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there are several alternative descents quoted

 [MAMI031] --- (unknown, according to legend possibly a descendant of a Prince of China).

 [MAMI041] Artavaszd I, Prince of the Mamikonids.

 [MAMI051] Vache I, Great Constable of Armenia, Prince of the Mamikonids.

 [MAMI061] Artavaszd II, Great Constable of Armenia (c.335-c.350), Prince of the Mamikonids.

 [MAMI072] Vardan I, Prince of the Mamikonids.

[MAMI082] Sandukht (daughter of Vardan I) married [PLAV261] Prince Narses Souren I of the Gregorian domain (see SUREN-PAHLAV).

 [MAMI071] Artaschir I (son of Artavasdes II).

 [MAMI081] Manuel [Enmanuel] I, Prince of the Mamikonids (374-86), Regent of Armenia (378-86), Governor of Armenia (378-79).

 [MAMI091] Artaschir III, Prince of the Mamikonids (386-386), died c.386.

 [MAMI101] Hamazasp I, High Constable of Armenia, Commander-in-Chief, Prince of the Mamikonids (387-432), married [PLAV282] Sahakanoysh Souren Pahlav (daughter & heiress of Sahak I Souren the great Pahlav, see SUREN-PAHLAV). He died c.416.

[VARD141] Vardan Mamikonian (born c.400, son of Hamazasp), Commander in Chief (432-51), and died at the Battle of Vartanantz (2nd June 451).

 [VARD152] Vardanoysh Mamikonian (born c.425, daughter of Vardan) married [KAMS151] Prince Arshavir II of Arsharounik & Shirak, see KAMSARAKAN).

 [MAMI111] Saint Hmayeak I (son of Hamazasp), General, married Dzoyk/Dzovik (daughter of Prince Vram of Artsruni, son of Vatche I of Artsruni). He died 451.

 [MAMI122] Sousana Mamikonian (born c.450, daughter of Hmayeak) married [PART311] Artabanos of Armenia (born c.445, see ARMENIA).

 [TURK121] Vard Mamikonian (born c.450), is described under LINE 3 below.

 [MAMI121] Vard Patrik (son of Hmayeak), Governor of Armenia (505-09 & 514).

 [MAMI131] Hmayeak II, Prince, died 556.

 [MAMI141] Mushel/Mousegh I, Satrap of Armenia (590-91).

[MAMI151] Vahan II Le Loup, Governor of Armenia (593-606).

 [MAMI161] David, Prince of Taron, died 620.

 [MAMI171] Hamazasp II, Governor of the Mamikonids (c.638-61), Governor of Armenia (655-58), 10th Satrap of Armenia, and Curopalates. He married --- (daughter of Governor [643-45] Theodoros of Rechtuni/Rshtuni, later Prince of Armenia [646-53, 653-54, 654-55 & 655]). Hamazasp was Prince of Armenia (655-56), and died 661.

 [MOUS161] Mousheg III Mamikonian (born 655, son of Hamazasp II) is described under MOUSELA.

 [MAMN171] Artavazd I (son of Hamzasp II) is described under LINE 2 below.

 [MAMI181] Hrhat (son of Hamazasp II), Prince, died 732.

 [MAMI191] David, Prince of Taron. He died 744.

 [MAMI201] Samuel II, Governor of the Mamikonids (755-772).

[MAMI212] Dzoyk/Dzovik (daughter of Samuel) married [ARME211] Smbat VII (see BAGRATID DYNASTY).


[MAMN171] Artavazd I (born c.655, son of [MAMI171] Hamzasp II, see above).

[MAMN181] Hmayeak I (born c.700).

[PHOC211] Artavazd II (born c.740, son of Hmayeak I) is described under PHOCAS.

[MAMN191] Hmayeak II (born c.725, son of Hmayeak I).

[MAMN201] Hmayeak III (born c.750).

[MAMN211] Maiakes (born c.785), married --- Gnui.

[MAMN221] Constantinos (born c.810), married [ARME234] Pancalo (daughter of Ashot IV, see ARMENIA).

[MAMB231] Basileios I (born c.831, son of Constantinos) is described under MACEDONIAN DYNASTY- LINE 1.

[MAMN231] Bardas (born c.835, son of Constantinos), married Maria.

[MAMN241] Basileios (born c.860).

[MAMN251] Bardas (born 885), Magistros.

[MAMN262] Gregoria (born c.910, daughter of Bardas) married [SCLE261] Photeinos Scleros (see SCLEROS).


[TURK121] Vard Mamikonian (born c.450, son of [MAMI111] Saint Hmayeak, see under LINE 1 above). He died c.509.

[TURK131] Vasak Mamikonian (born c.488).

[TURK141] Bardanes Mamikonian (born c.525), General.

[TURK151] Artabastos Mamikonian (born c.565), married --- (born c.583, daughter of Philippikos & Gordia).

[TURK161] Bardanes Mamikonian (born c.600), Consul, married [ARSH153] --- Arshakuni (born c.610, daughter of Valentinus Arshakuni, see ARSHAKUNI PRINCEDOM).

[TURK171] Nikephoros Mamikonian (born c.630).

[TURK181] --- Mamikonian (born c. 660).

[TURK191] --- Mamikonian (born c.685).

[TURK201] Bardanes Mamikonian (born c.710).

[TURK211] Konstantinos Mamikonian (born c.735).

[TURK221] Bardanes Tourkos (born c.755), Senator, married Domnika (born c.760).

[TURK232] Eirene (born c.780, daughter of Bardanes), married [SCLE231] Leon Scleros (see SCLEROS).

[TURK233] Thekla (born c.785, daughter of Bardanes), married [MICH201] EMPEROR MICHAEL II (see AMORIAN DYNASTY).