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[NEVL531] John Neville (born 1416, Raby, Durham) married Joan --- (born 1416).

[NEVL542] Anne Neville (born 1448, daughter of John) married [LAC2541] Mathew de Lacy (see LACY-2 below).



[LAC2541] Mathew de Lacy (born 1448, Dublin) married [NEVL542] Anne Neville (born 1448, see NEVILLE above)

[LAC2552] Jane (born c.1477, Dublin, daughter of Matthew) married [WILK551] Sir William Wilkenson  (see WILKINSON below).



[WARC541] Richard Warcup (born c.1435, St. Nicholas near Appleby).

[WARC552] Christiana (born c.1475, Kent, daughter of Richard) married 1. [NORZ551] Roger North (see NORTH below); then 2. Sir Ralph Warren.



[NORZ551] Sir Roger North (born c.1448), a London merchant, married 1. ---; then 2. [WARC552] Christiana Warcup (born c.1475, daughter of Richard Warcup, see WARCUP above). After Roger died in 1509, Christiana married 2. Sir Ralph Warren, Lord Mayor of London. Christiana died 1515.

[NORZ562] Joan (born c.1498 daughter of Roger & Christiana) married [WILK561] William Wilkinson II (see WILKINSON below).



[WILK551] Sir William I Wilkenson (born 1475), Alderman in London, married [LAC2552] Jane de Lacy (born c.1477, daughter of [LAC2541] Matthew de Lacy (see LACY-2 above)  William died 1504 at Wakefield .

[WILK561] William II Wilkinson (born c.1505) married [NORZ562] Joan North (see NORTH above). William was a mercer and Sheriff of London, and died 1543. Afterwards Joan was silkwoman to Anne Boleyn. She died as a Marian exile in Frankfurt (1556) at the home of her cousin, Cuthbert Warcup.

[WILK572] Jane Wilkinson (daughter of William) married [LOCK551] Michael Locke (see LOCKE below).



[LOCK561] John Lok (born c.1432), a London mercer, Sheriff of London (1461), married Elizabeth Bulstrode.

[LOCK571] Thomas Lok (born c.1458), a London mercer, married Joan ?Wilcock (born c.1463, only daughter of ?William Wilcock of Rotherham and Joan ---). Thomas died 1507 and Joan died 1512

[LOCK581] Sir William Lok (born 1480). gentleman Usher to King Henry VIII, mercer, Sheriff and alderman of London. He married:

1. Alice Spencer, died 1522; then

2. (c.1523) [COOK552] Katherine Cooke (born c.1490, daughter of [COOK541] Thomas [else William] Cooke of Salisbury, Wiltshire, previously married 1. Thomas Stacey; 2. John Cosworth). Katherine died 15th October 1537; then

3.(13th May 1540) Eleanor Marsh, died 1546; then

4. (1547) Elizabeth Farthing (previously married 1. --- Hutton; then 2. Robert Meredith). Elizabeth died December 1551.

William died 24th August 1550.

[LOCK591] Michael Lok (born c.1532, in Cheapside, London, son of Sir William Lok & Katherine), merchant of London, principal backer of Sir Martin Frobisher's voyages in search of the North West Passage, married 1. (about 1552) [WILK572] Jane Wilkinson (see WILKINSON above); then 2. Margery Perient (previously married 1. Caesar Adelmare). He died c.1621.

[LOCK601] Samuel Locke aka Samuel Dacre Locke (born c.1553, at Brockdish, son of Michael), of Brockdish Hall, married Rebecca ---. Samuel died 1604.

 [LOCK612] Elizabeth (born 1576, daughter of Samuel) married [HOWA611] John Howard (see HOWARD).