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[PECC451] William Pecche (born 1058, at Ipswich) married 1. Alfwen; then 2. (1097) [BOUG452] Isilia de Bourges (born c.1072, daughter & heiress of Hervey de Bourges, by Judith/Jenita, see BOURGES). At the Domesday Survey (1086), William was sub-tenant of Richard FitzGilbert (see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP) at both Dalham (Suffolk) and Gestingthorpe (Essex). He was also sub-tenant of Aubrey de Vere (see OXFORD (VERE) EARLDOM) at Belchamp Walter (Essex). He was also sub-tenant of [BIGO359] Roger le Bigod (see NORFOLK (BIGOD) EARLDOM) at Stoke Holy Cross (Norfolk).

[PECC461] Hamon I de Pecche (born 1100, at Great Bealings, Suffolk, son of William & Isilia) married (at Bourn, Cambs, 1130-35) [PEVX363] Alice Peverel (daughter of Robert de Peverel, see PEVEREL). He died at Great Bealings (September 1185).

[PECC471] Sir Gilbert I de Pecche (born 1148, at Great Bealings, 2nd son of Hamon), heir to his father after the death in 1188 of his elder brother (Geoffrey), Baron of Bourn, married (at Great Bealings, 1185) [NORQ452] Alice FitzWalter, Lady of Diss, (born 1158, daughter of Walter II FitzRobert, see HASTINGS (EU) FEUDAL LORDSHIP). By this marriage Gilbert held part of the Manor of Diss. He died at Great Bealings (July 1212).

[PECC481] Sir Hamon II de Pecche (born 1194, at Great Bealings, son & heir, reached majority by 1215), Baron of Bourn, married (at Great Bealings, 1219) his second-cousin twice removed [PEVZ382] Eve Peverel (daughter of Richard Peverel, see PEVEREL (1). He died in Palestine (1241), buried at Our Lady Chapel, Barnwell (Cambs).

[PECC499] Sir Gilbert de Pecche (born 1220, at Great Bealings), Baron of Bourn (1242, until 1284 when he surrendered the title to the Crown), also held Stoke Holy Cross (1242). He married 1. (at Great Bealings, 1245) [HAST482] Maud de Hastings (daughter of Sir Henry (see HASTINGS BARONY), died in London (1264); then 2. (at Great Bealings, 1265) [CRAY492] Joan de Dover (widow of Richard de Dover, Lord of Chilham, Kent, who died 1264, and daughter of [CRAY481] Sir Simon de Craye, who held Ramsden Crays, Essex, c.1252-62). Gilbert died at Great Bealings (25th May 1291).

[PECH501] John de Pecche (born c.1249, son of Gilbert & Maud), 1st Lord Pecche of Wormleighton, Keeper of Corfe Castle, Constable of Dover Castle, Warden of the Cinque Ports, married 1. Joan le Moyne; then 2. Eleanore de Gorges (heiress of Tothill, see TOTHILL). John died 1335. Afterwards [?], Eleanor married 2. Sir Ralph de Gorges, 1st Baron of Wraxhall & Knighton). Note: Eleanor's 2nd husband Sir Ralph de Gorges died 1323 which is before Eleanor's second husband John Pecche died, so there is an error somewhere. Eleanor died July 1341.

[PECH512] Anne Pecche (born c.1281, daughter of John & Eleanore) married [WING491] Sir John de Wingfield (see WINGFIELD).

[PECC501] Gilbert I de Pecche (born 1268, at Great Bealings, son of Gilbert & Joan), Lord of Pecche, married (at Great Bealings, 1300) Iseult. He died at Great Bealings (June 1322) and Iseult died c.1338.

[PECC511] Gilbert II de Pecche (born 1308, at Great Bealings, son of Gilbert & Joan), Lord of Pecche, married 1. (at Great Bealings, October 1331) Sybil (died at Great Bealings, 1335); then 2. (at Great Bealings, March 1336), [WEYL502] Joan de Weyland (widow of John Ingoldesthorpe, and daughter of Sir William, see WEYLAND). He died at Great Bealings (August 1349).

[PECC522] Catherine de Pecche (born 1339, at Great Bealings, daughter of Gilbert II & Joan) married 1. (1365) [ASPA521] Sir John Aspale (see ASPALE); then 2. (1377) Sir Thomas Notbeam.