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[MAIG241] Godefroi du Maine m. [CARF272] Godehilde Carolingen
. [MAIR321] Geoffroi-Rongon du Maine m. ?
. . [MAIR332] Agnes du Maine m. [MONV331] Roger de Montreveau
. [MAIG251] Godefroi du Maine m. ?
. . [MAIG261] Seigneur Thibault du Maine m. ?
. . . [MAIG272] Berthe du Maine m. [ANJF301] Foulques de Briole

[MAIG241] Godefroi du Maine married [CARF272] Godehilde (daughter of [CARO269] King Charles II le chauve of France, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[MAIR321] Geoffroi-Rorgon du Maine (son of Godefroi).

[MAIR332] Agnes du Maine (daughter of Geoffroi-Rorgon) married [MONV331] Roger de Montreveau (see MONTREVEAU).

[MAIG251] Godefroi du Maine (son of Godefroi).

[MAIG261] Thibault, Seigneur du Maine.

[MAIG272] Berthe du Maine (daughter of Thibault) married [ANJF301] Foulques de Brole (see BEAUVAU).


[HEBG253] King William I of Septimania m3. [SPOD232] Guitberge of Hornbach
. [MAYN261] Gauzlin m. [BRGS252] Adeltrudis de Bourges
. . [MAYN271] Count Rorgon I of Breton Marches, Rennes, Maine and le Mans m. Bilichilde
. . . [MAYN282] Bilichilde du Maine m2. [AQUI281] Duke Ramnulfe I of Aquitaine
. . . [MAYN283] Rotrudis du Maine m. [QUCY271] Count Rotbert of Quercy
. . . [MAYN281] March Count Gauzfrid of Neustria m. ?
. . . . [MAYN291] Count Gauzlin of Maine m. ?
. . . . . [MAYN302] Bichidis du Maine m. [MAI2271] Count Hughes I of Maine
. . . . . [MAYN301] Seigneur Aubert de Mayenne m. Melisende de Mayenne
. . . . . . [MAYE311] Seigneur Geoffrey de Mayenne m. ?

 [MAYN261] Gauzlin I (son of [HEBG259] King William I of Septimania, see SEPTIMANIA) married [BRGS252] Adeltrudis de Bourges (see BOURGES COUNTY).

 [MAYN271] Rorgon/Roricon I, Count of the Breton Marches (813), Count of Rennes (819), Count du Maine (820-39), Count of le Mans (832), married 1. Bilichildis, and had a liaison with 2. Rotrude (daughter of Charlemagne & Hildegarde Vinzgau).

[MAYN282] Bilichilde (born c.830, daughter of Rorgon & Bilichilde) married 1. Count Bernard of Autun, killed 843-44; then 2. (845) [AQUI281] DUKE RAMNULFE (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF AUVERGNE) DUKEDOM).

[MAYN283] Rotrudis (daughter of Roricon & Bilichilde) married [QUCY271] Count Rotbert (see QUERCY COUNTY).

[MAYN281] Gauzfrid (younger son of Rorgon & Bilichilde), Count du Maine (865-86), March Count of Neustria (865-78). He died 878.

[MAYN291] Gauzlin II (born 860), Count du Maine (893-95 & 898-900). Gauzlin died 914. The Maine title passed (finally) to the king.

[MAYN302] Bichildis du Maine (daughter of Gauzlin) married [MAI2271] Count Hughes I (see MAINE COUNTY (3) below).

[MAYN301] Aubert du Maine (son of Count Gauzlin), is dealt with under MAYENNE.


[MAI2261] Count Rodger of Maine m. [CARO278] Rothildis de France
. [MAI2271] Count Hughes I of Maine m. [MAYN302] Bichidis du Maine
. . [MAIP281] Count Herve I de Mortagne & Perche m. Melisende
. . . [MAIP291] Count Fulk of Corbon Mortagne m. ?
. . . . [MAIP302] Helvise de Corbon Mortagne m. [PERC311] Vicomte Geoffrey I de Chateaudun
. . [MAI2281] Count Hughes II of Maine m. --- de Vermandois
. . . [MAI2291] Count Hughes III of Maine m. ?
. . . . [MAI2302] Melisende du Maine m. [NANT341] Count Judicael of Nantes
. . . . [MAI2301] Count Herbert I of Maine m. [PREU342] Paule de Preuilly
. . . . . [MAI2313] Gersende du Maine m1. [BLOI331] Count Theobald III of Blois
. . . . . [MAI2314] Gersende du Maine m2. [ESTE362] March Count Alberto-Azzo II of Milan

[MAI2261] Rodger (nephew of Count Hugh of Bourges) married (c.890) [CARO278] Rothildis (daughter of EMPEROR CHARLES II le chauve & Richildis, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). He was Count of Maine (886-93 & 895-98).

[MAI2271] Hughes I (born c.891), Count of Maine (900-50), married [MAYN302] Bichildis du Maine (see MAINE COUNTY (2) above).

[MAIP281] Herve I (son of Hughes I), Count of Mortagne & Perche, married Melisende.

[MAIP291] Fulk (believed to be son of Herve I), Count of Corbon Mortagne.

[MAIP302] Helvise (daughter of Fulk) married [PERC311] Vicomte Geoffrey I de Chateaudun (see CHATEAUDUN (1)).

[MAI2281] Hughes II (son of Hughes I), Count of Maine (950-92), married --- de Vermandois. He died c.992.

[MAI2291] Hughes III (born c.968), Count of Maine (992-1015).

[MAI2302] Melisende (daughter of Hughes III) married [NANT341] Count Judicael (see NANTES COUNTY).

 [MAI2301] Heribert (or Hubert) eveille-chien, or evigilans canem [wake-dog] (born c.982, son of Hughes III), Count of Maine (1015-32), married [PREU342] Paule (daughter of Gausebert, see PREUILLY-SUR-CLAISE). He died 13th April 1036.

[MAI2313] Paule (born c.1012, daughter of Hubert I) possibly married Seigneur John (see BAUGENCY).

[MAI2319] Gersinde/Ersinde (born c.1012, daughter of Hubert I) married 1. [BLOI331] Count Theobald III (see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY), repudiated 1048; then 2. [ESTE362] March Count Alberto, see ESTE MARCH COUNTY.