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[MUSA331] Roaldus Musard m. ?
. [MUSA341] Count Hasculfus VI of Nantes m. ?
. . [MUSA351] Enisart Musard m. ?
. . . [MUSA362] Emma Musard m. [ROLL361] Richard de Rollos

]MUSA321] Hascouf Musard married Ruard D Adoube.

[MUSA331] Roaldus Musard, a Breton noble.

[MUSA341] Hasculfus VI, Count of Nantes.

[MUSA352] Roald FitzHasculfus Le Ennase de Richmond (born c,1120), 2nd Constable of Richmond Castle, married Garsinia Musard de Pleven.

[MUSA362] Theophania Musard (born c.1142, daughter of Roald Le Ennase de Richmond and Garsinia) married 1. Picot de Lascelles II of KIrkby Knowle; then 2. [MYNS451] Elias FitzWigan, of East Cowton (see MYNSTON).

[MUSE364] RichardMusard (son of Hasculfus married 1. Margaret de Tensely; then 2. Isabel Neville.

[MUSA354] Matilda (daughter of Richard, by unknown mother) married [HEVE451] William of Withington (see HAVERSAGE).

MUSA351] Enisant Musard (son of Count Hasculfus), was an important Breton sub-tenant in Cambridgeshire and Norfolk, but especially in Yorkshire where he was granted many manors, including: Aldbrough, Bellerby, Bolton-upon-Swale, Brompton-on-Swale, Brough Hall, Caldwell, Carperby, Cleasby, Constable Burton, Croft-on-Tees, Easby, Hipswell, Kiplin, Middleton Quernhow, Neutone (in Scorton), Richmond, Stapleton, Startforth and Torp (in Croft). The majority of these had previously been held by Tor the Saxon. He was 1st Constable of Richmond Castle (c.1071).

The Phillimore edition (1986) of the "Domesday Book" (Yorkshire) includes the following biographical notes taken from "Early Yorkshire Charters" v. 81-4.

ENISANT MUSARD. ... The bulk of his holdings passed to Roald the Constable and Richard de Rolles, who may have married his two daughters (and presumably co-heiresses). His lands constituted the Constable's holdings in the early 12th century.

[Comment: Elsewhere it is stated that Enisant (born c.1073), was 1st Constable of Richmond, and left two daughters as heiresses, Garsiana and Adeline. One daughter Garsiana (born c.1098) married Roaldus Fitz Hasculfus de Richmond, who thus became 2nd Constable of Richmond. The name Emma, described below, appears to have been a fairly recent discovery. As far as can be seen, none of the above mentioned Yorkshire holdings passed to Richard de Rollos, which means there is a problem somewhere with the pedigree, and/or the datings. However, the Enisant born c.1073 was born after Richmond Castle was built, so he could not have been its 1st Constable.]

[MUSA362] Emma ([born c.1070], daughter of Enisant Musard) married [ROLL361] Richard de Rollos (born c.1070, see ROLLOS).