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[FRAK141] Clodimir III (born c.30BCE), King of the Franks (50-63). He died 63CE.

[FRAK151] Antenor IV (born c.1), King of the Franks (63-69). He died 69.

[FRAK161] Ratherius (born c.59), King of Franks (63-?).

[FRAK171] Richemer (born c.81), King of Franks (?-?).

[FRAK181] Odmar (born c.96), King of the Franks (?-128). He died 128.

[FRAK191] Marcomir IV (born c.111), King of Franconia (128-49), married (129) [BRIX442] Princess Athildis of the Britons (see ANCIENT BRITAIN). He died 149.

[FRAK201] Clodomir IV (born c.126), King of the Franks (149-66), married [RUGJ202] Princess Hasilda/Hafilda/Basilda (daughter of [RUGJ191] King --- of Rugij). He died 166.

[FRAK211] Farabert (born c.141), King of the Franks (166-86). He died 186.

[FRAK221] Sunno/Hunno (born c.156), King of the Franks (186-213). He died 213.

[FRAK231] Hilderic (born c.171), King of the Franks (213-53). He died 253.

[FRAK241] Bartherus (born c.186), King of the Franks (253-72). He died 272.

[FRAK251] Clodius III (born c.200), King of the Franks (272-98). He died 298.

[FRAK261] Walter (born c.215), King of the Franks (298-306). He died 306.

[FRAK271] Dagobert I (born c.230), King of the Franks (306-17). He died 317.

[FRAW071] Clodomir V of the West Franks (born c.251, son of Dagobert I). He died 337.

[FRAW081] Richimir II of the West Franks (born c.272). He married Aseyla. He died 350.

[FRAW091] Theodomir of the West Franks (born c.293). He died 360.

[FRAW101] Claudius IV of the West Franks (born c.315). He died 368.

[FRAW111] Dagobert of the East Franks (born c.330). He died 379.

[FRAW121] Genebald II (born c.354), DUKE OF THE EAST FRANKS. He died 419.

[FRAW132] Argotta Cimbri (daughter of Genebald II) married [CLOD131] King Pharamond (see SALIAN FRANKS below).

[FRAK281] Genebald I (son of Dagobert I), DUKE OF THE EAST FRANKS (317-58). He died 358.

[FRAK291] Dagobert II, DUKE OF THE EAST FRANKS (358-79). He died 379.

[FRAK301] Clodius, DUKE OF THE EAST FRANKS (379-89). He died 389.

[FRAK311] Marcomir, DUKE OF THE EAST FRANKS (389-404). He died 404.

[CLOD131] Pharamond (son of Marcomir) is dealt with below under SALIAN FRANKS.


 [CLOD131] Pharamond (born c.370, son of DUKE MARCOMIR, see EAST FRANKS above), King of all the Franks, married (394) [FRAW132] Argotta (daughter of DUKE GENEBALD II, see EAST FRANKS above). He died c.430.

 [CLOD141] Clodius/Chlodian the long haired (born c.395), King of the Salian Franks (428-47). He married (c.414) [THUX142] Princess Basina (daughter of [THUX131] King Weldelphus of Thuringia).

[MERO151] Merovee/Merovich (son of Clodius) is described below under MEROVINGIAN HOUSE.

[PONT121] Adalric (son of Clodius), King of the Ardennes, see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY for further details.

 [CLOD151] Alberica (son of Clodius) married [VERO152] Argotta (daughter of [VERO141] Theodoric de Verona). He died 491.

[CLOD161] Wambertus (born c.486, son of Clodius) married Lucilla. He died 491.

[CLOD171] Ansbertus de Moselle (born c.536) married [MERO192] Princess Blitildis (daughter of King Clotaire I of the Franks, see MEROVINGIAN HOUSE below). He died 570.

[CLOD181] Arnoldus Meroving (born c.562, son of Ansbertus) married Ada von Schwabia, and died 601.

[CLOD192] Itta de Metz (born c.597, daughter of Arnoldus) married [LAND191] DUKE PEPIN I (see LANDEN).


[MERO151] Merovee/Merovich the young (born c.411, son of [CLOD141] King Clodius, see SALIAN FRANKS above) married Princess Chlodeswinthe Verica (daughter of Clodian von Koln, Riparian Frankish King, & Ildegonde). He was King of the Salian Franks of Yssel (448-458), and died 458.

[MERO162] Princess Ragnachilde (daughter of Merovee) married [VISG161] King Euric of the Visigoths (born c.420, see VISIGOTHS-1).

[MERO161] Childeric I (born c.436, son of Merovee), King of Salian Franks of Yssel (458-59 & 463-81), married (463) Princess Basina of Audovera (born c.440, daughter of King Basin de Thuringia & Menia, see THURINGIA KINGDOM). (She had deserted her 1st husband Bisinus, leader of a Thuringian confederation on the Rhine.) Childeric died at Tournai (481).

[MERO171] Clovis I (born c.465, son of Childeric I & Basina), founded the Merovingian House. He was King of Salian Franks (481-86), King of the Franks (481-511), married 1. Evochilde; then 2. (c.496) [GODO172] Clotilda de Burgundy (daughter of King Chilperic II of Burgundy, see BURGUNDY KINGDOM). He defeated Syagrius, the last "Roman" General of Gaul, see SOISSONS, then the rival Riparian Franks (in latterly Franconia), the Alamanni (496), the Burgundians, and finally the Visigoths of Aquitaine (507). He then had all the remaining minor Frankish princes killed, and effectively became King of [the huge] Merovingian Kingdom, stretching from Bavaria to the Pyrenees. He died at Thermes Palace (27th November 511), and was buried at the Abbey of Saint-Denis, Paris. Subsequently, the majority of the French kings were buried here. The Abbey was rebuilt as a church in the Gothic style (12th century), and after the Revolution became a school (1806).



Saint-Denis at Paris, formerly the Abbey where the majority of French kings were entombed.

from a 19th C. painting
(6 July 2007)

[MERO182] Princess Clothilde (daughter of Clovis & Clotilda) married [VISG181] King Amalarico of the Visigoths (see VISIGOTHS-1).

[MERO181] Clotaire I le vieux (born c.497, 4th son of Clovis & Clotilda), King of Soissons (511-61), of Orleans (532-61), of Burgundy (534-61), of Austrasia (555-61), of Neustria (558-61), of Paris (558-61), making him effectively King of the Franks from 558. He married (or had liaisons with) 1. (c.517) Ingonde; then 2. (524) Ingonde's sister Haregonde; then 3. Gunsinde; then 4. (538) St. Radegonde (born 519, daughter of King Berthaire of Thuringia), died 587; then 5. Gondiuque (widow of King Clodomir of Orleans); then 6. (c.555) Waldrade (widow, daughter of King Wacho of the Lombards & Ostrogoths). He died at Compiegne (29th November 561), and at his death the Merovingian lands were partitioned, creating separate Kingdoms of Austrasia, Burgundy and Neustria, only occasionally thereafter being ruled by one king, until the time of Pepin de Heristal (687).

[CHIL161] Chilperic I (born c.523, son of Clotaire I, by Haregonde) King of Soissons (561-84), is described fully under CHILPERIC II below.

[MERO192] Princess Blitildis (daughter of Clotaire I) married [CLOD171] Ansbertus de Moselle (see SALIAN FRANKS above).

[MERX201] Charibert I (born c.522, son of Clotaire, by Ingonde), King of Paris (561-67). He died 567, and afterwards the Kingdom of Paris was absorbed into Austrasia).

[MERX212] Princess Berthe (daughter of Charibert) married [KENT211] King Aethelbert I of Kent (see KENT (ANGLO-SAXON) KINGDOM).

[MERO191] Sigebert I (born c.535, son of Clotaire I, by Ingonde), King of Austrasia (561-75) at Metz, married (568) [VISI202] Princess Brunhild (born c.543, widow of Merove, daughter of King Atanagildo of the Visigoths, see VISIGOTHS-2). Sigebert was murdered at Vitry (November/December 575), and afterwards she married 2. (576) Prince Merovech of the Franks (died 577). Brunhild died at Reneve-sur-Vingeanne (Autumn of 613).

[MERO202] Princess Chlodoswintha (daughter of Sigebert & Brunhild) married 1. King Flace Autharis of the Lombards; then 2. (594) [VISG201] King Rekared of the Visigoths (see VISIGOTHS-2)

[MERO201] Childebert II, (born 2nd March 570, son of Sigebert), King of Austrasia (575-95), King of Burgundy (592-95), married Faileuba. He was poisoned (28th March 595-96).

[MERO211] Theudebert II (born 586, son of Childebert II), King of Austrasia (595-612), married 1. (608) Bilchilde, died 609; then 2. (609) Theodichilde. He was murdered (612).

[MERO222] Princess Emma (daughter of Theudebert II) married [KENT221] King Eadbald of Kent (see KENT (ANGLO-SAXON) KINGDOM).


[CHIL161] Chilperic (born c.523, son of [MERO181] Clotaire I, see earlier), King of Soissons [Neustria] (561-84) and of Paris, (568-84) married 1. (c.549) Princess Audovera Galswintha (daughter of King Atanagildo of the Visigoths, see VISIGOTHS-1), repudiated 567, and garrotted 580; then 2. then (567) Galsonte, died 568; then 3. Fredegund de Soissons (born at Montdidier, c.543). Chilperic died October 584, after which the kingdom was administered by Queen Fredegund until her death at Paris (597).

[CHIL179] Clotaire II le jeune and le grand (born 18th October 584, son of Chilperic & Fredegund, born after his father's death), King of Soissons (584-), of Paris, Orleans, Metz and Burgundy (613-29). He married 1. Haldetrude, died c.604; then 2. (604) Bertrude (born c.590, daughter of Ricomer of Burgundy, by Gertrude of Baviere), died 620; then 3. (c.620) Sichilde (born c.585, daughter of Brandulphe II d'Ardennes & Clothilde of Cologne). Clotaire died 18th October 629 [his 45th birthday].

[LUPE171] Charibert II (born c.608, son of Clotaire II & Bertrude), King of Aquitaine, is described under EARLY AQUITAINE DUKEDOM.

[CHIL189] Dagobert I (born c.606, son of Clotaire & Bertrude), King of Austrasia (623-32), then sole King of the Franks (629-39), King of Aquitaine (631-39). He married 1. (626) Gometrude, reudiated; then 2. (629) Nantilde ([born c.610], daughter of Sandregisisle de Bobigny & Gertrude, Abbess of Hamage), died 642; then 3. (630) Ragintrude (born c.608). Dagobert was killed January 638-39.

[CHIX191] Sigebert III (born 630-31, son of Dagobert I & Ragintrude), King of Austrasia (632, at the age of ?3). He married (633) Hymnegilde/Immachilde. He died 1st February 656 (age 27).

[CHIX202] Princess Berswinde (daughter of Sigebert III) married [ALSX191] DUKE ETICHO I (see ALSACE DUKEDOM).

[CHIL192] Princess Regentrude (daughter of Dagobert I & Ragintrude) married [LIEG231] Theodard, Bishop of Liege, (see LIEGE).

[CHIL191] Clovis II le Faineant (born c.634, son of Dagobert I & Nantilde), King of Soissons (Neustria), Paris, Orleans & Burgundy (639-57), of Austrasia and all the Land of the Franks (656-57), married (651) Bathilde ([born c.630], an English slave girl, who later became a nun). Clovis died January 684-85.

[CHIL209] Thierry/Theuderic III (born c.652, whilst still a child became puppet King of Soissons (Neustria), Paris, Orleans and Burgundy (673-75), then King of Burgundy and all the Land of the Franks (675-91), and King of Austrasia (679-91). He married 1. Clotilde (Dode) of Austrasia; then 2. Amalaberga (daughter of Wandregisi of Neustria & Farahild; then 3. Irma, and died 691. Another source say he married 1. Clotilde; then 2. Doda.

[CHIL212] Princess Bertrada (daughter of Thierry & possibly Clotilde) married a very distant cousin [LAON211] Count Martin (see LAON COUNTY).

[CHIL213] Princess Berthe (daughter of Thierry & Clotilde) married [SWAG211] Huoching (see SWABIA DUKEDOM (EARLY FAMILY)).

[CHIL214] Princess Chrotlind (born c.670, daughter of Thierry & Amalaberga, later known as Saint Amalaberga) married [HASP201] Count Lambert II (see HASPENGAU COUNTY).

[CHIL211] Childebert III (born c.670, son of Thierry & Clotilde), King of Soissons (Neustria), Austrasia, Paris, Orleans, Burgundy and all the Land of the Franks (695-711), died 14th April 711.

[CHIL221] Dagobert III (born c.687), King of Austrasia & Neustria, died January 31st December 715.

[CHIL232] Princess Bertrada I de France (born c.704, daughter of Dagobert III) married [LAON221] Count Claribert (see LAON COUNTY).


The office of Major Domus was created to manage the Merovingian Kingdoms for under-age kings

[MAJO141] Eggo/Egga/Ega (born c.560) was Major Domus to King Dagobert I of Austrasia & Neustria. He married [RICM192] Gerberga de Franconia (born c.564, daughter of DUKE RICHEMERES, see REIMS (1)). Eggo died 646.

[MAJO151] Erchembaldus (born c.590), Major Domus to King Clodovis II of Neustria & Burgundy (639-58), married Leudefindus (born c.594).

[ALSX181] Lendifius/Lendilius/Lendisius (born c.620), Major Domus to King Teoderic II of Neustria & Burgundy (675-91), DUKE OF PERONNE (ALSACE), is described under ALSACE DUKEDOM.