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[RICV292] Count Richwin of Verdun m2. Kunigunde
. [LUXE301] Count Sigefroy of Luxembourg m. Hedvige d'Egisheim
. . [LUXE312] Liutgard de Luxembourg m. [HOLL311] Count Arnulf of Holland
. . [LUXE311] Count Frederick I of Moselle m. [WETX393] Countess Irmentrud of Gleiburg
. . . [FRED321] Duke Frederick II of Lower Lorraine m1. [BOUL332] Gerberge de Boulogne
. . . [LUXE322] Ogive de Luxembourg m. [FLAN321] Count Baldwin IV of Flanders
. . . [LUXE323] Judith de Luxembourg m. [BAVX281] Duke Welf III of Bavaria
. . . [LUXE324] Gisele de Luxembourg m. [GANT331] Ralph de Gant
. . . [LUXE321] Count Giselbert II of Luxembourg m. ?
. . . . [LUXE332] Judith de Luxembourg m. [LIMB331] Udo de Limburg
. . . . [LUXE331] Count Conrad I of Luxembourg m1. Ermensende
. . . . . [LUXE342] Countess Ermesinde of Luxembourg m1. [NORG341] Count Albrecht I of Dagsburg
. . . . . [LUXE343] Countess Ermesinde of Luxembourg m2. [NAMU352] Count Godfrey of Namur

[LUXE301] Sigefroy/Sigefrid (born c.920-23, son of [RICV299] Count Richwin, see VERDUN COUNTY), Count of Moselle, married (c.950) Hedvige of disputed origin. He was 1st Count of Luxembourg (963-98). Hedvige died 13th December 992, and Sigefroy died 28th August 998.

[LUXE312] Liutgard (daughter of Sigefroy) married (May 980) [HOLL311] Count Arnulf (see HOLLAND COUNTY).

[LUXE311] Frederick I (born c.958-65, son of Sigefroy), Count of Moselle, Count of Ardennes (1004-19), married (c.988) [WETX393] Countess Irmentrud of Gleiburg (see WETTERAU COUNTY). Frederick died 6th October 1019.

[LUXE322] Ogive de Luxembourg (born c.995, daughter of Frederick I) married (c.1012) [FLAN329] Count Baldwin IV (see FLANDERS COUNTY).

[LUXE323] Imiza/Irmtrude/Imagi/Judith (born 1000, daughter of Frederick I) married (c.1015) [BAVX281] Duke Welf II (see BAVARIA (HOUSE OF WELF) DUKEDOM).

[FRED321] Frederick II (born 1003, 2nd son of Frederick I) became DUKE OF LOWER LORRAINE (see LOWER LORRAINE (HOUSE OF LUXEMBOURG) DUKEDOM for full details).

[LUXE324] Gisela (daughter of Frederick I) married [GANT331] Ralph de Gant (see GANT).

[LUXE321] Giselbert II (born 1007, son of Frederick I), was Count of Salm and Longwy, Count of Luxembourg (1047-59), and Count of Ardennes (1047-59). He was killed in an uprising in Italy (14th August 1059).

[LUXE332] Judith (daughter of Giselbert) married [LIMB331] Udo (see LIMBURG COUNTY).

[LUXE331] Conrad I (born c.1040, son of Giselbert), Count of Ardennes (1059-83), Count of Luxembourg (1083-86), married 1. Ermensende (of disputed origin); then 2 Clemence de Gleiberg. He died in Palestine (8th August 1086).

[LUXE349] Ermesinde (born 1075, heiress of Luxembourg & Longwy, daughter of Conrad & Ermesende), Countess of Luxembourg, married 1. [NORG341] Count Albrecht I of Dagsburg (see NORDGAU COUNTY), died 1098; then 2. (1109) [NAMU359] Count Godfrey (see NAMUR COUNTY).