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[MONH501] Ralph de Monthermer (born 1262) married 1. (1297) [PLAX419] Joan of Acre (daughter of King Edward I, see PLANTAGENET KINGS. Joan had previously married 1. [HERT491] Gilbert de Clare, 6th Earl of Gloucester & Hertford, see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM), who had died 7th December 1295.

Ralph was styled Earl of Gloucester during the minority of his step-son Gilbert, the 7th Earl. Ralph was created Earl of Atholl (October 1306) acquiring estates in Scotland, succeeding the previous Earl of Atholl, John of Strathbogie, who had been captured during the Battle of Methven and afterwards hung as a traitor in London (7th November 1306). Ralph's wife Joan died (April 1307), and shortly afterwards Ralph resigned his Earldom (June 1307) in favour of David of Strathbogie, son of John. Ralph received in compensation 10,000 marks "to buy land for the maintenance of himself and his children by Joan the King's daughter now deceased". Ralph was created 1st Lord Monthermer (1309).

At the Battle of Bannockburn (24th June 1314) Gilbert de Clare, 7th Earl of Gloucester & Hertford, was killed and Ralph Monthermer (his step-father) was taken prisoner. Ralph was released with ransom, having done Robert the Bruce a service back in 1306 when he had given him a vital warning which had enabled him to elude King Edward I. (Robert the Bruce and the 7th Earl were second-cousins: they shared the same great-grandfather, in the 4th Earl of Gloucester.)

Ralph married 2. (November 1318) [DESP512] Isabel (widow of Lord John de Hastings (see HASTINGS BARONY, and daughter of [3rd] Earl Hugh, see WINCHESTER (DESPENSER) EARLDOM). He died April 1325, and Isabel died December 1334.

[MONH511] Sir Thomas de Monthermer (born October 1301, son of Ralph & Joan) married [TIPT432] Margaret (widow of Henry Teyes, Lord Teyes, who was executed 1321, and daughter of Pain, see TYBOTOT). Thomas became 2nd Lord Monthermer (1325), was Knighted (1327), and was slain at the Battle of Sluys, Flanders, (24th June 1340).

[MONH522] Margaret de Monthermer (born at Stokenham, October 1329, daughter of Thomas) married [SAL2521]  KK(see SALISBURY (MONTAGU) EARLDOM).