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[The version for the first generations closely follows that of Anselme (1726)]

[NORM271] Rollo, or Hrolfur, or Gongu-Hrolf, (born c.860 [c.870], son of [GLUM271] Ragnold) was the Viking Hrolfur, who settled in Normandy where he became known as Rolf or Rollo (for his antecedents, see GLUMRA), later baptised Robert (912). (At the baptism ceremony his godfather was Count Robert of Paris, who later became King Robert I of France.) Afterwards, Rollo became known as Count Robert of Normandy, and died c.927.

He married (or more probably simply lived with) 1. ---; then married 2. (c.896) [SENZ339] Poppa ([born c.880], daughter of Count Gui I, see SENLIS COUNTY), repudiated (912); then 3 (912) [CARO292] Gisela (daughter of King Charles III the simple of the West Franks), died without issue (c.919); then 4. Poppa again.

[NORM283] Gerloc (baptised Adele, daughter of Rollo & Poppa) married (at Rouen, 935) [AQUI311] DUKE WILLIAM III (see AQUITAINE (HOUSE OF POITIERS) DUKEDOM).

[NORM285] Griselle of Normandy (daughter of Rollo & Gisela) married her cousin [LAME371] Herbert de la Mare (see DE LA MARE NORMANDY).

[NORM281] William I longsword (born c.900, son of Rollo & Poppa) became Count of Normandy (927). He married (or more probably simply lived with) 1. [VERM299] Sprota de Bretagne (daughter of Count Herbert I, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY); then married 2. (at Rouen) Liutgard (born 915, daughter of Count Herbert II, see VERMANDOIS COUNTY). Sprota afterwards married 2. [VAUD301] Asperleng de Pitres (see VAUDREUIL). William was murdered at Pequigny by the Flemings (17th December 942), and afterwards, Liutgard married 2. Theobald II the swindler, Count of Blois & Chartres (see CHAMPAGNE COUNTY).

[NORM299] Richard I the fearless (born at Fecamp, c.933, son of William & Sprota) became Count of Normandy (943). He married 1. (at Rouen, 960) Emma (born 943, daughter of Count Hugh the Great of Paris), by whom he had no issue, died after 968; then 2. (after 968, or simply lived with) [HERB316] Gunora (daughter of Herbastus, see HERBASTUS DE CREPI). (Gunora had been his mistress, whilst he was married to Emma.) Richard died 20th November 996, and it is recorded that Gunora died considerably later (5th January 1031).

The children of Richard I & Gunora included:

[NORM311] Richard II the good (born c.958), see later;

[EVRE321] Robert, became 1st Count of Evreux (see EVREUX COUNTY for further details);

[NORM313] Emma (born c.986, eldest daughter), married 1. (5th April 1002) [WESK349] King Aethelred II the unready of England (see ANGLO-SAXON KINGS); then 2. (2nd July 1017) King Cnut of England (1017-35), later King of Denmark (1018-35), and later King of Norway (1028-35). Emma died at Winchester (6th March 1052);

[NORM314] Hawise, married [RENN341] DUKE GEOFFREY I (see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY) for further details);

[CORL391] Mauger the young, became Count of Montaine & Corbeil, see CORBEIL-2 for further details.

[Attention needs to be drawn to the recorded estimated dates of birth of Richard II and Emma,  28 years apart.]

In addition, Richard had several illegitimate children, by unknown concubines, including:

[NORM315] Avelina FitzRichard de Crepon (born c.974) married (c.1001) [BOLE361] Osbern II de Bolebec (see BOLEBEC) for further details.

[NORM316] Beatrice de Normandy married [COMB331] Vicomte Ebles (see TURENNE COUNTY).

[BRIO401] Godfrey Crispin, became Count of Brionne, and 1st Count of Eu (see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP);

[EUEU321] Guillaume I, married [TURQ332] Lesceline (daughter of [TURQ321] Seigneur Turketil de Turqueville), and became 3rd Count of Eu (see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP).

[NORM319] Papia married [VALE311] Advocate Gilbert (see SAINT-VALERIE).

[NORM317] Guimara (probably daughter of Richard by a Breton concubine) married [HEID281] Vicomte Ansfrid II Unfroi le goz, Steward of Normandy (see HEIDMARK).

[NXXX312] Orielde (daughter of Richard), married [TIRR341] Seigneur Fulk de Guernanville (see TIRRELL).

[NORM311] Richard II the good (born c.958, son of Richard I & Gunora) became Count of Normandy (996), then DUKE OF NORMANDY (1015). He married 1. (at Mont Saint-Michel, 1000) [RENN342] Judith (daughter of Count Conan I, see BRITTANY (HOUSE OF RENNES) COUNTY), by whom he had the following five children:

[NORM321] Robert II (born c.1008), became DUKE OF NORMANDY, see later;

[NORA321] Richard III (born c.1001, son of Richard II & Judith), DUKE OF NORMANDY (1026), married (1027) Adele (daughter of King Robert II of France, see KINGS OF FRANCE). Richard died (poisoned) at Rouen (6th August 1028). Afterwards Adele married (at Amiens, 1028) Count Baldwin V (see FLANDERS COUNTY).

[NORA332] Alix (born c.1021, illegitimate daughter of Richard III) married [BAYZ311] Count Ranulph (see BAYEUX COUNTY).

[NORM323] Adelais, but called "Judith de Normandy", married (c. September 1016) [BUR3331] Count Renaud I (see BURGUNDY COUNTY);

[NORM324] Alienore, married (c.1031) FLAN329] Count Baldwin IV le barbu [bearded] (see FLANDERS COUNTY);

[NORM325] Margaret (Helen), married [CORL401] Lord Walderne of Corbeil (see CORBEIL-2).

Richard's wife Judith died 16th June 1017, and Richard then married 2. (c.1017) Margaret/Astrid (daughter of King Sweyn of England & Denmark), which marriage was later repudiated (and she later married 2. Jarl Ulf Thrugilsson); then 3. (c.1021) Papia/Poppa (daughter of Richeldis d'Envermeu). Richard died 23rd August 1026.

[NORM321] Robert II the devil and the magnificent (born c.1008, son of Richard II & Judith) became DUKE OF NORMANDY (1028). He had a relationship with [FALA319] Herleva (daughter of Robert, see FALAISE). He died at Nikaia in Bithynia (22nd July 1035), on his return home from pilgrimage to Jerusalem, and was buried at Nikaia, Basilica of St. Mary, (but was much later (1187) reburied at Apulia. Herleva afterwards married [CONT311] Vicomte Herluin (see CONTEVILLE).

[NORM338] Adelais (illegitimate daughter of Robert II & Herleva) married 1. [PONT331] Count Enguerrand II (see PONTHIEU & MONTREUIL COUNTY), killed in battle at Chateau d'Arques (25th October 1053); then 2. (c.1053-54) [LENS331] Count Lambert (see LENS) killed in battle at Phalampin (1054); then 3. (c.1060) [AUMA331] Count Eudes III (see AUMALE COUNTY).

[NORM333] Godiva (daughter of Robert II & Herleva) married Sir Estmond.

[NORK339] William II (born at Falaise Castle, 1028, illegitimate son of Robert II & Herleva) became DUKE OF NORMANDY (1035). He married (at Eu, c.1051) [FLAN342] Matilda (born 1031, daughter of Marquis Baldwin V, see FLANDERS COUNTY). He became known as William the Conqueror (see NORMAN KINGS).