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Malpas, Cheshire

[MALX361] Idwal foel ab Anarawd married Mereddon ferch Cadwr

[MALX371] Iago ap Idwal foel (born c.915). He died 970.

There was an Iago ap Idwal foel ab Anarawd, who died 1039, suggesting an invented family tree beyond this point

[MALX381] Owain ab Iago of Holt, born c.940 at Bromfield, Maelor, Gymraeg, Denbighshire

[MALX391] Gruffudd ab Owain (born c.995) married ---Cholmondeley.

[MALX401] Sir William le Belward ap Sir Gruffudd of Malpas (born c.1030)

[MALX411] Sir William le Belward ap William, Lord of Malpas (born c.1080), married Tangwysil (daughter of Hugh Lupus d'Avranches, 1st Earl of Chester, by unknown mistress.

[MALX421] Dafydd ap William, ap William, of Malpas (born c.1090). married Margaret.

[MALX431] Sir William le Belward [the good ward] ap Dafydd ap William of Malpas.

[MALX441] Sir David le Belward de Malpas ap William ap Dafyd (born c.1150) married Catherine Vaughan. David died c.1252.

[MALX451] Sir William de Malpas (born c.1182) partnered Beatrix de Montalt.

[MALX461] David de Malpas (born c.1210) married Alice de Beville (daughter of Richard de Beville). David died 1260.

[MALX472] Idonea (daughter of David) married [MALP471] Urian St. Pierre (see later).

[[MALX473] Beatrice de Malpas (born 1236, daughter of David) married 1. [PATC481] William Patric (see PATRIC); then 2. Rhodri ap Gruffudd..


[MALP441] Johans de St. Pierre [aka Seynpere] (born 1143 at St. Pierre & Runstone, Chepstow). Johans said to be a son of William FitzRanulph & Lady Cecily, but this William died before 1135.

[MALP451] Sir William de St. Pierre (born 1181, at St. Pierre & Runstone)..

[MALP461] John de St. Pierre (born 1211, at St. Pierre & Runstone)

[MALP471] Urian St. Pierre (born 1232, at Shocklash, Cheshire), Baron of Malpas by right of his 1st wife, married 1.[MALX472]  Idonea (daughter of David de Malpas & Alice de Bevillle); then 2. Margaret. Urian died 18th June 1293. Afterwards Margaret married 2. Ralph Basset.

[MALP482] Joan St Pierre (daughter of Urian & Idonea) married [DUTT481] Hugh de Dutton (see DUTTON}.

[MALP483] Katherine (daughter of Urian & Idonea) married 1. William de Venables, of Bradwell; then 2. [CANT481] Randolph Peter de Thornton. (see CANTILUPE).