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[LEO2191] Froila, Count of Cantabria, married [VISI232] Princess Glasvinda Balthes (daughter of King Chindasvindo of the Visigoths, see VISIGOTHS-2). Glasvinda had previously married 1. Ardebasto Balthes.

[LEO2201] Pedro (born c.670, son of Froila & Glasvinda Balthes (though another source says son of Ardebasto Balthes & Glasvinda, but either way Pedro's mother was Glasvinda Balthes), DUKE OF CANTABRIA. He died 730.

[LEO2211] Fruela Perez de Bardalia (born c.705, son of Pedro), DUKE OF CANTABRIA. He married Gosendes. He died 765.

[LEO2222] Numabela Fruelez (born c.755, daughter of Fruela) married [GASC221] DUKE LOUP II (see GASCONY (1). One source says daughter of Fruela Perez.

[LEO2221] Vermudo I Fruelez el diacono, the deacon or bermudo (born c.750, son of Fruela, and grandson of Pedro) married Usenda Munilona. He was King of Asturias & Leon (788-91), and died c.797.

[LEO2231] Ramiro I (born 791, son of Fruela) married 1. --- of Galicia; then 2. (842) Paterna of Castile. He was King of Asturias & Leon (842-50), and died at Lino (1st February 850).

[LEO2242] Sancha Ramirez (born c.811, daughter of Ramiro & his 1st unnamed wife) married [RODR221] Rodrigo Frolas (of uncertain origin), see below under RODRIGO FROLAS.

[LEO2241] Ordono I Ramirez (born c.830, son of Ramiro & his 1st unnamed wife) married [VIER243] Nuno/Munia (see VIERZO COUNTY). He was King of Asturias & Leon (850-66), and died at Oviedo (27th May 866).

[LEO2251] Alfonso III el mayor, el magno, [=the great] (born c.848, son of Ordono I) married (869-70) [NAV2283] Jimena de Pamplona (daughter of King Garcia I of Pamplona, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF INIGO) KINGDOM). He was King of Asturias & Leon (866-910), and died 20th December 910.

[LEO2262] Ordono II (born c.873, 2nd son of Alfonso) married 1. (c.890-900) [VIER262] Elvira Menendez (see VIERZO COUNTY), died 9th October 921; then 2. (February 922) Aragonta Gonzalez (divorced later 922); then 3. (March 923) Sancha Garcez (daughter of King Sancho I of Navarre). Ordono was King of Galicia, Asturias & Leon (914-25), and died 933. Afterwards Sancha married 2. Count Fernando Gonzalez of Castile.

[LEO2279] Ramiro II (born c.900, son of Ordono & Elvira) married 1. (c.925) his first-cousin [VIEX272] Adosinde Gutierrez (daughter of Gutier Osorez, see VIERZO COUNTY, divorced 930); then 2. (c.932) [NAVA295] Teresa Florentina de Navarre (daughter of King Sancho I of Navarre, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM). He was King of Asturias & Leon (931-50), and died 1st January 950-51. Teresa died 23rd June 956.

[LEO2282] Teresa Ramirez (daughter of King Ramiro & Teresa) married [NAVA299] King Garcia I Sanchez of Navarre, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM).

[LEO2281] Ordono III (born c.925, son of Ramiro & Adosinde), married (c.944). He was King of Asturias & Leon (950-55). He married Urraca Fernandez (daughter of Count Fernandez Gonzalez of Castile). He also had a mistress, [LEOD283] Aragonta Pelaez (daughter of Pelayo Gonzalez, see MISCELLANEOUS LEON FAMILIES). Ordono died at Zamora (about August 955), and afterwards Urraca married 2. (958) Ordono's first cousin, King Ordono IV el Malo of Leon; then 3. (962) King Sancho II Garcia of Navarre.

[LEO2291] Vermudo II el gotoso [=the gouty] de Leon (born c.953, illegitimate son, by Aragonta) married 1. Velasquita Ramirez (daughter of Count Ramiro Memendez), repudiated 988; then 2. (991) [NUNO313] Elvira (daughter of Count Garcia I, see CASTILE COUNTY). He was King of Asturias & Leon (985-99), and died at El Bierzo (September 999). Elvira acted as Regent (999-1007) for her under-age son, Alfonso. She died December 1017.

[LEO2301] Alfonso V (born c.994, son of Vermudo & Elvira) married 1. (January 1012-13) [LEOE302] Geloria/Elvira Menendez (daughter of Menendo Gonzalez, see HERMENEGILDO GONZALEZ), died 2nd December 1022; then 2. (c.1023) Urraca (daughter of King Garcia II of Navarre, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM). He was King of Asturias & Leon (999-1028), and was killed by an arrow while besieging Viseu in northern Portugal (7th August 1028).

[LEO2312] Sancha (born 1013, only daughter of Alfonso & Geloria, & eventually heiress of Alfonso when her brother Vermudo III died 1037) married (December 1032) [CAS4321] Fernando I de Castile, who afterwards became King of Leon (1039-65, see under HOUSE OF NAVARRE below).

Jimena ([born c.1023], daughter of Alfonso & Urraca) married Fernando Gundemariz (see PINIOLO GUNDEMARIZ). She was possibly Fernando's second wife.


[RODR221] Rodrigo Frolas de Castile (of uncertain origin), 1st Count of Castile (c.850-73), married [LEO2242] Sancha Ramirez (born c.811, daughter of [LEO2231] King Ramiro I, see earlier). Rodrigo died 5th October 873.

[RODR231] Diego Rodrigez Porcelos (son of Rodrigo & Sancha), Count of Castile (873-85), married Asura Ansurez. He died 885.

[RODR242] Gutina Diaz (born c.868, daughter of Diego) married [NUNO271] Fernando Munoz (see CASTILE (HOUSE OF LARA) COUNTY).



[CAS4321] Fernando I de Castile the great (born c.1017, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM), Count (1029-35), married (1032) [LEO2312] Princess Sancha of Leon (see above), King of Castile (1035-65), King of Leon (1039-65), and died at Leon (27th December 1065). Sancha died at Fromista (7th November 1067).

[CAS4339] Alfonso VI the brave (born June 1040, 2nd son of Fernando) betrothed (1068) to Agatha (daughter of King William I of England); then married 1. (1069) Agnes (born 1052, daughter of DUKE WILLIAM VIII of Aquitaine), repudiated 1073-74, died 7th June 1078; then 2. (8th May 1081) [BURG319] Constance (born 1046, daughter of DUKE ROBERT I, see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM), died about January 1093; then 3. (December 1094) Berta de Burgundy; then 4. (at Burgos, 1100) Elizabeth; then 5 (March 1106) his mistress Zaida de Denia; then 6. (April 1108) Beatrix d'Aquitaine; and also had an illegitimate relationship with Jimena de Guzman (Ximena Moniz de Biero). Alfonso was 6th King of Leon (1065-1109), and (after arranging the assassination of King Sancho) King of Castile (1072-1109), and King of Galicia & Portugal. During his reign, construction began (1075) of the Cathedral at Santiago de Compostela. He died at Toledo (29th June 1109).

[CAS4342] Urraca (born 1080, daughter of Alfonso VI & Constance) married 1. (at Toledo, 1092-93) [CAS1351] Raymond de Galicia, died 24th May 1107; then 2. (at Toledo, September 1109) Alfonso I, King of Aragon and Navarre, repudiated 1114; then 3. (clandestine) Count Pedro Gonzalez of Lara. Urraca was also Queen of Leon (1109-26) (see HOUSE OF BURGUNDY below).

[CAS4344] Tarasia (born 1083-85, illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VI & Jimena/Ximena) married 1. (c.1093) [PORG371] Count Henri (see PORTUGAL COUNTY AND KINGDOM), died 1112; then 2. (1124) Count Fernando Perez of Trastamara.

Elvira born c.1081-82, (illegitimate daughter of Alfonso VI & Jimena/Ximena) married 1. (1094) Count Raymond (see TOULOUSE COUNTY); then 2. Count Feran Fernandez.

Note: Alphonso had two other daughters named Elvira, one of whom married King Roger II of Sicily.


[CAS1351] Raymond II de Galicia (born c.1060, son of [BURR341] Guillaume I the great, see BURGUNDY COUNTY) married (at Saldana, 1090) [CAS4342] Urraca de Castile (born 1082, daughter of King Alfonso VI, see HOUSE OF NAVARRE above). He was Count of Burgundy, and proprietary Count of Galicia (1090). Raymond was killed at Crajal, by the Almoravids (24th May 1107) and afterwards Urraca married 2. (at Toledo, 1109) Alfonso I, King of Aragon and Navarre, who therefore became King of Castile & Leon (1109). This marriage was repudiated 1114, and Urraca then married 3. (clandestine) Count Pedro Gonzalez of Lara, by whom she had two children. She remained Queen of Castile & Leon (1109-26), and died at Saldana (8th March 1126).

[CAS1369] Alfonso VII (born 1st March 1105, son of Count Raymond & Urraca, see BURGUNDY COUNTY) married 1. (at Saldana, November 1128) [BARC432] Berenguela (daughter of Count Ramon-Berenguer, see BARCELONA COUNTY, died at Palencia, January 1149); then 2. (at Soria, June 1153) [POLA362] Richilda (daughter of GRAND DUKE WLADYSLAW II, see POLAND DUKEDOM). He became COUNT OF GALICIA (1108), King of Galicia (1114), and King of Castile & Leon (1126-57). He died at Fresneda (21st August 1157). Afterwards, Richilda married 2. (1162) Count Ramon-Berenguer II of Provence, murdered at Nice (1166); then 3. Count Albert III of Everstein. She died 16th June 1185.

[CAS1373] Sancha (born 1154, daughter of Alfonso VII & Ricuilda) married (at Saragossa, 18th January 1174-75) [PROV371] King Alfonso II (see ARAGON (HOUSE OF BARCELONA) KINGDOM).

In 1157 the Kingdoms of Castile and Leon were then divided between Alfonso’s two sons, Sancho and Ferdinand, to be brought back together during the next century.

[CAS1371] Sancho III the desired (born 1135, son of [CAS1361] Alfonso VII & Berenguela, see above) married (at Calahorra, 30th January 1151) [NAVA372] Princess Blanche (daughter of King Garcia-Ramirez IV, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM), died 12th August 1156. Sancho was King of Castile (1157-58), and died at Toledo (31st August 1158).

[CAS1381] Alfonso III the noble (born 11th November 1155) married (at Burgos, before 1177) [PLAN384] Eleanor (daughter of King Henry II of England, see PLANTAGENET KINGS). He was King of Castile (1158-1214), and died at Guttiere Munos (6th October 1214). Eleanor died shortly afterwards at Burgos (25th October 1214).

[CAS1392] Blanche (born at Palencia, 1188, 2nd daughter of Alfonso III & Eleanor) married (at Abbaye de Port-Mort near Pont-Audemer, Normandy, 23rd May 1200) [CAPE402] King Louis VIII of France (see CAPETIAN HOUSE).

[CAS1393] Berenguela (born August 1181, daughter of Alfonso III & Eleanor) married 1. (contracted 1188, not consummated) DUKE CONRAD OF SWABIA; then 2. (at Valladolid, December 1197) [LEON401] King Alfonso IX (see below).


[LEON391] Ferdinand II el Babaso (born 1137, son of [CAS1361] Alfonso VII of Castile & Berengere, see above) married 1. (May/June 1165) [PORG393] Urraca de Portugal (daughter of King Alfonso-Henriquez I, see PORTUGAL COUNTY AND KINGDOM), annulled June 1175; then 2. (August 1179) Teresa Fernandez de Traba (daughter of Count Ferdinand Perez of Trastamara), died 1180; then 3. (May 1187) Urraca Lopez (daughter of Lope Diaz de Haro I, a count of Biscay). He was King of Leon & Galicia (1157-88), and died at Benavente (22nd January 1188). Urraca died at Valladolid, 16th October 1188.

[LEON401] Alfonso IX (son of Ferdinand II & his 1st wife Urraca) married 1. (15th February 1191) Teresa (daughter of King Sancho I of Portugal, Alfonso’s maternal uncle), separated 1195, annulled 1198 for sanguinity; then 2. (at Valladolid, December 1197) [CAS1393] Berenguela (see above). He was King of Leon & Galicia (1188-1200). Berenguela and Alfonso were closely related and they separated (1204), and the marriage was annulled 5 years later. Berenguela received the Leon title when her brother Henry died (1217). This she passed straight on to her son Ferdinand (see below). Alfonso died at Villaneuva de Sarria (24th September 1230), and Berenguela died at Las Huelgas (8th November 1246).

[LEON412] Berenguela (born 1198-99, daughter of Alfonso IX & Berenguela) married (at Toledo, 1224) [BRI2391] King Jean of Jerusalem (see BRIENNE COUNTY).

[LEON411] Ferdinand III the Saint (born 1200, son of Alfonso IX & Berenguela) married 1. (at Burgos, 30th November 1219) Elizabeth von Staufen [Beatrice] (daughter of EMPEROR PHILIP), died at Toro (5th November 1235); then 2. (at Burgos, 1237) [MELL402] Joana (daughter of Count Simon, see DAMMARTIN COUNTY). He was King of Castile (1217-52), King of Leon & Galicia (1230-52), and died at Seville (30th May 1252). Joana died at Abbeville (16th March 1259).

[LEON422] Leonor/Eleanor (born 1241, daughter of Ferdinand & Joana) married (at Burgos, 18th October 1254) [PLAX401] King Edward I of England (see PLANTAGENET KINGS).


Lincoln Cathedral
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The arms of Leon and Castile were a play
on words, a lion and a castle.

Eleanor's shield is depicted on her visceral tomb