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[NAVA241] Jimeno, a Basque nobleman.

[NAV2259] Inigo Jimenez ([born c.770], son of Jimeno), Count of Alava, is described below under HOUSE OF INIGO.

[NAVA251] Garcia I Jimenez (born 780, son of Jimeno).

[NAVA261] Jimeno Garcez (born 810). He died 870.

[ALAV271] Vela Jimenez (born c.834, son of Jimeno Garcez), is described under ALAVA COUNTY.

[NAVA279] Garcia II Jimenez (born 840, son of Jimeno) married 1. Oneca Rebelle of Sanguesa; then 2. [BIGE282] Dadildis de Pallars (daughter of Count Lope of Pallars-Bigorre, see BIGORRE). He died 885.

[NAVA283] Sancha Garcez (daughter of Garcia & Oneca) married 1. Prince Inigo Fortun (son of [NAV3281] Fortun Garcez, see HOUSE OF FORTUN below); then 2. [AROZ261] Count Galindo II Aznarez (see ARAGON COUNTY).

[NAVA289] Sancho I Garcez Jimenez (born 865, son of Garcia & Dadildis) married 1. [AROZ263] Urraca Aznarez (daughter of Count Aznar II Galindez, see ARAGON COUNTY), died 925; then 2. [NAV2302] Toda Aznarez (daughter of Prince Aznar of Navarre, HOUSE OF INIGO below). He was King of Navarre (905-25), and died 11th December 925.

[NAVA294] Lupa (born c.890, daughter of Sancho & presumably Urraca) married [BIGE281] Count Donat II (see BIGORRE).

[NAVA293] Sancha (born 910, daughter of Sancho I & Toda) married 1. (March 923) King Ordono II of Leon; then 2. (924) Count Alvaro Harrmeliz of Alava; then 3. (932) [NUNO291] Count Fernando Gonzalez (see CASTILE COUNTY).

[NAVA295] Teresa Florentina (daughter of Sancho & Urraca) married [LEO2279] King Ramiro II of Asturias & Leon (see KINGS OF ASTURIAS & LEON).

[NAVA299] Garcia I Sanchez (born 919, son of Sancho I & Toda) married 1. his first-cousin [AROZ274] Countess Andregoto Galindez (daughter of Count Galindo II, see ARAGON COUNTY), annulled 940, and eventually died 972; then 2. [LEO2282] Teresa Ramirez (daughter of [LEO2271] King Ramiro II of Asturias & Leonsee, see KINGS OF ASTURIAS AND LEON). He was Count of Aragon (925-70), and also King of Navarre (931-70) succeeding his brother Jimeno who was King (925-31). He died 22nd February 970.

[NAVA303] Urraca of Pamplona (daughter of Garcia & Teresa) married 1. Count Fernando Gonzalez of Castile; then 2. [GASX291] DUKE WILLIAM II SANCHEZ OF GASCONY (see GASCONY (2)).

[NAVA301] Sancho II Garcez (born 938, son of Garcia I & Andregoto) married [NUNO303] Urraca (daughter of Count Ferdinand Gonzalez, see CASTILE COUNTY). Urraca had previously married 1. King Ordono III (see KINGS OF ASTURIAS AND LEON, died 955); then 2. King Ordono IV of Asturias & Leon, died 962). Sancho was Count of Aragon, and King of Navarre (971-94). He died December 994.

[NAVA311] Garcia II Sanchez el nagera or the tremulous married [ALAV314] Jimena Fernandez de Cea (see ALAVA COUNTY). He was King of Navarre (994-1000). He died 8th December 999.

[NAVA329] Sancho III Garcez the great (born c.992) married 1. Urraca of Leon; then 2. [NUNO322] Munia Elvira (or Muniadonna, or Mayor) (born 995, daughter of Count Sancho I, see CASTILE COUNTY); and had an illicit relationship with Sancha de Aibar. He was King of Navarre (1000-35), acquired the County of Castile (1029, which he then gave to his son Ferdinand to rule), was King of Spain (probably 1029), and was murdered (18th October 1035). Munia Elvira died 1067.

[CAS4321] Fernando I of Castile the great (born c.1017, son of Sancho III & Munia Elvira) became King of Castile, see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOMS for further details.

[ARAG331] Ramiro I Sanchez (born at Aibar, 1008, illegitimate son of Sancho III & Sancha) married [BIGR333] Gisberga (see BIGORRE). Ramiro became 1st King of Aragon (see ARAGON (HOUSE OF NAVARRE) KINGDOM for further details).

[NAVA331] Garcia III Sanchez (son of Sancho III & Munia Elvira) married (at Barcelona, 1038) Estefania de Foix (widow, daughter of Count Bernard Roger, see COMMINGES). He was King of Navarre (1035-54), and was slain in battle at Atapuerca (1st September 1054). Garcia also had a mistress.

[NAVA341] Sancho Garcez (born 1039, illegitimate son of Garcia), Senor de Uncastillo & Sanguesa, married 1. (before 1057) [COMM382] Constance de Maranon (possibly his step-sister, the illegitimate daughter of [COMM374] Estefania/Stephanie of Foix, contrary to earlier belief, see COMMINGES), died c.1061; then 2. Andregoto. Constance died 1060, and Sancho died 6th January 1083.

[NAVA351] Ramiro Sanchez (born 1057, son of Sancho & Constance), Senor de Menzon, married (at Valencia, 1100) [BIVA353] Elvira (Christina) (daughter of Rodrigo, see BIVAR). He died 1116.

[NAVA361] Garcia-Ramirez IV the restorer (born c.1105) married 1. [AIGL362] Margaret/Mergelina (daughter of Seigneur Gilbert, see AIGLE), died 25th May 1141; then 2. (at Leon, 24th June 1144) Urraca (born 1133, natural daughter of King Alfonso VIII of Castile & Leon). He was King of Navarre (1134-50), and died at Lorca (21st November 1150). Afterwards, Urraca married 2. (1163) Alvaro Rodrigez de Castro, and died 26th October 1164.

[NAVA372] Blanche (daughter of Garcia-Ramirez & Margaret) married (at Calahorra, 30th January 1151) [CAS1371] King Sancho III (see LEON AND CASTILE (HOUSE OF BURGUNDY) KINGDOMS).


[NAV2259] Inigo Jimenez ([born c.770], son of [NAVA241] Jimeno, see HOUSE OF JIMENO above), a Count in Navarre, married 1. ---; then 2. (c.788)  --- (widow of [LOPE251] Musa I ibn Fortun, see MOSLEM FAMILIES).

[NAV2262] Assona Iniguez (daughter of Inigo by his 1st wife) married [LOPE261] Musa II, Chief of the Banu Qasi, see MOSLEM FAMILIES.

[NAV2261] Inigo Iniguez Arista (born c.788-90], son of Inigo by his 2nd wife) married [GASC242] Oneca Velasquez de Pamplona (born 783, daughter of Count Velasco, see GASCONY (1)). He led a revolt against the Franks, was elected King of Pamplona (824), and died 851.

[NAV2271] Garcia Iniguez (born c.810), married 1. Uracca Jimenez; then 2. Leogundis de Asturias (daughter of King Ordogno I). The details of his marriages are scanty, and unreliable. He was King of Pamplona (851-82), and was killed by the Arabs (882).

[NAV3281] Fortun Garcez (born 830, eldest son of Garcia & Urraca Jimenez) is described under HOUSE OF FORTUN below.

[NAV2283] Jimena (daughter of Garcia & Urraca Jimenez) married (870) [LEO2251] King Alfonso III (see KINGS OF ASTURIAS AND LEON).

[NAV2282] Oneca (daughter of Garcia & Urraca Jimenez) married [AROZ251] Count Aznar II Galindez (born 860, see ARAGON COUNTY).

[NAV2281] Sancho Garcez (son of Garcia & Urraca Jimenez), was Prince of Navarre.

[NAV2291] Aznar Sanchez, Prince of Navarre, married (880) his first-cousin [NAV3292] Oneca/Iniga of Navarre (daughter of [NAV3281] King Fortun Garcez).

[NAV2302] Toda Aznarez (born c.885, daughter of Aznar) married [NAVA289] King Sancho I of Navarre (see HOUSE OF JIMENO above).


[NAV3281] Fortun Garcez the monk (born c.830, son of NAV2271] King Garcia of Pamplona & Urraca, see HOUSE OF INIGO above) married (845) [LOPE282] Oria (daughter of Lope ibn Musa, see MOSLEM FAMILIES). He was taken prisoner by the Moors (860), and kept prisoner for 20 years. He was released (880), and became King of Pamplona (882-905). Afterwards he became a monk at Leyra.

[NAV3292] Oneca/Iniga Fortun (born c.850, daughter of Fortun Garcez) married 1. (863) Abd Allah I, Emir of Cordoba, later divorced; then 2. (880) her first-cousin [NAV2291] Prince Aznar Sanchez (see HOUSE OF INIGO above).