Revised 25/01/2018


Olliffe THORPE                         Hetty Mary STUBBS
Born 1869                              Born 28/1/1871
  at Stratton Audley (OXF)               at Barrow (RUT)

                                         at Cottesmore (RUT), St Nicholas
Parents William/Sarah                  Parents Gerard Hutchinson/Alice

Married 26 Nov 1901 at Cottesmore, St Nicholas
Coachman of Bodicote, Oxon; bride of Barrow
(Olliffe's father : labourer; Hetty Mary's father : deceased)

Witnesses Henry William STUBBS    Hetty Mary's brother
          Emma MADDISON           -

Addresses :
1901    Stratton Audley (coachman, domestic)
1911    Buxton, Taddington Hall Cottage (groom and gardener)
Censuses :
1881 Census  1507-71  Stratton Audley (OXF)
Wm      Thorpe H M 52 farm labourer Stratton Audley
Sarah   Thorpe W M 54               Weston on the Green
Charles Thorpe S U 20 groom         Stratton Audley
Fanny   Thorpe D U 18 servant       Stratton Audley
Olliffe Thorpe S - 11 scholar       Stratton Audley
Martha  Thorpe D - 11 scholar       Stratton Audley

1901 Census  1388-64  Stratton Audley, Park Mansion, Stables
Olliffe Thorpe    Sv S 30 coachman domestic   Stratton Audley
Hector  Stratford Sv S 24 stableman domestic  Stratton Audley
Arthur  Watts     Sv S 23 stableman domestic  Aynho NTH

1901 Census  1318-62  Stratton Audley
William Thorpe H M 71 ag lab   Stratton Audley
Sarah   Thorpe W M 74          Weston on the Green
1911 Census            Buxton, Taddington Hall Cottage (DBY)
Olliffe Thorpe H M 41 groom gardener domestic Stratton Audley OXF
Hetty   Thorpe W M 40                         Barrowden RUT
Horace  Thorpe S -  8 school                  Bodicote OXF