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Recommended reading includes: "Explaining Islam" (J. M. Gaskell, 2003);

"The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire" (Edward Gibbon, 1788).

There is lack of sufficient dates. Note in particular that dates in [square brackets] are by the present author,
 in attempt to "make the facts fit".

[ibn = son of        bint = daughter of]




Ma'ad ibn Adnan.

Nizar ibn Ma'ad.

Mudar ibn Nizar.

Ilyas ibn Mudar.

Mudrikah ibn Ilyas.

Khuzaimah ibn Mudrikah.

Kinana ibn Khuzaimah.

an-Nadr ibn Kinana.

Malik ibn an-Nadr.

Fihr ibn Malik.

Quraysh Fihr ibn Fihr.

Ghalib ibn Qurayah Fihr.

Lu'avy ibn Ghalib.

Ka'b ibn Lu'avy.

Murrah ibn Ka'b.

Kilab ibn Murrah.

Qusayy ibn Kilab (born c.400), King of Mecca, married Hubba bint Huliyl of the Khuzaytes.



 Abd al-Manaf ibn Qusayy [born c.430].

Hashim ibn Abd al-Manaf ([born c.450], younger son of Abd al-Manaf), is dealt with under BANU HASHIM Tribe below.

Abd Shams ibn Abd al-Manaf ([born c.450], oldest son of Abd al-Manaf).

[MOSQ181] Umayya ibn Abd Shams [born c.510].

However, Shi'a Islam history claim [MOSQ181] Umayya was only an adopted son of Abd Shams, who was otherwise childless, and that Umayya later left the Quraysh Tribe. If correct, this destroys all his preceding links from Abd Shams back to Adnan inclusive.

His descent is continued under BANU UMAYYAD Tribe below)


Hashim ibn Umayya ([born c.450], younger son of Abd al-Manaf, see BANU QURAYSH Tribe above).

Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hashim [born c.480].

Abd Allah ibn Abd-al-Muttalib [born c.510].

Abdullah ibn 'Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib [born c.540] married Aminah (a Jewess of the race of Zahrites) bint Wahb (an elder of the Zohrah family).

Muhammad al-Amin [the trustworthy] ibn 'Abdullah. Muhammad was born at Mecca (570), after the death of his father, and an orphan at the age of 6 when his mother died. He was a successful and well-known merchant, and became the Prophet of God. He married a number of times, mostly widows, including (in 595) Khadijah al-Kubra al-Tahira bint Khuwaylid (born c.582). She was a wealthy widow (having married twice previously), who had earlier employed Muhammad to manage her business affairs, and her father, Khuwaylid ibn Asad had been killed in battle. Khadijah died in December 619, and Muhammad died at Medina (June 632).

Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad & Khadijah married 'Uthman ibn 'Affan (born 580, see under BANU UMAYYAD Tribe below).

Ruquyyah bint Muhammad & Khadijah (born 614) married 'Uthman ibn 'Affan (born 580, see under BANU UMAYYAD Tribe below).


[MOSQ181] Umayya ibn Abd Shams was mentioned under BANU QURAYSH Tribe earlier.

However, Shi'a Islam history claim Umayya was only an adopted son of Abd Shams, who was otherwise childless, and that Umayya later left the Quraysh Tribe. If correct, this destroys all his preceding links from Abd Shams back to Adnan inclusive.

Umayya was the progenitor of this new Tribe named for him, which tends to confirm the Shi'a view that he was not in the blood line of Banu Quraysh.

[MOSQ191] Wa'il ibn Umayya, also known as Abu al-As, ( [born c.540], son of Umayya) married Ruqayya.

[MOSQ202] 'Affan ibn Wa'il ([born c.560], son of Wa'al) married Urwa bint Kariz.

[MOSQ212] 'Uthman ibn 'Affan (born c.580, son of 'Affan), 3rd KHALIFA [successor] OF DAMASCUS (644-56), married 1. Nayla bint Farasa (born c.605, a Christian woman); then 2. Umm Kulthum bint Muhammad; then 3. Ruquyyah bint Muhammad (Umm Kulthum's sister); then 4. --- (a Jewish woman). His nepotism incensed the Hashemites, who were Muhammad's immediate family, and he was deposed (656). He died 17th July 656.

[MOSQ223] A'isha bint 'Uthman (born c.624, daughter of 'Uthman & Nayla) married her second-cousin once-removed [MOSQ211] Caliph Marwan I of Damascus (see 2 entries below).

[MOSQ201] Abu al-Hakim ibn Wa'il (born c.596, son of Wa'il & Ruqayya) married Amina bint 'Alkama al-Kinaniyya.

[MOSQ211] Marwan I ibn Abu al-Hakim (born 28th March 623), Governor of Medina, later 8th CALIPH OF DAMASCUS (684-85), married his second-cousin once-removed [MOSQ223] A'isha bint 'Uthman ibn 'Affan (see 2 entries earlier). He died 7th May 685.

[MOSQ222] --- bint Marwan I married [MOSN221] Musa ibn Nuseir al-Bekir (see al-ANDALUS below).



[MOSN211] Nuseir/Nusayr al-Bekir, a Catholic Yemenite. He was studying in Iraq to become a priest and was captured by Khalid, the Sword of Islam, and was offered the choice of the sword or conversion to Islam, which latter he readily accepted. He later became the Moorish Governor of North Africa.

[MOSN221] Musa ibn Nuseir al-Bekir [born c.650] married [MOSQ222] --- bint Marwan I of Damascus (see BANU UMAYYAD Tribe above). He arrived in Spain (June 712), with an army of 10,000 Arabs, to conquer southern Spain, and became Governor of al-Andalus (712-14). But around 716, Caliph Suleiman exiled Musa as a beggar to his native village in Yemen.

[MOSN231] Abd al-Aziz ibn Musa ibn Nusayr (born c.670), Governor of Egypt. He crossed the Straits of Gibraltar (712) to take part in the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula, and became Governor of al-Andalus (714-16), then the Conqueror of Spain. He married Visigoth Princess Egilona ("spoils of war", widow of Roderic, the last Spanish King of the Visigoths, who was killed by Moors at the Battle of Guadalete, 19th July 711). Abd al-Aziz then became first Moslem King of Spain. But it was rumoured that Egilona had persuaded him to adopt the Christian religion so he could become King, and in consequence he was murdered by Caliph Suleiman (in a mosque in Seville, 716), and his severed head sent to Damascus.

[MOSN242] A'isha bint Abd al-Aziz [born c.711-17] married [LOPE241] Fortun ibn Qasi Fortunius (see BANU QASI Tribe below).


[LPOE221] Fortunius, of the Visigoths, possibly son of Musa ibn Nuseir [born c.650], see above.

[LOPE231] Cassius Fortunius, a Christian Visigoth, Count of Upper Meark, Count of Borja, founder of the Banu Qasi Tribe, was converted to Islam (714) and adopted the name Qasi. He travelled to Damascus to personally swear allegiance to the Caliph al-Walid I.

[LOPE241] Fortun (born c.710), given the name Musa ibn Qasi after 714. He married [MOSN242] A'isha bint Abd al-Aziz (see al-ANDALUS above).

[LOPE251] Musa I ibn Fortun (born 745), Chief of the Banu Qasi, Governor of Saragossa, married 1. ---; then 2. [?] ---  (widow). He died at Saragossa (788), and afterwards his widow married 2. [NAV2259] Inigo Jimenez (see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF JIMENO) KINGDOM).

[LOPE261] Musa II ibn Musa al-Qasaw (son of Musa I & his 2nd unnamed wife), Governor of Tudela & Saragossa, married (812) [NAV2262] Assona Iniguez (daughter of [NAV2259] Inigo Jimenez & his 1st wife, see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF INIGO) KINGDOM). He was mortally injured in battle near Guadalajara (862), being afterwards unable to remount his horse. He withdrew to Tudela where he died 26th September 862.

[LOPE271] Lope [Lubb] ibn Musa, Governor of Toledo, married Ayab al-Bulatiya.

Another version shows instead Muhammad, father of Lubb ibn Muhammad, in turn father of the daughter (unnamed) who married Fortun (845). This chronology would need Muhammad born c.812, Lubb born c.817, Oria born c.832, and their son Oneca (born 847) when Oria was just 15.

[LOPE282] Oria/Aurea bint Lope (born c.825, daughter of Lope, mother not known) married (845) [NAV3281] King Fortun of Navarre (see NAVARRE (HOUSE OF FORTUN) KINGDOM).