[METC651] William Metcalf (born 1785), a clothier, married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 22nd December 1806) [DAVN652] Martha Davison (born 1787, see DAVISON), witnessed by John Backhouse and John Linsley. They had ten children born and baptised at Armley as follows:

William died (age 54, of stomach cancer) at Armley (23rd March 1841, buried at St. Bartholomew, 26th March 1841). Martha died (age 75, of exhaustion from diarrhoea) at Armley also (21st March 1863, buried at St. Bartholomew, 25th March 1863). In both cases the informant at death was their son-in-law John Wainman.

[METC661] James Metcalf (born 1807), a clothier, married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 4th September 1827) [RUSH662] Ann Rushworth (born 1808, see RUSHWORTH), witnessed by Thomas Walker. They had four children born and baptised at Armley as follows:

Latterly James helped his widowed son John run a grocery shop at Hunslet. James died (age 73, of bronchitis and hepatitis) at Hunslet (4th September 1880, buried at Armley, St. Bartholomew, 7th September 1880), the informant at his death being his grandson Orlando Metcalf. Ann died (age 73, of senile decay) at Armley (20th November 1881, buried at St. Bartholomew, 22nd November 1881), the informant at her death being her daughter Mary Lee.

[METC672] Mary Metcalf (born 1842, daughter of James) married (at Leeds, St. Peter, 1st September 1861) a slubber [LEEE671] Epaphras Lee (born 1838, see LEE).


William Metcalf = Martha Davison
1841 Census  1342/2-34  Armley, Theaker Lane
Martha    METCALF        53
Benjamin  METCALF        25 w.c.w
Edward    Metcalf        20 w.c.w
Joseph    Metcalf        14 warehouseman
Henry     Roberts        20 warehouseman
1851 Census  2314-414  Armley, Alms House
Martha    METCALF    - W 63 w.c.burler    Armley
Mary      Wood       - W 76 spinner       Wortley
1861 Census  3351-36  Armley, west of Chapel Lane
Martha    METCALF    H M 73 "Alms Houses" Armley
Mary      Holdsworth H W 74               Armley
James Metcalf = Ann Rushworth
1841 Census  1342/1-15  Armley, Moorside
James     METCALF            30 w.c.w
Nancy     METCALF            30
Martha    Metcalf            13
John      Metcalf            10
1851 Census  2314-389  Armley, Moor
James     METCALF     H    M 43 clothier     Armley
Ann       METCALF     W    M 42              Armley
John      Metcalf     S    U 20              Armley
Mary      Metcalf     D    -  9              Armley
Sarah     Metcalf     D    -  7              Armley
Ann       Metcalf     Nc   U 30 w.c.burler   Armley
Sarah     Metcalf     Vis  M 25              Otley
Elizabeth Wainman     Vis  - 15 w.c.burler   Armley
1861 Census  3351-14  Armley, Moor Top
James     METCALF     H    M 53 w.c.w        Armley
Ann       METCALF     W    M 52 w.c.burler   Armley
John      Metcalf     S    U 30 w.c.w        Armley
Mary      Metcalf     D    U 18 w.c.burler   Armley
Sarah     Metcalf     D    - 16 w.c.warfer   Armley
1871 Census  4539-28  Armley, Hilltop
James     METCALF     H    M 63 w.c.w        Armley
Ann       METCALF     W    M 62 wln percher  Armley
1881 Census  4509-57  Armley, 6 Whingate
Reuben    Marshall    H    M 56 w.c.w        Bramley
Martha    Marshall    W    M 52              Armley
          and family  plus
Ann       METCALFE    Mr/L W 72 -            Armley