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[BERM331] William de Bermingham m. ?
. [BERM341] Piers de Bermingham m. ?
. . [BERM351] Baron Robert de Bermingham of Offaly m. Katherine de Valoignes
. . . [BERM362] Eve de Bermingham m. [OFFY361] Lord Gerald FitzMaurice of Offaly

 [BERM331] William de Bermingham (born c.1080), of Birmingham.

 [BERM341] Piers de Bermingham (born c.1102).

 [BERM351] Robert de Bermingham (born c.1124), Lord of Athenry [in Galway], Baron of Offaly married (c.1149) [VALO454] Katherine (born c.1126, daughter of Hamo de Valoignes, of disputed origin, but the name Hamo suggests he was of the Valeines family and not Valoignes).

 [BERM362] Eve de Bermingham (born c.1152, only child & heiress of Robert de Bermingham), Lady of Offaly, married (c.1193) [OFFY361] Gerald FitzMaurice (born 1150, see OFFALY LORDSHIP below).


[WIND341] Gerald FitzWalter of Pembroke Castle m. [RHYS362] Nest ferch Rhys
. [OFFY351] Maurice FitzGerald of Pembroke m. [TMOA352] Alice de Montgomery of Holderness
. . [OFFY361] Lord Gerald FitzMaurice of Offaly m. [BERM362] Eve de Bermingham
. . . [OFFY371] Lord Maurice of Offaly m. Joanne de Grenille
. . . . [OFFY381] Sir Maurice FitzMaurice of Offaly m. [LONG473] Emeline Longespee
. . . . . [OFFY392] Juliana FitzMaurice of Offaly m1. [THOM491] Lord Thomas of Thomond

[OFFY351] Maurice FitzGerald (born 1100, son of [WIND341] Gerald FitzWalter, see WINDSOR), Lord of Llanstephan (Carmarthenshire), married [TMOA352] Alice de Montgomery (born c.1105, daughter of Arnulf, see (SHREWSBURY (MONTGOMERY) EARLDOM). He died at Wexford (1st September 1176).

[OFFY361] Gerald FitzMaurice (born 1150), married (c.1193) [BERM362] Eve, Lady of Offaly, (born c.1155, daughter of Baron Robert, see OFFALY BARONY above), by which marriage Gerald became 1st Lord of Offaly. He died 15th January 1203-04, and afterwards Eve married 2. Geoffrey FitzRobert (died 1211); then 3. Geoffrey de Marsh/Marisco (died 1245).

[OFFY372] Joan (daughter of Geoffrey du Marais & Eva de Bermingham) married Theobald II le botiller (born at Arklow, c.1200, see BUTLER).

[OFFY371] Maurice FitzGerald (born 1194, son of Geoffrey & Eva), Lord Lea, Justiciar of Ireland (1232-45), 2nd Lord of Offaly (1232), married (c.1232) Joanna de Grenville [and not Juliana de Cogan as previously thought]. He died after battle at Youghal Monastery, Co. Cork, (20th May 1257).

[OFFY381] Sir Maurice FitzMaurice FitzGerald (born c.1238, 2nd son of Maurice), Justiciar of Ireland (1272-73), married (1276) [LONG473] Emmeline de Longespee (born 1250, daughter of Justiciar Stephen, see SALISBURY (LONGESPEE) EARLDOM). Maurice died before 1286, and Emmeline died 1291. The alternative version which showed Sir Maurice married Maud de Prendergast appears to be false.

[OFFY392] Juliana FitzGerald (born c.1263, 2nd daughter & eventually sole heir of Maurice & Emmeline) married 1. [THOM491] Lord Thomas (see HERTFORD (CLARE) EARLDOM), died 1287;  then 2. Sir Nicholas Avenal; then 3. Lord Adam of Stockton. She died 24th September 1300.