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[MASS421] Guillaume de la Ferte-Mace, married [CONT329] Muriel de Conteville (daughter of Count Herluin of Conteville & Hawise of Falaise (see CONTEVILLE) who previously married 1. [CHAP401] Eudes-au-Capel, Dapifer de la Haye, Baron of La Haye, Seneschal of Normandy. Guillaume died at Castle Dunham c.1101. 

[MASS431] Hamon de Mascy (born at la Ferte-Mace, Orne, Lower Normandie),.1st Baron of Dunham Massey, married Margaret de Sacie (born c.1077, daughter of Osbern de Sacie). Hamon died c.1101 and Margaret died 11th November 1105.

[MASS441] Hamon de Massey (born c.1100, at Castle Dunham, married [BEAM366] Eleanor de Beaumont (daughter of [BEAM351] Count Robert of Leicester, see LEICESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). He was sub-tenant at the Domesday Survey of Ashley, Bowdon, Bramhall, Dunham and Hale. Curiously, the Earl of Chester himself held (as tenant-in-chief) Dunham-on-the-Hill (suggestive of an ideal spot to build a castle, but nowhere near Dunham). Hamon died c.1185.

[MASS451] Hamon de Massey (born c.1129, at Castle Dunham, Bowdon, married [THER452] Agatha de Theray {daughter of  [THER441] Richard de Theray de Kyrton & Eleanor, see KYRTON). Hamon died 1216 (age 87)..

[MASS462] Isabel de Massey (daughter of Hamon), married [DUTT451] Hugh de Dutton (see DUTTON).

[MASS463] Agatha de Massey (daughter of Hamon), married [HELL431] Jocelyn de Hellesby (see HELLESBY).

[MESS471] Baron Hamo V de Massey (born c.1210), Baron of Dunham Massey, married 1. [WHIT472] Alice de Whitney (see WHITNEY); then 2. Mary of Bedford.

[MASS482] Agnes de Masci (born 1195, at Dunham Massey, daughter of Herman & Alice) married [CHEA471] Sir Geoffrey de Chedle (see CHEADLE).

[MASS481] Baron Hamon VI de Massey (born c.1242, son of Hamon V & Alice), Baron of Dunham Massey, married [HATC482] Mary de Beauchamp (born c.1244, daughter of [HATC471] Robert de Beauchamp, Lord of Hatch, & Alice de Mohun (see HATCH).

[MASS492] Maud de Massey (born c.1270, at Dunham Massey, Bucklow, daughter of Hamon VI) married [CHEA491] Sir Roger de Chedle (see CHEADLE).