The first two entries are taken from information placed on the Internet so should be treated with caution.

[OVER621] William Overall married (at Linton, Cambs, 22nd May 1709) Sarah King. They had at least one child as follows:

[OVER631] William (born 1718, baptised at Woodstock, 19th October 1718), married Mary Atridge, as follows:

[OVER631] William Overall (born 1718, married (at Terling, 17th October 1740) Mary Atridge. They had at least two children as follows:

William (baptised at Terling, 28th March 1742,

[OVER641] John (born at Terling, 14th December 1745, baptised there 22nd December 1745), married Judith as follows:

[OVER641] John Overall (born 1745) married Judith, further particulars not found, but there was a John Overall, a woolcomber, in the 1784 Poll Book for Coggeshall. They had at least one child as follows:

[OVER651] John (born 1776, baptised at Feering, 26th May 1776 "son of John & Judith"), married [TOTH652] Mary Totham, see below.

The John who married Judith (apparently by 1776) could have been the John Overal (son of John Overal) who was baptised at Coggeshall, Independent Church, 12th April 1759, if this child was not necessarily a baby. However, Judith was a popular name for a girl.

[OVER651] John Overall (born 1776), married (at Feering, 3rd November 1799) [TOTH652] Mary Totham (born at Coggeshall 1782, see TOTHAM), witnessed by John Richardson (Mary's mother's brother) and Martha Totham (Mary's mother). They had nine children as follows:

.Mary (born at Feering, 15th September 1800, baptised at Coggeshall, 30th November 1800), married (at Bradwell-juxta-Coggeshall, 4th October 1825) Thomas Cutmore;

Joseph (born at Feering, 1806), baptised at Feering, 2nd June 1811), married (at Coggeshall, 2nd May 1833) Sarah Clark;

Hannah (probably born at Feering, 1806, baptised at Feering, 2nd June 1811);

[OVER662] Sarah (born at Feering, 1809, baptised there 2nd June 1811), married (at Feering, 3rd December 1831) [WODK65] William Wood (born 1808, see WOOD);

Eliza (born by 1811, baptised at Feering, 28th July 1811);

Elizabeth (born 1817, baptised at Feering, 9th November 1817, died (age 4 months) at Feering (buried there 15th March 1818);

Elizabeth and William (twins, born 1819, baptised at Feering, 28th August 1819), both died (age 3) at Feering (buried together, 24th February 1822);

Maria (born at Feering, 1821), married 1. Samuel Clark; then 2. George Green.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th children were baptised together (2nd June 1811), followed a month later by their 5th (28th July 1811). It is therefore not possible to say when these children were actually born.

Alternatively, it is possible, though unlikely, Joseph, Hannah and Sarah were triplets, born in 1809.

John died (age 73, of typhus, after also having had cancer on his face for some ten years) at Feering (1st November 1849, buried there 6th November 1849). At the 1851 Census, Mary  (a pauper) was living at Kysens Green, Feering, and was noted as being deaf. She died (age 77, of bronchitis) at Feering (14th April 1859, buried there 20th April 1859).


1841 Census 335/10-22 Feering (Ess), Mill Lane
John   OVERALL     65 ag lab
Mary   OVERALL     64
Maria  Overall     20          [she married Samuel Clark in 1844]
Samuel Clarke      25 ag lab
1851 Census 1783-396 Feering, Kysens Green
Mary   OVERALL H W 69 pauper Coggeshall (deaf)