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[GLUM274] Jarl Ragnvald Eysteinsson of More &. [VEST262] Emina Gudrodsdottir
. [HEID251] Hrollager Ragnvaldsson of Heidmark m. [FLAN282] Ermina le Goz d'Avranches
. . [HEID261] Horolf Turstain of Heidmark m. [BLOI302] Gerlotte de Blois
. . . [MONB291] Anslech Turstain m. Gillette de Beaumont
. . . [HEID271] Count Ansfrid the Dane of Hiermer m. Helloe de Beulac
. . . . [HEID281] Vicomte Ansfrid le goz de Hiesmes, Steward of Normandy m. [NORM317] Guimara
. . . . . [AVRX291] Seigneur Thurstan le goz de Hiesmes m. Judith de Montpellier
. . . . . [ESSE341] Robert FitzWimarc m. Beatrice
. . . . . [HEID292] Vicomte Louis d'Avranches m. Adelisa of Brittany
. . . . . . [HEID302] Louisa le Goz m. [LAME391] Guillaume de la Mare
. . [HEID262] Horolf Turstain of Heidmark m2. ---
. . . [PERO301] Rollo Rollosson m. ?

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Rollo Rollosson appears in only one other website:

[HEID251] Hrollager/Hrollaug Ragnvaldsson (born c.874, son of [GLUM279] Earl Rognvald, see GLUMRA), campaigned in Iceland. He married [FLAN282] Ermina le goz d'Avranches (born c.880, probably daughter of Count Baldwin I of Flanders & Judith Carolingian, see FLANDERS COUNTY). He died c.920, and Emina died c.935. [Ermina's parentage had been proposed by Alexandre Mazas in his "Histoire des Comtes de Flandres" (1843), which provides Hrollanger's issue with distinguished French royal ancestry.]

[HEID269] Horolf/Rollo Turstain/Thurstan of Heidmark (born c.909), baptised Robert, married [BLOI302] Gerlotte Blois (born c.910, daughter of Thibaut de Blois, see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY) Gerlotte died c.950, and Rollo died c.962.

[MONB291] Anslech/Anslac Turstain of Bastembourg (born at Tillieres, c.927, son of [HEID261] Horolf/Rollo) is described below under MONTFORT-SUR-RISLE.

[PERO301] Rollo Rollosson (born c.945, son of [HEID269] Horolf/Rollo) is described below under PERCY-EN-AUGE below.

[HEID271] Ansfrid I the Dane Rollosson (born c.935, eldest son of [HEID261] Horolf/Rollo), 1st Count of Hiermer, married (c.962) Helloe de Beulac (born c.937, daughter of Count Godfrey de Beulac, born 905). He died c.978, and Helloe died c.1000.

[HEID281] Ansfrid II Unfroi le goz (born c.963), Vicomte de Hiesmes, Steward of Normandy, married [NORM317] Guimara (believed to be a Breton lady, whose father was [NORM299] DUKE RICHARD I, see NORMANDY DUKEDOM). Ansfrid died 1034.

"Domesday Descendants" (K.S.B. Keats-Rowan, 2002) mentions that a charter of the abbey of Montivilliers features the nun Wimardis, widow of Ansfrid the steward who gave Ectot [possibly Saint-Germain-d'Ectot, in Calvados] to this religious house, as later attested by Robert. The book also mentions that Robert de Moyaux [in Calvados] (at the request of his mother Wimardis) gave to this religious house land that Ansfrid had held in the forest of Rouvray.

A community of nuns was established (1035) at Montivilliers by DUKE ROBERT OF NORMANDY, with the first abbess being Beatrice (widow of Ebles de Turenne, illegitimate daughter of DUKE RICHARD I OF NORMANDY). This strongly suggests that Guimara and Abbess Beatrice were half-sisters, with the same relationship between Guimara and Emma of Normandy (who married in April 1002 [WESK349] King Aethelred II the unready), thus making Ansfrid's wife as the sister-in-law of the Anglo-Saxon king. Guimara's name is absent from a list of Duke Richard's children, but this could be because she was not born in Normandy, as her mother was a Breton.

[AVRX291] Thurstan le goz (born c.995, son of [HEID281] Ansfrid II), Seigneur de Hiesmes, is described under AVRANCHES).

[ESSE341] Robert "FitzWimarc" (born at Moyaux, Calvados, c.1007, son of [HEID281] Ansfrid II & "the noble lady Guimara"), is described under RAYLEIGH FEUDAL LORDSHIP.

[HEID292] Louis le goz, Vicomte d'Avranches (son of [HEID281] Ansfrid II), married Adelisa of Brittany.

[HEID302] Louise (daughter of Louis) married [LAME391] Guillaume de la Mare, see DE LA MARE NORMANDY).



[HEID261] Horolf Turstain of Heidmark m. [BLOI302] Gerlotte de Blois
. [MONB291] Anslech Turstain m. Gillette de Beaumont
. . [MONB302] Eremburge de Bastembourg m. [BERD311] Seigneur Torf de Pont-Audemer
. . [MONB303] Catherine de Bricquebec m. [ARGO291] Bernard d'Argouges
. . [MONB301] Seigneur Thurstan de Bastembourg, Montfort and Bricquebec m. Aubree
. . . [MONB312] Gisla de Bastembourg m. [ECHA311] Seigneur Giroie d'Echauffour et Montreuil
. . . [MONB313] Anceline de Bastembourg m. [HARC301] Turquetil de Neufmarche of Pont-Audemer
. . . [MONB311] Hugh I de Montfort m. ?
. . . . [MONB331] Constable Hugh II of England m1. [BEAF332] Alice de Beaufour
. . . . . [MONB342] Dame Alice de Montfort-sur-Risle m. [GANT341] Gilbert I de Gant

[MONB291] Anslech/Anslac Lancelot Turstain of Bastembourg a.k.a. Oslac de Briquebec (born at Tillieres, son of [HEID261] Horolf/Rollo, see HEIDMARK above), Lord of Briquebec and Montfort-sur-Risle, married Gillette de Beaumont (possibly daughter of Bernard the Dane, see HARCOURT-1). Anslech died c.974.

[MONB302] Eremburge (daughter of Anslech Turstain) married [BERD311] Torf le riche, see HARCOURT-1.

[MONB303] Catherine de Briquebec (daughter of Anslech) married [ARGO291] Bernard d'Argouges (see ARGOUGES).

[MONB301] Thurstan de Bastembourg (son of Anslech Turstain), Seigneur de Bastembourg, Montfort-sur-Risle and Bricquebec, married Aubree. He died 1021.

[MONB313] Anceline de Montfort-sur-Risle (born c.965, "sister of Turstain", but shown elsewhere as daughter of Turstain) married [HARC301] Turquetil/Turqueville/Tanqueraye, de Neufmarche (born c.960, see HARCOURT-2).

[MONB312] Gisla de Bastembourg (born c.975, daughter of Thurstan) married [ECHA311] Seigneur Giroie (see ECHAUFFOUR).

[MONB311] Hughes I the bearded Thurstan de Montfort (born c.980, son of Thurstan), Seigneur of Pont-Author and Montfort-sur-Risle, killed in battle (1040) defending DUKE WILLIAM II OF NORMANDY (later the Conqueror). Other version says he and Walkelin de Ferrieres were each killed either in a jousting contest or a feud.

[MONB331] Hughes II (born c.1030) took part in the Battle of Monthermer (1054) and the Battle of Hastings (1066). He was Constable of Normandy then later of England, and afterwards Warden of Dover Castle. He received 114 manors in England, and became a monk at le Bec (c.1088). He married 1. [BEAF332] Alice (daughter of Richard Beaufour, see BEAUFOUR); then 2. ---.

[MONB342] Alice (daughter of Hughes II, by his 1st wife Alice), Dame de Montfort-sur-Risle, married [GANT341] Gilbert de Gant, see GANT.


[HEID262] Horolf Turstain of Heidmark m2. ---
. [PERO301] Rollo Rollosson m. ?
. . [PERO311] Mainfred de Percy m. ?
. . . [PERO321] Geoffrey de Percy m. Margaret
. . . . [PERX331] William de Percy m. [PORT352] Emma de Port

[PERO301] Rollo Rollosson (born c.945, son of [HEID269] Horolf/Rollo, see HEIDMARK above).

[PERO311] Mainfred de Percy (born c.980, son of Rollo).

[PERO321] Geoffrey de Percy (born c.1005, son of Mainfred), married Margaret.

[PERX331] William I de Percy (born c.1034, son of Geoffrey), Baron of Topcliffe, is described under PERCY.