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[MAYN301] Aubert du Maine (son of [MAYN291] Count Gauzlin, see MAINE COUNTY), married Melisende (heiress of Mayenne, daughter of Seigneur Ruellen of Mayenne). He became Seigneur de Mayenne, and died c.940.

[MAYE311] Geoffrey I (born 915), Seigneur de Mayenne, Governor of Maine & Anjou. He died 980.

[MAYE321] Juhel I (born 940), Seigneur de Mayenne, founded the chateau at Mayenne, married Etienette de Dol.

[FOUG321] Meen I (born c.960, son of Juhel I), is dealt with under FOUGERES.

[MAYE331] Haymon (son of Juhel I), died by 1030.

[MAYE349] Geoffroy II (born 1030), Count of Maine. Baron of Mayenne and Seigneur de Chartre-sur-Loire. He was the lover of Countess Gersende of Maine, and thereby became Count of Maine (1070). He married 1. [TALY312] Gervaise de Chateau-Gontier (daughter of Renard, see BELLEME); then 2. (before 1059) [ALLU329] Mathilde d'Alluyes (widow of Seigneur William Goet I, see MONTMIRAIL, and daughter of Seigneur Gauthier, see ALLUYES). He died December 1098.

[MAYE352] Berthe (daughter of Geoffroy II & Gervaise) married [ANJF341] Jean de Beauvau (see BEAUVAU).

[MAYE351] Gautier (born 1070, son of Geoffroy & Mathilde), Seigneur de Mayenne (1114), married Alix de Baugency (or Adeline de Presles). He died in Italy (18th December 1116).

[MAYE362] Mathilde (daughter of Gautier), married (c.1116) [BURG331] DUKE HUGHES II Borel le pacifique (see BURGUNDY (HOUSE OF CAPET) DUKEDOM).

[MAYE361] Juhel II (born 1110, born 1147, son of Gautier), Seigneur de Mayenne (1120), and Seigneur of Gorron d'Ambrieres & Chateaunef (1135). He married (before 1120) [PON1364] Clemence (daughter of Count William, see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY). He died 23rd December 1161.

[MAYE372] Matilda (daughter of Juhel) married (1154) [FOUG371] Raoul II, Seigneur de Fougeres (see FOUGERES)

[MAYE371] Geoffroy IV (son of Juhel), Seigneur de Mayenne (1158), married 1. Constance de Bretagne (daughter of [BRIT381] DUKE CONAN III, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF CORNOUAILLE) COUNTY), then 2. (c.1161) [BEAM379] Isabelle (daughter of Earl Waleran, see WORCESTER (BEAUMONT) EARLDOM). Geoffroy died February 1169-70, and afterwards Isabelle married 2. (1170) [CRAO371] Sire Maurice (see CRAON (2)).

[MAYE382] Clemence (daughter of Geoffroy & Isabelle), Dame d'Angon, married [SABL371] Sire Robert IV (see SABLE).