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[MONX301] Aleram m. ?
. [MONX311] William I m. ?
. . [MONX321] Count Aleram of Montferrat m1. ---
. . . [SALU331] March Count Anselm I of West Liguria m. [ESTX352] Gisela di Vicenza
. . . [MONX331] March Count Otto I of Montferrat m. Emma di Piacenza
. . . . [MONX341] March Count William III of Montferrat m. Uvazza
. . . . . [MONX351] March Count Oddone of Montferrat m. [SAVO382] Constanza de Savoy
. . . . . . [MONX361] March Count William IV of Montferrat m. Otta di Revanna
. . . . . . . [MONX371] March Count Regner II of Montferrat m. [BUR3356] Gisele de Burgundy
. . . . . . . . [MONX381] March Count William V of Montferrat m. [AUST423] Judith von Austria
. . . . . . . . . [MONX392] Adelaide di Montferrat m. [SALU381] March Count Manfred II of Saluzzo
. . . . . . . . . [MONX393] Beatrix di Montferrat m1. [VIE2421] Dauphin Guy V de Viennois

[MONX301] Aleram. Possibly a Count in "Acqui".

[MONX311] William I (possibly son of Aleram), was possibly a Count.

[MONX321] Aleram/Aledram I, Count of Montferrat, March Count of Montferrat (possibly 967), married 1.---; then 2. Gerberge (daughter of [LOM3301] EMPEROR BERENGAR II, see HOUSE OF IVREA). He died some time before 991.

[SALU331] Anselm I di Saluzzo (son of Aleram by his 1st wife) is described under SALUZZO (PIEDMONT).

[MONX331] Oddone (Otto) I di Montferrat (son of Aleram by his 1st wife), March Count of Montferrat (c.969), married Emma (daughter of Count Riprando of Piacenza). He died before 991.

[MONX341] William III, March Count of Montferrat, married Uvazza. He died c.1031.

[MONX351] Oddone II, March Count of Montferrat (1044-84), married [SAVO382] Constanza de Savoy (daughter of Count Amadeus II, see SAVOY COUNTY). He died 20th November 1084.

[MONX361] William IV (born c.1040), March Count of Montferrat (1084-1100) married Otta (born c.1045, daughter of Tibaldo/Tebaldo/ Tetbaldo di Agledo from Ravenna, by Itte of Este). He died c.1100.

[MONX371] Regner/Rainer/Rainier II (born c.1075), March Count of Montferrat (1100-35), married (1105) [BUR3359] Gisele (born c.1070, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). Gisela had previously married 1. (c.1090) [SAVO381] Count Umberto II (see SAVOY COUNTY). He died c.1137.

[MONX381] William V the old (born c.1110, son of Regner), March Count of Montferrat (1137-c.1188), married (before 1133) [AUST423] Judith von Austria (born c.1115, daughter of March Count Leopold III & Agnes, see AUSTRIA MARCH COUNTY & DUKEDOM). He died c.1188.

[MONX393] Beatrix (born c.1142, daughter of William IV) married 1. (c.1155) [VIE2421] DAUPHIN GUIGUES V (see VIENNOIS DAUPHINS); then 2. Enrico I del Carretto Marchese di Finale.

[MONX392] Adelaide/Alice (born c.1160, daughter of William IV) married (c.1175) [SALU381] March Count Manfred II (see SALUZZO (PIEDMONT)).