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[HARC301] Turquetil de Neufmarche of Pont-Audemer m. [MONB313] Anceline de Bastembourg
. [NEWF421] Thureyitel de Neufmarche m. ?
. . [NEWF431] Geoffrey de Neufmarche m. [VALE342] Ada de Hugleville
. . . [NEWF441] Lord Bernard of Brecknock m. [SAY2432] Agnes de Saye of Richard's Castle
. . . . [NEWF452] Sibyl of Brecknock m. [HER2451] Earl Miles of Gloucester
. . . . [NEWF451] Ivo de Neufmarche m. [SLIZ385] Emma de St Liz
. . . . . [NEWF462] Albreda de Neufmarche m. [BRAY341] Ingelbald

[NEWF421] Thureyitel aka Thurcytel de Neufmarche (son of [HARC301] Turquetil de Neufmarche, see HARCOURT-2).

[NEWF431] Geoffrey de Neufmarche (born c.1025) married [VALE332] Ada (daughter of Seigneur Richard, see SAINT-VALERIE).

[NEWF441] Bernard de Nova Mercato (born at Neufmarche, France, c.1070), married (born c.1092) [SAY2432] Agnes (see SAY BY ADOPTION).

Bernard made incursions into Wales, taking Glasbury (near Hay-on-Wye), then Bronllys. Welsh forces led by [RHYS351] Rhys ap Tewdwr (see SOUTH WALES PRINCES) marched towards Brecon, but were defeated by Bernard leading the Norman forces in battle near Brecon (1093), which marked the end of Welsh kingship in Wales. For his services he was created Marcher Lord of Brecknock (see MARCHES). Bernard built Brecon Castle, a simple motte and bailey structure. Bernard also held the motte and bailey defence at Hay-on-Wye and the later stone castle a short distance away, both evidently in use simultaneously for some time. The stone castle passed to Miles of Gloucester as the dowry of his daughter Sibyl.

       Hay-on-Wye motte
(26 September 2011)
Blue plaque for
motte and bailey
(26 September 2011)
Hay-on-Wye Castle
(26 September 2011)

[NEWF452] Sibyl (eldest daughter of Bernard) married (c. May 1121) [HER2451] Earl Miles (see ABERGAVENNY (GLOUCESTER & HEREFORD) BARONY and HEREFORD (GLOUCESTER) EARLDOM).

[NEWF451] Ivo de Neufmarche (born c.1092, son of Bernard) married [SLIZ385] Emma de St. Liz (born c.1106, see HUNTINGDON (ST. LIZ) EARLDOM).

[NEWF462] Albreda (daughter of Ivo) married [BRAY341] Ingelbald (see LEDET).