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[PARI211] Gerard I, first mentioned in 747, Count of Paris, married [CARM242] Rotrude (daughter of Mayor Carloman, see AUSTRASIA). He died 779.

[PARI221] Bego (born c.755-60), March Count of Septimania (806), succeeded his elder brother Stephen as Count of Paris (815). He married 1.---; then 2. (c.806) [CARO268] Aupals/Alpais (born c.793, illegitimate daughter of King Louis I of France, see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE). Bego died 28th October 816. Aupals afterwards became Abbess of St. Peter's, Rheims, (817) and died c.852. Bego is thought to have had three children by his second wife Aupals, viz. Leuthard, Eberhard and Susanna.

[PARI233] Engeltrude (daughter of Bego & presumably his first wife) married (c.812) [LOM2271] March Count Unruoch (see LOMBARDY (HOUSE OF FRIULI) KINGDOM).

[PARI234] Landree (daughter of Bego & presumably his first wife) married [BASY241] Count Donat I of Melun (see BASSIGNY COUNTY).

[PARI232] Susanna (born c.806, daughter of Bego & Alpais) married (c.825) [ANGO271] Wulfhard de Flavigny (see ANGOULEME COUNTY).

[NORG241] Eberhard I (son of Bego & Alpais) is described under NORDGAU COUNTY.

[PARI231] Leuthard (son of Bego & Alpais), Count of Fezensec, married Grimhild of Aquitaine.

Leuthard, together with his brother Eberhard, were recorded making their mother's [Alpheidis] donation to the church of Reims.

[PARI242] Engeltrude of Fezensec married [ORLE221] Count Eudes, see ORLEANS COUNTY).

[PARI241] Adalhard III, Count of Paris "who cared little for the public good and tried to please everyone ... and ruined the kingdom altogether".

[PARI252] Adelheid of Paris (daughter of Adalhard IV), betrothed (865) and married (February 875) [CARO276] King Louis II le begue (see CAROLINGIAN HOUSE).

[PARI251] Adalhard IV junior, Count of Paris, lay abbot of Erternach (878-90), possibly married --- (daughter of Count Matfried I, see LONGWY COUNTY).

[META291] Gerhard (born c.870-75, son of Adalhard IV) is described under EARLY METZ.