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Annexed by Rome 106BCE

(located in present-day Jordan, southern Syria and north-west Saudi Arabia)

Different versions of this descent appear

[NABA411] Aretas I (born c.200BCE), King of Nabataea (169BCE). He died c.145BCE.

[NABA421] Malichus I (born c.180BCE), King of Nabataea (c.145BCE). He died c.110BCE.

[NABA431] Aretas II Herotymos (born c.160BCE), King of Nabataea (c.110). He died 96BCE.

[NABA441] Obodas I (born c.140BCE), King of Nabataea (c.95BCE). He died 86BCE.

[NABA451] Aretas III Philhellen (born c.120BCE), King of Nabataea (c.86BCE). He died 62BCE.

[NABA462] Cypros (born c. 95BCE, daughter of Aretas) married [JUDE441] Antipater II, Chief Minister of Judea (born c.110BCE, see JUDEA below).


See also "Jewish Encyclopedia", p.361 for the Herodian Dynasty from Antipater (I) in tabular form

[JUDE431] Antipater I [Antipas] (born c.145BCE, an Edomite of dubious ancestry), a convert to Judaism, Governor of Idumaea, Chief Minister of Judea. He died 76BCE.

[JUDE441] Antipater II (born110BCE), Governor of Judea, Samaria and Galilee (47BCE), married [NABA462] Princess Cypros (born c.95BCE, daughter of King Aretas III, see NABATHAEAN KINGDOM above). He was poisoned while feasting with Hyrcanus 43BCE.

[PHAS451] Phasael I of Judea (born c.75BCE, eldest son of Antipater II), Governor of Judea (43-40BCE). He was defeated in battle, captured by the Macabee Antigonus and committed suicide "by dashing out his own brains" (40BCE).

[PHAS461] Phasael III of Judea (born c.44BCE, son of Phasael I) married his cousin [JUDE463] Salampsio (born 33BCE, daughter of King Herod I & Mariamne, see below).

[PHAS472] Cypros of Judea (born 13BCE, daughter of Phasael III) married [JUDE472] King Herod-Agrippa I of Chalcis, see later).

[JUDE453] Salome I (born 65BCE, daughter of Antipater II) married 1. Joseph III, Patriarch of Jerusalem (executed 34BCE); then 2. [CAST451] Governor Castrabanes of Judea (see IDUM, executed 28BCE); then 3. Elexios Selcius senior.

[JUDE451] Herod I the great (born 74BCE, 2nd son of Antipater II), King of Judea & Governor of Galilee (37-4BCE). He had [at least] 12 wives/relationships: 1. (47BCE) Doris of Jerusalem; 2. (37BCE) [JUDX452] Mariamne I of Judea (daughter of Alexander, see JUDEA); 3. (27BCE) Malthace of Samaria; 4. (23BCE) Mariamne II of Judea (daughter of High Priest Simon ben Boethos); 5. (19BCE) Cleopatra of Jerusalem; 6. (16BCE) Pallas; 7. (15BCE) Phaedra; 8. (14BCE) Elphis; 9. (13BCE) Salome; 10 (12BCE) Berenice; 11 (11BCE) Cypros; 12. ---. (Alternative names and their order have appeared.)

[JUDE462] Aristobulos IV of Judea (born c.35BCE, son of Herod I & Mariamne I) married [CAST462] Berenice III of Idum (see IDUM).

[JUDE472] Herod-Agrippa I of Judea (born c.13BCE, son of Aristobulos IV), King of Chalcis (37-44),  married [PHAS472] Cypros of Judea (born 13BCE, daughter of Phasael III of Judea & [JUDE463] Salampsio of Judea, see above).

[JUDE482] Princess Julia Berenice III of Judea (born 28CE, daughter of Herod-Agrippa) married 1. Marcus Julius Alexander, Governor of Egypt (died 44CE); then 2. her uncle [CHLC471] King Herod III of Chalcis (see below); then 3. King Polemo of Cilicia; then became a mistress of EMPEROR TITUS OF ROME.

[CHLC471] Herod-Pollio (born c.9BCE, son of Aristobulos IV), King of Chalcis (44-48), married 1. Mariamne of Judea (daughter of Joseph III of Judea and Olympias); then 2. his niece [JUDE482] Princess Julia Berenice III of Judea (born 28CE, see above); then 3. Agrippina II  (daughter of Antipater IV of Judea).

[CHLC482] Princess Julia of Chalcis (born c.45CE, daughter of Herod-Pollio & Julia) married [JUDE481] King Tigranes VI of Armenia, see below).

[JUDE463] Princess Salampsio (daughter of Herod I & Mariamne I) married her cousin [PHAS461] Phasael III of Judea (see above).

[JUDE461] Alexander II of Judea (born 36BCE, son of Herod I & Mariamne I). He married [CAPK462] Glaphyra of Cappadocia (born c. 30BCE, divorced wife of King Juba II of Mauretania, and daughter of Archelaos, see CAPPADOCIA KINGDOM),  Alexander was executed 7BCE, and afterwards Glaphyra married 3. Archelaus of Judea.

[JUDE471] Gaius Julius Alexander (born c.12BCE. He died c.27CE.

[JUDE481] Gaius Julius Tigranes (born c.25CE), King Tigranes VI of Armenia (60-62CE). He married [CHLC482] Princess Julia of Chalcis (born c.45CE, daughter of King Herod-Pollio, see above).

[JUDE491] Gaius Julius Alexander (born c.60), King of Cetis (in Cilicia). He married (in Rome) [COMG243] Princess Iotape of Commagene (born c.50, daughter of King Antiochus IV of Commagene, see COMMAGENE KINGDOM). He died c.105.

[JUDE502] Princess Julia (born c.82, daughter of Gaius Julius Alexander), married [SEVE031] Gaius Julius Quadratus Bassus (born c.55, see GAIUS JULIUS SEVERUS).