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[PARI222] Count Bego of Paris m2. [CARO268] Alpais de France
. [NORG241] Count Eberhard I in Nordgau m. ?
. . [NORG252] Count Udo m. ?
. . . [FRAY291] Count Gebbard of Franconia m. Oda of Aquitaine
. . [NORG251] Count Meginhard in Hamaland m. ?
. . . [NORG262] Geva of Nordgau m. [HOLL281] Count Dirk I of Holland
. . . [NORG261] Count Eberhard II in Nordgau m. Evesna of Saxony
. . . . [NORG271] Count Eberhard III of Lower Alsace m. Adelinda
. . . . . [NORG281] Count Hugh III of Hohenburg m. Hildegarde
. . . . . . [NORG293] Adele von Hohenburg m. [HAI1311] Count Reginar III of Hainault
. . . . . . [NORG291] Count Eberhard IV in Nordgau m. [MOSE313] Countess Liutgard of Lotharingia
. . . . . . . [NORG301] Count Hugo III in Alsace Nordgau m. Belinda von Ortenburg
. . . . . . . . [NORG311] Count Hugo IV in Alsace Nordgau m. [DAGS302] Heilwig von Dagsburg
. . . . . . . . . [NORR321] Count Gerard II of Egisheim m. Kuniza von Burgundy
. . . . . . . . . [NORG322] Gertrud von Alsace Nordgau m. [BRUN311] March Count Liudolf of West Friesland
. . . . . . . . . [NORG324] Hildegarde von Alsace Nordgau m. [BARL331] Richwin in Scarponnois
. . . . . . . . . [NORG325] Adelheid von Alsace Nordgau m. [CALW411] Count Adalbert I of Calw
. . . . . . . . . [NORG327] Matilda von Egisheim m. [LORZ311] Duke Otto II of Swabia
. . . . . . . . . [NORG321] Count Hugo V of Dagsburg m. Matilda
. . . . . . . . . . [NORG331] Count Heinrich I of Egisheim and Dagsburg m. [MOHA332] --- von Moha
. . . . . . . . . . . [NORG341] Count Albrecht I of Dagsburg m2. [LUXE342] Ermesinde de Luxembourg
. . . . . . . . . . . . [NORG352] Matilda von Dagsburg m. [MEZZ351] Count Folmar V of Metz

[NORG241]  Eberhard I (son of [PARI221] Count Begue & Alpais, see PARIS COUNTY), Count in Nordgau.

[NORG252] Udo (son of Eberhard I), Count.

[FRAY291] Gebbard (son of Udo) is described under COUNT GEBBARD.

[NORG251] Meginhard I of Nordgau (son of Eberhard), Count in Hamaland.

[NORG262] Geva/Gerberge (daughter of Meginhard) married [HOLL281] Count Dirk I of Holland (see HOLLAND COUNTY).

[NORG261] Eberhard II wichman of Schelde (born 820, son of Meginhard), Count in Nordgau, married Evesna of Saxony.

[NORG271] Eberhard III wichman (born c.843), Count of Lower Alsace, DUKE OF FRIESLAND, married Adelaide de Vermandois. He died 898.

[NORG281] Hugh II (born c.895) of Nordgau, Count of Hohenburg, married Hildegarde.

[NORG293] Adele (daughter of Hugh II) married [HAI1311] Count Reginar III (see HAINAULT COUNTY).

[NORG291] Eberhard IV of Egisheim (born at Metz, c.910), Count in Nordgau, married [MOSE318] Countess Liutgard of Lotharingia (widow, born 910, daughter of Palatine Count Wigerich, see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF MOSELLE) DUKEDOM). He died 18th December 972.

[NORG301] Hugo III raucus, Count in Alsace Nordgau, married Belinda von Ortenburg (born c.935).

[NORG312] Gisela (daughter of Hugo III) of Lower Lorraine, possibly married [LORR321] Count Gerard II of Metz (see LORRAINE (HOUSE OF CHATENOIS) DUKEDOM).

[NORG311] Hugo IV (born c.972, son of Hugo III), Count in Alsace Nordgau, married [DAGS302] Heilwig (born c.972, daughter & heiress of Count Ludwig, see DAGSBURG-EGISHEIM).

[NORG322] Gertrud (daughter of Hugo IV) married [BRUN311] March Count Liudolf (see BRUNSWICK).

[NORG324] Hildegarde (daughter of Hugo IV) married [BARL331] --- [Otto or Louis or Richwin], see BAR-LE-DUC).

[NORG325] Adelheid (daughter of Hugo IV) married [CALW411] Count Adalbert (born 1002, see CALW COUNTY).

[NORR321] Gerard II (son of Hugo IV), Count of Egisheim, married Kuniza von Burgundy (niece of King Rudolf of Burgundy). He was killed in battle 1038.

[NORR331] Gerard III (born c.1012, son of Gerard II), Count in Nordgau, Count of Egisheim, married Richarda/ Petronilla de Verdun (of unknown origin). He died 1075, and Richarda died 1098.

[NORR342] Hedwig (born c.1038, daughter of Gerard III), married (c.1080) [LORV341] Gerhard (see LORRAINE DUKEDOM).

[NORG327] --- (daughter of Hugo IV) probably married [LORZ311] DUKE OTTO II OF SWABIA (see LOTHARINGIA (PALATINE COUNTS)).

[NORG329] Bruno (born June 1002, son of Hugo IV) became Pope Leo IX. He died April 1054.

[NORG321] Hugo V (born c.1000, son of Hugo IV), Count of Dagsburg, married (c.1020) Matilda of Egisheim. He died 18th November 1049.

[NORG331] Heinrich I (born c.1021), Count of Egisheim and Dagsburg, married [MOHA332] --- von Moha (born c.1023, daughter & heir of [MOHA321] Count Albert of Moha, by [possibly] Alberade de Lorraine). He died 28th June 1065.

[NORG341] Albrecht I (born c.1047, son of Heinrich I), Count of Dagsburg (1089), Egisheim and Moha (1096), married 1. Hedwig; then 2. (c.1096) [LUXE349] Countess Ermesinde (daughter of & heiress of [LUXE331] Count Conrad I, see LUXEMBOURG COUNTY). Albrecht died 24th August 1098, and afterwards Ermesinde married 2. (1109) [NAMU359] Count Godfrey I (see NAMUR COUNTY). She died 24th June 1143.

[NORG352] Mechtilde/Matilda (born c.1096-98, daughter of Albrecht & Ermesinde, and heiress of Moha) married (1120) [MEZZ351] Count Folmar III, see LATER METZ COUNTY).