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[PARS161] Mithridates/Meherdates Arshakuni (son of [PART151] King Vologaeses I of Parthia, see PARTHIA below) married [OSRH162] Princess Awde of Osrhoene, see OSRHOENE KINGDOM). He died c.76CE.

[PARS171] Sanatroukes/Sanatruces apostle killer Arshakuni, King of Armenia (114-17).

[PARS181] Vologaeses/Vologasus I Arshakuni, Great King of Armenia (117-40).

[PARS192] Ghadana (daughter of Vologaeses Arshakuni) married [IBER161] co-King Pharamenses II the brave of Iberia (116-32)(see IBERIA KINGDOM).


Recommended readings includes: "The Cambridge History of Iran", Vol. 3, (CUP, 1983), pp. 40 et seq,

[PART081] Sinatruces, King of Parthia (77-70BCE).

[PART091] Phraates III (born c.120BCE), King of Parthia (70-57BCE), married Piritana. He was murdered by his two sons Orodes and Mithridates (57BCE).

[PART102] Orodes I (born c.90BCE, son of Phraates III), King of Parthia, married [COMG204] Princess --- of Commagene (born 90BCE, daughter of King Antiochus I & Isias, see COMMAGENE KINGDOM).  He died 39BCE..

[PART112] Phraates IV (born c.60BCE, son of Orodes), King of Parthia, married Thea Urania (born c.40BCE).

[PART123] Julia Urania (born c.15BCE, daughter of Phraates IV), married [NUMD331] King Ptolemy (born c.15BCE, son of King Juba II, see MAURETANIA).

[PART101] Mithridates I (son of Phraates III), King of Media, King of AtropateneKing (III) of Parthia & Persia (57-54BCE), helped his brother Orodes murder their father. He married [ARMX192] --- (daughter of King Tigranes II of Armenia, see ARTACES). He embarked on a war against his brother Orodes, but was defeated, captured and executed by Orodes (54BCE).

[PART111] Ariobarzanes I of Media-Atropatene aka Atropatene, married [GALP112] --- (daughter of King Castor I Tarcondarius of Galatia, see GALATIA KINGDOM).

[PART121] Artavesdes/Artavasdes I, Prince of Atropatene, married [COMG202] Princess --- (daughter of King Antiochus I of Commagene, see COMMAGENE KINGDOM). He died 20BCE.

[PART132] Iotape of Media (daughter of Artavesdes) married 1. King Alexander Helios of Armenia; 2.  [COMG211] King Mithridates III (see COMMAGENE KINGDOM).

[PART131] Darius (son of Artavesdes), Prince of Parthia married --- (daughter of King Phraates IV of Parthia). He died 10BCE.

[PART141] Vonones II, King of Parthia (10BCE-51CE). He died c. 54CE.

[PART151] Vologaeses/Vologasus I, King of Parthia (51-77) married --- of Armenia. He died 78.

[PARS161] Mithridates (son of Vologaeses I) is dealt with under ARSHAKUNI above.

[PART161] Vologaeses II, King (I) of Parthia (77-80). He died c.90.

[PART171] Vologaeses III, King (II) of Parthia (105-47). He died c.147.

[PART181] Vologaeses IV, King (III) of Parthia (147-91). He died c.191.

[PART191] Vologaeses V (born c.145), King of Armenia (180-91), became Arsaces XXIX Vologaeses V/IV, Great King of Parthia (191-208), married [IBER192] --- (daughter of King Pharamenses III K'ujisuni of Iberia, see IBERIA KINGDOM). He died c.208.

[PART202] Artabanos IV (son of Vologaeses V), King of Media (-213), anti-King of Parthia (c.213-24).

[PART212] Ziyanak Arhakuni (daughter of Artabanos) married [PERS261] King Ardashir I of Persia (see PERSIA).


[PART201] Khusraw (Chosroes) I the great and the brave Arshakuni, (born c.175, son of [PART191] Vologaeses V, see PARTHIA above). Khusraw was King of West Armenia (191-217).

According to legend, King Chosroes (who died 217) (father of King Tiridates, who died 298) and most of his family, were murdered (238) by Anak Souren Pahlav, on orders from the Persian King Artashir Sasanian. But the dying king gave orders for Anak's family to be eliminated. Anak and his family were consequently murdered (238), and only his infant son Krikor (born 258) was smuggled away to Cappadocia. A later King Chosroes was murdered (287) by his brother Tirades III (who then became King (287-93). Later, this Chosroes' son Tiridates IV became King (298-330) and afterwards became a Christian, as the result of Krikor's example. Krikor (Saint Gregory) died 328.

Another source (Wikipedia) shows King Chosroes ruled 197-238, after which Armenia became under Persian rule (238-252), (and in this period there could have been no Armenian Kings), and that King Chosroes' son Tirades III was later King (283-330). Kristor born during the period of Armenian rule by Parthian (Sasanid) King Artavazd VI (252-283).

Yet another source quotes Tiridates III (son of Vologaeses II) ruled as Khosrov I (197-238) and Tiridates IV (son of Cosroes) ruled 283-330. This gives father and son between them ruling (197-330).

Clearly these various dates are incompatible, and history has been rewritten, perhaps for political reasons. Either several dates are wrong, or it was not King Chosroes I who was murdered but his son, perhaps also named Chosroes.

[PART211] Tiridates II (born c.195), King of Armenia (238-52), married [KUSH272] --- (daughter of King Vasudeva II, see KUSHANS KINGDOM). His rule coincides with the period of Persian rule (238-52), which suggests an error.

[PART221] Khusraw (Chosroes) II the valiant (born c.225), King of West Armenia, (279-87), King of Bosphorus, married [BOSP222] Olympias/Alcathoe (daughter of King Rhescuporis IV, see BOSPHORUS KINGS). Khusraw was killed (287) by his brother Tirades III who then became King of West Armenia (287-93), then King (II) of Armenia (293-98).

[PART231] Tiridates IV the great (born c.250), 1st Christian King (III) of Armenia (298-330), married Ashkhen (daughter of King Ashkhadar of Alania, King of the Oseti). He died c.330.

[PART242] --- (daughter of Tiridates IV) married [PLAV241] Prince Hesychius I (born c.305, see SUREN-PAHLAV).

[PART241] Khusraw (Chosroes) III the short, (born 280), King of Armenia (330-36 & 337-39), married [PERS312] --- (daughter of King Shapur II of Persia, see PERSIA).

[PART252] Bambishen (daughter of Khusraw III) married [PLAV251] Athenogenes (see SUREN-PAHLAV).

[PART251] Tiran, King of Armenia (339-50), married Khosrowuhi of Seistan.

[PART261] Arsak II (born c.330), King of Armenia (350-67), married (358) [ABLA262] Olympias Ablabia (daughter of Flavius Ablabius, Praetorian Prefect in Crete). Olympias died childless 359. Arsak also had three children by Parandzem of Siunik (previously married to Arsak's nephew, Gnel, who also died 359, and daughter of Andok of Siunik).

[PART272] --- (unnamed daughter of Arsak II & Parandzem) married [PERS311] Shah Shapur III of Persia (see PERSIA).

[PART271] Anop/Papas (born c.350, son of Arsak II & Parandzem), King of Armenia, married Zarmandoukht Mamikonian (born c.370, daughter of Manough/Manuel I Mamikonian & Vardanoys Mamikonian.

[PART281] Asarkes III of Armenia (born c.370), King of Armenia.

[PART291] ---- of Armenia (born c.390), Prince.

[PART301] --- of Armenia (born c.420), Prince.

[PART311] Artabanos of Armenia (born c.445), married [MAMI122] Sousana Mamikonian (born c.450, daughter of Hmayeak Mamikonian, see MAMIKONIDS DYNASTY).

[PART321] John of Armenia (born c.475).

[ARSH121] Artabanos (born c.515, son of John of Armenia, is described under ARSHAKUNI PRINCEDOM.