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[BAYE331] Earl Ranulph of Chester m. [THOR332] Lucy of Spalding
. [MESC341] Lord William of Copeland m. [ROMI362] Cecily of Chester
. . [MESC372] Maud of Copeland m1. [BELM371] Philip of Belmeis
. . [MESC373] Maud of Copeland m2. [MORT431] Hugh de Mortimer
. . [MESC375] Avice of Copeland m1. [CURY361] William II de Curcy

[MESC341] William meschin [young] (son of [BAYE331] Ranulph, 4th Earl of Chester, see CHESTER (BAYEUX) EARLDOM) was Lord of Copeland (Cumbs), and owner of Cockermouth and Egremont, and was also at Skipton in Craven. He married [ROMI362] Cecily (only daughter & sole heir of Robert de Romilly, Lord of Harewood, by his 1st wife Maud). He died 1130-35, and afterwards Cecily married 2. [TRAC361] Henry (see TRACY).

[MESC379] Maud (daughter & coheiress of William) married 1. (c.1138) [BELM371] Philip Belmeis of Tong (Salop) and Ashby (Leics), etc, (see BELMEIS), died c. 1150; then 2. (c.1151) [MORT431] Hugh (see WIGMORE (MORTIMER) BARONY). Her share of the inheritance of her parents included land at Great Caldy (Cheshire), land at Great Billing (Northants), and land at Kimbolton (Hunts).

[MESC375] Avice de Romilly (daughter & coheiress of William) married 1. [CURY361] William II de Curcy (see CURCY), died c.1125-30; then 2. William Paynel (died 1145-47); then 3. (1153) Walter de Percy. Her share of the inheritance of her parents included Harewood and many manors in Wharfedale, the Romilly lands at Spitchwick and Warkleigh (Devon), and land in Lincolnshire.