Revised 25/01/2018


Matthew STUBBS                         Grace MUNTON
Born 1706                              Born 1710
  at Greetham (RUT)                      at Uppingham (RUT)

Bapt 18 Aug 1706                       Baptised 26 Jan 1710
  at Greetham, St Mary                   at Uppingham

Parents Thomas/Ann                     Parents Henry/Jane **

Married 14 Jul 1734 at Burley on the Hill (RUT)
'Matthew Stubbs & Grace Munton of Greetham'

Remarks :
** Henry Munton married (1708, Uppingham) Jane Allin. [Uppingham register just gives year]
There is a will of Grace Stubbs, widow of Greetham, previously of
Glatton HUN, dated 13/5/1776. No trace of burial at Greetham.
Glatton HUN is close to the Great North Road

Children : b=born, c=christened, m=married, d=died
Matthew          c 23/6/35 Greetham; m1. Ann Carrington; m2. Rebecca Smith; m3. Mary Sharp
Elizabeth        c 28/11/36 Greetham; m. James Parkinson
Henrey           c 11/3/38-39 Greetham; buried 14/5/39 Greetham
Grace            c 11/3/38-39 Greetham; buried 22/4/39 Greetham
Henry            c 29/12/40 Greetham; m. Lydia Baines
Ann              c 23/5/43 Greetham; buried 28/6/43 Greetham
Thomas           c 4/8/46 Greetham; buried 22/9/46 Greetham
Samuel           c 17/8/50 Greetham; buried 30/10/50 Greetham
Census :