Revised 01/12/2019



[NEVE301] Bodo I ([bornc.930], son of [MAIN271] Count Landri-Sore (born c.910), see BAUGENCY (1), Seigneur de Maers & Monceaux-le-Comte.

[NEVE311] Landry IV de Maers [born c.965], married (989) [BUR3332] Mathilde (daughter of Count Otto-William, see BURGUNDY COUNTY). He was Seigneur de Maers & Monceaux, then Count of Nevers (990), and died 11th May 1028.

[VEND351] Bodon (son of Landry), Count of Vendome, is described under VENDOME COUNTY (2).

[NEVE321] Renard I ([born c.990], son of Landry) de Nevers married (c.1016) [CAPE332] Comtesse Adelaide/Hedwige (daughter of King Robert II, see CAPETIAN HOUSE). He was Count of Nevers, and was killed in combat near Seligney (29th May 1040). Adelaide died 1063.

[CHAN331] Renard (son of Count Renard), Seigneur de Chateaurenard, is dealt with under CHATEAURENARD.

[SABL339] Robert le Bourguignon (son of Renaud I) was 1st Seigneur de Craon, and died in the Holy Land (c.1098, see LATER SABLE for further details).

[NEVE331] William II (son of Renaud I) married 1. (1045) [TONN333] Countess Ermengarde (see TONNERRE COUNTY); then 2. (before 1085) Mathilde. He was Count of Nevers (1085), Count of Auxerre & Tonnerre, and died 20th June 1100.

[NEVE342] Hawise (daughter of William II & Ermengarde) married [EVRE341] William crispin (son of Richard, see EVREUX COUNTY).

[NEVE343] Ermengarde (daughter of William II & Ermengarde) married [BEAU371] Vicomte Hubert (see BEAUMONT-AU-MAINE).

[NEVE341] Renard II (son of William II & Ermengarde) married 1. [FORE342] Ide-Raymonde (daughter Count Artaud V, see FOREZ COUNTY), divorced (c.1075); then 2. Agnes (daughter of Seigneur Lancelin, see BAUGENCY). Renard was Count of Nevers, and died August 1089.

[NEVE352] Ermengarde (daughter of Renard & Ide-Raymonde) married [COUR351] Seigneur Miles (see COURTENAY).