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in present day Greece

Recommended reading includes: "Alexander of Macedon, 356-332 B.C." (Peter Green, 1991)

Temenid Antigonid Antipatrid Antigonid


[MACA141] Perdiccas, 1st King of Macedonia (c.650BCE-).

[MACA151] Argaeus, King of Macedonia.

[MACA161] Philip I, King of Macedonia.

[MACA171] Aeropus, King of Macedonia.

[MACA181] Alcetas, King of Macedonia.

[MACA191] Amyntas I, King of Macedonia (-497BCE).

[MACA202] --- (unnamed daughter of Amyntas) married [MACE041] Arrhidaeus (see ANTIGONID DYNASTY below).

[MACA201] Alexander (alexandros [=defending men]) I (son of Amyntas), the Phillhellene, King of Macedonia (497-454BCE).

[MACA212] Stratonike [=victorious army) (daughter of Alexander I) married [THRA101] King Seuthes II (see THEBES KINGS).

[MACC212] Alcetas (son of Alexander I).

[MACC221] Archelaus (supposed son of Alcetas) married 1. ---; then 2. Cleopatra (widow of Archelaus' uncle Perdiccas II).

[MACC232] --- (daughter of Archelaus, by his 1st unnamed wife) married [MACE061] Derdas II (see ANTIGONID DYNASTY below).

[MACA211] Philip.

[MACA221] Amyntas II (son of Alexander), King of Macedonia (394-369BCE). He married 1. Cygnae; then 2. Eurydice (daughter of Irrhas, son of Antiochus). Eurydice later had a relationship with a Macedonian nobleman, Ptolemy of Alorus, who afterwards married Eurydice's daughter instead. After the death of Amyntas (369BCE), his widow Eurydice married 2. a Theban statesman, Pelopidas, who then became Regent of Macedonia, as the heir to the throne (Perdiccas) was then only fifteen years old.

[MACA231] Philip II (philippos [=friend of horses]) (born 383BCE, youngest legitimate son of Amyntas & Eurydice), King of Macedonia (359-336BCE). He married 1. Princess Audata (daughter of King Bardylis of Illyria), died 357BCE; then 2. (357BCE) Princess Phila (daughter of Derdas, see ANTIGONID DYNASTY below), also died 357BCE; then 3. Nicesipolis of Pherae, Thessaly; then 3. [EPIR232] Princess Myrtale of Epirus (daughter of King Neoptolemus of Epirus), became Olympias; then 4. (342BCE, whilst still married to Olympias) Meda of Odessa (daughter of Thracian Prince Cothelas). Philip finally married 5. (338BCE, whilst still married to Olympias) Cleopatra (niece of General Attalus of Macedonia), became Cleopatra Eurydice. At this wedding reception there was an argument between Philip and his son Alexander, and the following day Alexander took his mother Queen Olympias into exile with her relations in Epirus, then he went on to Illyria where he stayed in exile with King Langarus of the Agrianians.

The following year (337BCE), Philip's latest wife Cleopatra Eurydice produced a child, but as it was unexpectedly a girl, Philip was obliged to bring Alexander back out of exile (though not his mother) as he was his only legitimate male heir. The following year (336BCE) Cleopatra at last produced a son, named Caranus, so Alexander now had a possible rival. About this time Philip's daughter Cleopatra (by Queen Olympias) was married (at Aegae) King Alexander of Epirus. At the wedding feast King Philip was murdered by Pausanias of Orestis, a member of his Bodyguard (who had previously been his homosexual lover), but Pausanias was himself killed whilst fleeing. Not long afterwards Queen Olympias disposed of Alexander's rival, young Caranus. by pushing him head-first into a red-hot charcoal brazier, and successfully persuaded Caranus' mother, Cleopatra Eurydice to hang herself. This left no opposition for Alexander.

[MACA241] Alexander the great (born at Pella, July 356BCE, eldest legitimate son of Philip, by Olympias), Regent in Macedonia (340BCE), King of Macedonia (336-323BCE), crowned Pharaoh of Egypt (at Memphis, 332BCE), also had a relationship with [BITH242] Barsine (daughter of [BITH231] Artabazus, Satrap of Bithynia, who died 325BCE). He died 10th June 323BCE and had no male issue. He left his Empire divided between his four generals. Seleucus received Mesopotamia, Syria and Eastern Anatolia (see SYRIA KINGDOM); Lysimachus received Southern and Western Anatolia (see LYSIMACHUS); Cassandra received Macedonia and Greece; and Ptolemaeus received Egypt, Libya and Northern Anatolia (see PTOLEMY DYNASTY).

[MACA252] Aesopia (natural daughter of Alexander by Barsine) married [SYRI103] Prince Achaeus (see SYRIA KINGDOM).


[PATR071] Iolaus, a Macedonian Nobleman from Palioura.

[PATR081] Antipater (born 399BCE), Macedonian General, Regent of Macedonia on behalf of King Philip of Macedonia (342-339BCE), Regent of all Alexander the Great's Empire (320BCE). He died 319BCE.

[PATR092] Phila (born c.355BCE, daughter of Antipater) married 1. Alexander of Lyncestis, a Macedonian nobleman; then 2. Balacrus, Satrap of Cilicia; then 3. Craterus; then 4. [MACE091] Demetrius (see ANTIGONID DYNASTY below).

[PATR091] Cassander (born 358BCE, son of Antipater). He died 297BCE.

[PATR102] Antigone (antigone=against birth) (daughter of Cassander) married [MAGA101] Magas.

[MAGA112] Berenice (berenice [=bringer of victory)] (born c.340BCE, daughter of Magas & Antigone) married 1. (c.325) [PHIL111] Philip I (see below); then 2. King Ptolemy I of Egypt (see PTOLEMY DYNNASTY).

[PHIL111] Philip I (an obscure Macedonian nobleman) married [MAGA112] Berenice (daughter of Magas & Antigone, see above).  After Philip died, Berenice went to Egypt as lady-in-waiting for Eurydice, bride of King Ptolemy I of Egypt, whom she also later married (see PTOLEMY DYNNASTY). Berenice died c.277BCE.

[PHIL122] Antigone (daughter of Philip & Berenice) married (c.299) [ERIP249] King pyrrhus of Eripus (see ERIPUS).

[CYRI121] Magas (son of Philip & Berenice), King of Cyrene (see CYRENE KINGDOM for further details).


[MACE041] Arrhidaeus married [MACA202] --- (daughter of Amyntas, see TEMENID DYNASTY above).

[MACE051] Derdas.

There may have been two further generations before Derdas, viz. another Derdas, then Pausamus.

[MACE061] Derdas married [MACC232] --- (daughter of Archaleus, see TEMENID DYNASTY above).

[MACE071] Machatas.

[MACE081] Antigonus I monophthalmus [=the one-eyed] or Antigonus I Cyclops] (born 382BCE), a Macedonian nobleman and general under Alexander the Great, Governor of Greater Phrygia (333BCE), King of Macedonia (306-301BCE). He died 301BCE.

[MACE091] Demetrius I poliorcetes [=the besieger of cities] (born 337BCE), King of Macedonia (298- deposed 288BCE). He married (c.294BCE) [PATR092] Phila I (widow, daughter of Antipater, see ANTIPATRID DYNASTY above). When Demetrius was expelled (288BCE), Phila then committed suicide. Demetrius died 283BCE.

[MACE102] Stratonice (stratonike [=victorious army) (daughter of Demetrius I) married 1. Seleucus I nicator (divorced); then 2. [SYRI101] King Antiochus I of Syria (see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[MACE101] Antigonus II gonatas (born 315BCE, son of Demetrius I), King of Macedonia (276-239), married [SYRI102] Princess Phila II of Syria (daughter of King Seleucus I nicator, see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[MACE119] Demetrius II Aetolicus (born c.275BCE, son of Antigonus II), King of Macedonia (239-229), married 1. [EPIR262] Princess Phthia of Epirus (daughter of King Alexander II, see EPIRUS (MOLOSSIAN HOUSE) KINGS); then 2. [SYRI112] Princess Stratonice II (daughter of King Antiochus I soter, see SYRIA KINGDOM).

[MACE122] Apama (daughter of Demetrius II & Stratonice) married [BYTH161] King Prusias I (see BYTHNIA KINGS).

[MACE121] Philip V (born c.238BCE, son of Demetrius II & Phthia), King of Macedonia (220-178BCE), married Polycratia of Argos (daughter of Polycrates of Athens).

[MACE132] Apama (daughter of Philip V) married [BYTH171] King Prusias II (see BYTHNIA KINGS).