Revised 25/01/2018


Mark YARROW                            Charlotte STEGGALL
Born 5 Feb 1866                        Born 1867
  at Potton (BDF)                        at Finningham (SFK)

Bapt 29 Aug 1868
  at Tadlow (CAM), St Giles

Parents Mary                           Parents John Henry/Mary Ann

Married 26 Oct 1891 at East Ardsley, Sts Michael & Gabriel
Guard of Royston

Witnesses Mark BROWN              -
          Caroline Kate STEGALL   Charlotte's sister

Addresses :
1871    Tadlow (scholar)
1881    East Ardsley, Bullock's Row (trammer in coal mine)
1888    Chapeltown, Thorncliffe Row (-)
1891    Royston (guard)


1861 Census  802-94  Cheshunt (HRT), Rolands Field
John          Steggall H   M 28 police constable   Finningham SFK
Mary A        Steggall W   M 26                    Finningham
Sarah A       Steggall D   -  4                    Bromley MDX
Charles       Steggall S   -  2                    Finningham
Emily         Steggall D   -  4m                   Cheshunt
1871 Census  1735-59  Finningham (SFK), Gislingham Road
John          Steggall H   M 38 lab                Gislingham
Mary Ann      Steggall H   M 36                    Finningham
              and family  including :
Charlotte     STEGGALL D   -  4 scholar            Finningham
1881 Census  4583-94  East Ardsley, Wakefield Road
John          Steggles H   M 48 stone quarry lab   Gislingham SFK
Mary A        Steggles W   M 46                    Finningham SFK
Charles       Steggles S   U 22 runner  coal mine  Finningham
Henry         Steggles S   - 16 stone quarry lab   Finningham
Caroline      Steggles D   - 11 scholar            Finningham
Thomas        Steggles S   -  8 scholar            Finningham
1881 Census  4583-94  East Ardsley, Jeffrey View
David         Stead    H   M 52 grocer             East Ardsley
Elizabeth     Stead    W   M 49                    East Ardsley
Charlotte     STEGGLES Sv  - 13 general servant    Finningham SFK
1871 Census  1577-84  Tadlow (CAM), Tadlow Gate
John          Yarrow   H   M 48 lab                Tadlow
Elizabeth     Yarrow   W   M 48                    Wrestlingworth BDF
              and their children  plus :
Mark          YARROW   G/S -  5 scholar            Potton BDF
1881 Census  4583-112  East Ardsley, Bullock's Row
Elizabeth     Yarrow   H   W 58                    Wrestlingworth BDF
Mark          YARROW   G/S - 15 trammer  coal mine Potton BDF
Walter        Yarrow   Bd  U 20 lab at furnaces    Tadlow CAM
1891 Census  3768  Cudworth, 6 Weetshaw House
John          Hill     H   M 27 coal miner         Winthorpe LIN
Mary Ann      Hill     W   M 38                    Bolingbroke LIN
              plus six boarders, including
Mark          YARROW   Bd  U 25 railway shunter    Potton BDF
1891 Census  3754-79  East Ardsley, Wakefield Road
John Hy       Steggall H   M 58 lab                Finningham SFK
Mary Ann      Steggall W   M 56                    Finningham
Charlotte     STEGGALL D   S 23 rag sorter         Finningham
Caroline Kate Steggall D   S 21 rag sorter         Finningham
Wm Thomas     Steggall S   S 18 coal trammer       East Ardsley
Daniel        Yarrow   G/S -  4                    Wrenthorpe **
              ** son of James & the late Sarah Ann Yarrow
1901 Census  4309-47  High Cudworth
Mark          YARROW   H   M 35 rly goods guard    Potton BDF
Charlotte     YARROW   W   M 33                    Finningham SFK
Emily         Yarrow   D   -  8                    East Ardsley
Eva           Yarrow   D   -  7                    Cudworth
Edith         Yarrow   D   -  6                    Cudworth
Geo A         Yarrow   S   -  4                    Cudworth
Ernest        Yarrow   S   -  2                    Cudworth
Mary          Yarrow   D   -  4m                   Cudworth
1911 Census       Barnsley, Cudworth, 78 Snydale Road
Mark          YARROW   H   M 45 foreman shunter    Potton BDF
Charlotte     YARROW   W   M 43                    Fillingham! SFK
Edith         Yarrow   D   S 16 assisting at home  Cudworth
George Arthur Yarrow   S   - 14 grocer's assistant Cudworth
Ernest        Yarrow   S   - 12 school boy         Cudworth
Mary          Yarrow   D   - 10 school             Cudworth
Hilda         Yarrow   D   -  4                    Cudworth