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[MASO601] Humfrey Mason m. [GOOS602] Dorothy Goose
. [MASO611] Humphery Mason m. Mary
. . [MASO621] Randolph Mason m. [WOOL622] Elizabeth Woolnough
. . . [MASO632] Sarah Mason m. [PARK631] Samuel Parker

[MASO601] Humfrey Mason married (at Dunwich, 10th December 1620) [GOOS602] Dorothy Goose (born 1592, see GOOSE). They had one child born at Kelsale as follows:

[MASO611] Humphery (there are no surviving registers there between 1599-1668), married Mary ---.

There is a reference to a Humphery Mason who was tenant of the Manor of Temple between Dunwich and Westleton (1622), likewise a Joan Mason who could have been his widowed mother.

[MASO611] Humphery Mason and his wife Mary had (at least) three children born and baptised at Kelsale as follows:

Elizabeth (baptised 8th May 1670), married (at Kelsale, 5th December 1695) Edward Derby;

Mary (baptised 9th October 1672);

[MASO621] Randolph (baptised 15th April 1675), see later.

"Hum. Mason" had 3 hearths in the 1674 Hearth Tax return. He died at Kelsale (1675), and left a will.

[MASO621] Randolph Mason (born 1675) married (at Bedingfield, 23rd November 1699) [WOOL622] Elizabeth Woolnough (born 1672, see WOOLNOUGH), both of Fressingfield. They had three children born and baptised at Fressingfield as follows:

Mary (born 27th November 1700, baptised 29th November 1700), lived a few days;

[MASO632] Sarah (born 19th January 1702-03, baptised 26th January 1702-03), married (at Westhall, 15th June 1726) [PARK631] Samuel Parker (see PARKER);

Randolph (baptised 2`5th March 1707).

Randolph died at Fressingfield (buried there 25th December 1736), and Elizabeth died (age "93") at Fressingfield also (buried there 4th February 1762-63).