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[MOHU411] Sir Guillaume de Mohun (born 1045), Seigneur de Moyon, Sheriff of Somerset (1084). He married Adelise. Guillaume died c.1100, at Dunster. Wilton. Somerset

[MOHU421] Sir William de Mohun II (born 1090, at Dunster Castle, "Scourge of the West" during Empress Matilda's war against King Stephen, 1st EARL OF SOMERSET (1141-), married [GANT362] Agnes de Gant (grand-daughter of Stephen, Count of Treguier, 3rd Lord of Richmond, see GANT). Agnes died 21st April 1136. William died 1155. This Earldom was not recognised by King Stephen nor King Henry II.

[MOHY431] Sir William de Mohun III (born 1132), Lord Dunster, Sheriff of Somerset, married [TONY452] Godeheut de Toeni (daughter of Sir Roger de Tosni & Ida, see TONY). He died 1178.

[MOHU442] Yolande (born c.1166, daughter of William & Godeheut)  married Ralph FitzWilliam (born 1160), son of William FitzRalph & Edelina).

 [MOHU441] Sir William de Mohun IV (born c.1156), Baron of Dunster Castle, married Lucy. William died after 1193 in Palestine, buried at Bruton Priory, Somerset.

[MOHU451] Sir Reynold de Mohun (born 1180), Lord of Dunster, 5th Baron of Mohun, married  [BRIG467] Lady Alice de Briwere (see BRIGUERRE}. Reynold died 1213. Afterwards Alice married 2. William Paynell.

[MOHU461] Sir Reginald de Mohun II (born c.1206, at Dunster Castle, Somerset), Chief Justice of Common Pleas, Chief Justice, 6th Baron of Mohun, married 1. [FPI2393] Lady Hawise FitzGeoffrey of Streatley (see ESSEX (FITZPIERS) EARLDOM); then 2. Isabel (widow of Gilbert Basset, and daughter of William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke). Reginald died in Gascony 20th January 1258.

[MOHU472] Alice de Mohun (daughter of Reginald & Hawise) married 1. [HATC471] Robert de Beauchamp (see  VALLETORT OF HATCH); then 2. William de Clinton