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[MONF441] Henry de Montfort.

K.S.B. Keats-Rohan in "Domesday People" (2002) reports that the father of Thurstan (next) was Henry, whose parentage is uncertain.

[MONF451] Thurstan de Montfort (born c.1125, son of Henry) married [MURD472] Julian (daughter & coheir of Geoffrey Murdac, see MURDACH). He died c.1170.

[MONF462] Juliana (daughter of Thurstan) married [DAIV431] Robert Deiville (see DEIVILLE).

[MONF461] Henry (born c.1160, son of Thurstan) married [CORU462] Emma Corbuceo (daughter of [CORU451] Peter Corbuceo). He died c.1199.

[MONF471] Thurstan (born c.1190, son & heir of Henry) died c.1216.

[MONF481] Piers (born c.1215, son & heir of Thurstan) married [AUD1472] Alice d'Aldithley (see AUDLEY (ALDITHLEY) BARONY). Piers was slain at the Battle of Evesham (4th August 1265), fighting for Simon de Montfort.

[MONF491] Sir Piers (son & heir of Piers), of Beaudesert, Warks, married (before 1260) [MARE422] Maud (daughter of Henry de la Mare & Joan, see DE LA MARE).

In 1260, Sir Piers ejected his mother-in-law, Joan, and her 2nd husband, from half the manor of Ashtead, which they held by virtue of the wardship of Maud, (Victoria County History, Surrey).

 Sir Piers was wounded and taken prisoner at the Battle of Evesham (12th August 1265).

In June/July 1280, Sir Piers and wife Maud (together with Maud's half-sister Hawise, and her husband Robert le Veel), sought the manor of Norton (Somerset), which they claimed as the joint-right of Maud and Hawise as daughters and coheirs of Joan de la Mare, (Somerset Record Society).

Sir Piers died c.1286-87.

[MONF502] Elizabeth (daughter of Sir Piers) married 1. (c.1292) [SAL2501] William (see MONTAGU BARONY); then 2. (June 1322) Thomas, Lord Furnivalle. She died August 1354, and her tomb is in Oxford Cathedral.