. [PEMB351] Earl Gilbert (see PEMBROKE (CLARE) EARLDOM); then 2. Herve de Montmorency.

[BEAM364] Matilda (daughter of Robert & Isabel) married [LOVL361] William lupellas [little wolf] de Lovel (see LOVEL).

[BEAM366] Eleanor (daughter of Robert) married [MASS441] Hamon de Massey (see MASSEY).

[BEAM361] Robert le bossu or le goczen (born 1104, younger twin son of Robert & Isabel) became 2nd Earl of Leicester (1118). He married (after November 1120) [GAEL362] Amice (daughter of Earl Ralph, see NORFOLK & SUFFOLK (GAEL) EARLDOM). He became Justiciar under King Henry II (1155-56), and also ruled the kingdom from when Queen Eleanor left the country (December 1158), until when Henry returned (January 1163). Robert died April 1168.

[BEAM374] Hawise (daughter of Robert) married (c.1150) [GLOU451] Earl William FitzRobert (see GLOUCESTER (FITZROY) EARLDOM).

[BEAM375] Margaret (daughter of Robert) married [TONY451] Ralph V (see TONY). 

[BEAM377] Isabel de Beaumont (born c.1121, daughter of Robert) married [SLIZ371] Earl Simon, see HUNTINGDON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM).

[BEAM372] Robert blanchemains (only son & heir of Robert) married (before 1155) [GRAX362] Petronilla (born 1134, daughter of Robert de Moulins-la-Marche, see GRANTMESNIL). He became 3rd Earl of Leicester (1168).

Robert rebelled against King Henry III (1173). Henry at once confiscated Robert's English estates and attacked the town of Leicester, which was taken and burned (28th July 1173). At that time Robert was in Normandy, having crossed over in the Spring, and he shut himself in his fortress of Breteuil. On 8th August Henry appeared before Breteuil; and captured and burned it on the 25th and 26th September.

Robert had meanwhile fled before the siege began. He landed at Walton in Suffolk (29th September), with a force of Flemish mercenaries, and was at once joined by Hugh, 3rd Earl of Norfolk. Their combined forces plundered Norwich, and they took the castle of Hageney (13th October). Thence Robert started for Leicester, where his castle still held out, but on 17th October he encountered Henry's forces led by his Justiciar, Richard de Luci, at Fornham St. Genevieve, just north of Bury St. Edmunds, and in the fight that ensued was completely defeated, and captured together with his Countess, Petronilla. They were sent to Henry at Normandy, who imprisoned them at Falaise. On his return to England (8th July 1174), Henry took them back with him. The Steward of Leicester Castle now having begun to ravage the neighbouring country, Henry extracted from Robert the surrender (31st July) of his strongholds at Leicester, Mount Sorrel and Groby.

Robert and Petronilla were taken back to Normandy (8th August), but the treaty of peace between Henry and Robert on 30th September stipulated their release. Henry however first demolished Leicester Castle. The rebellion having been crushed, Robert was no longer a menace, and in January 1177 he had restored to him all his castles except Mount Sorrel. He crossed back to Normandy that Summer, and is said to have gone on a pilgrimage (1179).

Robert set out on the Third Crusade to Jerusalem, but died en route (31st August 1190), either at sea near Brindisi, or in Romania. Petronilla died April 1212.

[BEAM382] Margaret (2nd daughter of Robert) married [QUEN381] Earl Saher IV (see WINCHESTER (QUENCY) EARLDOM).



[LANC491] Edmund crouch-back (born at London, January 1245, 4th son of [PLAN392] King Henry III, see PLANTAGENET KINGS) became 7th Earl of Leicester (1265), then created 1st Earl of Lancaster (1267). For further details see LANCASTER (PLANTAGENET) EARLDOM.