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 [LIMO181] Audebert, Vicomte de Limoges, married 1. Adaltrude (sister of Geraud d'Aurillac); then 2. Deda.

 [LIMO191] Hildegaire (son of Audebert & Adalrude), Vicomte de Limoges, married Thiberge. He died c.943-47.

 [LIMO201] Geraud, Vicomte de Limoges, married Rothilde (widow of Archambaud, and daughter of Vicomte Ademar de Brosse, by Melisendis). He died 988.

[LIMO212] Adalmode de Limoges (daughter of Geraud) married 1. (990) [MARC312] Count Adalbert (see LA MARCHE COUNTY), killed 997; then 2. (997) DUKE WILLIAM V (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).

[LIMO213] Aude de Limoges (daughter of Geraud) married [ANJF311] Foulques de Beauvau (see BEAUVAU).

[LIMO211] Guy I (son of Geraud), Vicomte of Limoges, married Emma, heiress of Segur (daughter & heiress of Vicomte Ademar de Segur, by Melisende). He died at Limoges (27th October 1025).

[LIMO221] Ademar I, Vicomte of Limoges & Segur, married Senegundis (possibly daughter of Vicomte Cadelon VI de Aulmay). He died in Palestine.

[LIMO231] Ademar II, Vicomte of Limoges, married 1. (before 1030) Humberge (daughter of Count Geoffrey of Angouleme, by Petronille of Archiac); then 2. (before 1071) Humberge (sister of Arbert de la Vallette).

[LIMO241] Ademar III (son of Ademar II & his 1st wife Humberge), Vicomte of Limoges, married 1. --- (daughter of Count William V of Angouleme); then 2. Marie des Cars.

[LIMO252] Emma (daughter of Ademar III & Marie) married 1. Bardon de Cognac; then 2. (1136) DUKE WILLIAM X (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).