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[MARR441] Morggan/Morgund of Mar, 2nd Earl of Mar, married Agnes.

[MARR452] Alesta (daughter of Morggan) married [STEW479] High Steward Alan FitzWalter (see HIGH STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND).

[MARR451] Duncan, 4th Earl of Mar (born 1228, son of Morggan), married [LATH452] Oribillis/Orabella of Nessius (daughter of  [LATH441] William of Latherisk, son of [LATH431] William of Latherisk). He died c.1243-44.

[MARR462] Margaret (daughter of Duncan) married [SINC461] Baron Henry (see ROSSLYN BARONY).

[MARR461] William (born c.1222, son of Duncan), 5th Earl of Mar (c.1243-44), married 1. Elizabeth Comyn (born c.1223, daughter of William, Earl of Buchan, and Margaret, Countess of Buchan), died 1267; then 2. Muriel of Strathearn (daughter of Malise, 5th Earl of Strathearn). He was Chamberlain of Scotland (1262-64), Sheriff of Dunbartonshire (1264-66), and died 1291 (though his son Donald is recorded as succeeding him in 1281).

[MARR471] Donald (son of William and Elizabeth), 6th Earl of May (1281), married (c.1266) Elen ferch Llywelyn (born c.1234, illegitimate daughter of Llywelyn ab Iorwerth, Prince of North Wales, see GWYNEDD KINGDOM (1), widow of Malcolm MacDuff, 7th Earl of Fife, died 1266; which means Llywelyn had two daughters named Elen). Donald fought at the Battle of Dunbar (27th April 1296), was captured and renewed his allegiance to King Edward I. He died after 25th July 1297, but before 1302.

[MARR481] Garnait (younger son of Donald), 7th Earl of Mar (after 25th July 1297), married (c.1292) Lady Christian Bruce (daughter of Sir Robert le Brus, 1st Lord Brus, and Margaret, Countess of Carrick). He was Joint Sheriff of Aberdeenshire (1297), and died before September 1305.

[MARR491] Donald, 8th Earl of Mar, married Isabella Stewart (of unknown origin). He died at the Battle of Dupplin Muir (12th August 1332). Afterwards Isabella married 2. (c.1334) Geoffrey Moubray, later divorced; then 3. (c.1339) William Carsewell.  She died c.1348

[MARR502] Margaret (born c.1318, daughter of Donald), married 1. (before November 1357) [DOUG501] William Douglas, 1st Earl of Douglas, and was thus styled Countess of Douglas (1358), (see DOUGLAS EARLDOM). She succeeded her brother Thomas (9th Earl of Mar, died c.1373-74) as 10th Countess of Mar (c.1374). William died 1384, and Margaret afterwards married 2. (c.1385-88) Sir John Swinton of Swinton.

[MARR501] Thomas (born c.1330, son of Donald), 9th Earl of Mar, married 1. Lady Margaret Graham of Menteath; then 2. [STEW542] Countess Margaret Stewart of Angus (see STEWARDS OF SCOTLAND).