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[LUSI301] Hughes I le veneur was 1st Seigneur de Lusignan.

[LUSI311] Hughes II le cher or le bien-aime was 2nd Seigneur de Lusignan.

[LUSI321] Hughes III le blanc was 3rd Seigneur de Lusignan. He married (967) Arsende, and died 1012.

[LUSI331] Hughes IV le brun married [THOV312] Aldearde (daughter of Vicomte Raoul I, see THOUARS). He was 4th Seigneur de Lusignan, and died c.1023-32.

[LUSI341] Hughes V the pious (born c.1014) married (c.1035) [MARC339] Almodis (daughter of Count Bernard, see LA MARCHE COUNTY), but this was repudiated on grounds of consanguinity. Almodis afterwards married 2. (c.1040-45) Count Pons II of Toulouse; then 3. Count of Arles; then 4. (1053) Count Ramon Berenguer of Barcelona, and she was murdered (16th October 1071). Hughes was 5th Seigneur de Lusignan, and was killed in battle at Lusignan (8th October 1060).

[LUSI351] Hughes VI le diable (born c.1039) married (c.1074) [THOU333] Hildegarde (daughter of Aimery IV, see THOUARS). He was 6th Seigneur de Lusignan, and died May 1102.

[LUSI361] Hughes VII le brun (born c.1080) married (c.1108) Sarrasine/Saracena de Lezay. He was 7th Seigneur de Lusignan. Sarrasine died 1144, and Hughes died 1151.

[LUSI372] Aimee (daughter of Hughes VI) married [THOU352] Vicomte William (see THOUARS).

[LUSI371] Hughes VIII (born c.1112, son of Hughes VII) married 1. (c.1132) [RANC082] Bourgogne de Rancon, Dame de Fontenay, (daughter of Seigneur Geoffrey, see RANCON); then 2. (before 1200) Dame Eustache de Mairevant (daughter of Sebran Chabot, Seigneur de Vouvant & de Mairevant). Hughes was 8th Seigneur de Lusignan, and was taken prisoner whilst travelling en route to the Battle of Harenc (13th August 1165). He died in Palestine (1173).

[LUSX381] Raoul I (born c.1168, 5th son of Hughes VIII & Bourgogne) married (1194) [EUEU392] Alice of Hastings (only daughter & heiress of Count Henry I, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP for later details).

[LUSI381] Hughes (born c.1136, son of Hughes VIII & Bourgogne) married (c.1160) Orengarde de Limousin. Orengarde died 1163. Hughes predeceased his father by four years (1169) and therefore did not succeed to the title.

[LUSI391] Hughes IX le brun (born c.1162. son of Hughes & Orengarde) was 9th Seigneur de Lusignan, and also 1st Count of La Marche (1199). He married 1. [PREU392] Agatha de Preuilly (daughter of Sire Pierre II, see PREUILLY). Subsequently, Hughes was betrothed to Isabel (daughter of Count Ademar of Angouleme), but King John took her instead (see next entry). As compensation, King John of England offered Hughes one of his wards, Isabella's cousin Matilda. Thus Hughes married 2. (c.1189) Countess Matilda of Angouleme (born 1181, only daughter of Count Wulgrin III of Angouleme, who was son of Count William IV of Angouleme by Emma). Hughes died at Damietta in Egypt (5th November 1219), and a year later his son, Hughes X, married King John's widow Isabel.

[LUSI401] Hughes X le brun (born c.1186, son of Hughes IX & Agatha) was 10th Seigneur de Lusignan (1220), and also 2nd Count of La Marche (1220). He married (1220) [ANGO399] Dowager Queen Isabel (daughter of Count Ademar, see ANGOULEME COUNTY, widow of King John, see PLANTAGENET KINGS). Isabel's second marriage was not a happy one; she became depraved, later entering Fontevrault Abbey, where she died (31st May 1246), while Count Hughes fell at Damietta during a Crusade (1249).

[LUSI412] Alice (daughter of Hughes X) married [SUR2481] Earl John (see SURREY (WARENNE) EARLDOM).

[LUSI411] Hughes XI le brun (son of Hughes X) married (January 1236) [DREU422] Iolande (born 1218, daughter of DUKE PETER, see DREUX). He was Count of Angouleme (1246), 11th Seigneur de Lusignan (1249), and 3rd Count of La Marche (1249). Hughes was killed in battle at Fariskur in Egypt (6th April 1250), and Iolande died at Bouteville (10th October 1272).

[LUSI421] Hughes XII married (29th January 1254) [FOUG412] Jehanne/Jean (see FOUGERES). Jehanne had previously married 1. Seigneur Bernard-Ezy d’Albret in Gascony. Hughes was 12th Seigneur de Lusignan (1260), and 4th Count of La Marche (1260). He died on an expedition to Tunis (August 1270), at the same time as King Louis IX of France.

[LUSI432] Joan/Jane (daughter of Hughes XII) married 1. Seigneur Bernard-Ezy d’Albret in Gascony (died 24th December 1280); then 2. [GENE481] Sir Piers (see GENEVILLE BARONY).